L & G Medifast Cabbage Soup Recipe with photo?

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I just posted a recipe and photo for Cabbage Soup on my blog. It is a full L & G and is totally delicious and flexible! Even if you "can't cook" you can do this one.

Easy & Delicious Cabbage Soup..

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OMG, that looks GOOD, and I don't think I even like cabbage! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #1

That looks good, I think I will cook tonight! Thanks..

Comment #2

I thought we could only have 1.5 cups of veggies for the green? Your soup says 2 cups...

Comment #3

This looks great! I'm not into cabbage but I totally want to make this for my fiance....

Question...if I'm going to make a large pot of it, about how much of a liquid to food ratio would I go for? I'll probably use water with buillion. Thanks!..

Comment #4


You measure the vegetables in the form you are eating them. Two cups of raw veggies cooks down to about 1.5 cups..


If you want to maintain a L&G ratio just double, triple, or quarduple the amounts I listed and then divide up the pot into that many servings..

So... 1 c broth for 1 Lean and 3 Greens. You can add extra water if you want it saucier and it won't affect the calories or anything...

Comment #5

Thanks for sharing, looks very yummy. I will definitely try it...

Comment #6

Wow, I didn't realize the 1.5 cups was either cooked or uncooked. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me calorie wise. Many veggies cook way down so the calorie count would be a lot higher for them...

Comment #7


NS has said that since cooking reduces the nutritional content of the veggies, it takes more of them to get in enough nutrition. But yeah, you can have a LOT of cooked spinach versus raw spinach!..

Comment #8

TY! He's not on Medifast so I don't have to worry about keeping it within the parameters but I didn't want it to be too watery or not have enough liquid...I don't have as much experience making soups as other stuff...

Comment #9

Lyn - Love your blog! Thanks for posting recipes. Cabbage Soup is on my menu for the month! I will have to check the rest!..

Comment #10

Oh that looks so good. I am going to try that. Thank You!..

Comment #11

Im not a fan of cabbage but that sure does look delish!..

Comment #12

Mouth....watering!!! Hungry....NOW!!!.

That looks incredibly yummy! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog too!!!.

Week 1 -4.4 .

Week 2 -4.1.

Week 3 -1.2 (out of town).

Week 4..

Comment #13

Thanks for your recipe. Will be making that tomorrow. Love Cabbage Soup..


Comment #14

Dang that looks good!! I am making that this week!..

Comment #15

Thanks, it was really VERY good. I am thinking about making it again tomorrow...

Comment #16

Hey Freedom - I got a question, can you turn the below ingrediants into 1 L& much of each do I need to use to make it? I want to make something similar to your recipe. But 1 serving out of the below....

I have on hand:.

1 bag MSF Crumbles.

1 bag Cabbage (angel hair shredded-2 cups/3 servings).

2 cans Delmonte Zucchini w/Italian style Tomato sauce(1/2cup serving-3 1/2 servings).

(Cals 30 - Total fat 0 - Carb 7g).

And I do have ff chicken broth.

Hope this makes sense....I'm not recipe creative..



Comment #17

I would use 1 cup of broth, one "serving" of crumbles (look on your Meatless Options list to see how much that would be. I am not familiar with the crumbles so not sure if you have to brown them first or what), 1/2 c tomatoes and zucchini (if you're sure this is medifast friendly for a veg... 5g carbs or less) and a heaping cup of raw chopped cabbage. Season to taste..

**ETA, I see the canned zucchini/tomatoes has 7g carbs and is seasoned so I'd still use a half cup but NOT add seasoning, and count 2 condiments with the veg...

Comment #18

Awesome...Thank you very much!! Can't wait to try this...yours looked so good! This would be a great dish to make and freeze and keep on hand!.


Comment #19

Sunshine, I would also suggest adding the tomatoes/zucchini last, during the last 5 min of cooking since they are already cooked in the can...

Comment #20

Hey Freedom... I had already shut down the computer for the day...great advise, that is what I did... it turned out very tasty and filling!!.

I made two servings.... I used 1 bag Angel Hair shredded Cabbage, 1.5 cup MSF Crumbles, 1 can Zucinni w/ Itialian tomato sauce, 2 cups ff chicken broth..

I like my cabbage tender, so I started with chicken broth, cabbage, & crumbles...boiled until tender, then added the can of zuccinni...covered and simmered to blend the flavors..

It was simple and it will freeze well and will be a great dish for the winter...!!!.

Thanks again for your advise....


Comment #21

I tried this last night and it was great, I only added garlic powder and pepper and it was very tasty and filling!! Thanks so much for the recipe. I even made it for the family just added alittle more things to it and they all ate it too!!..

Comment #22

I made this tonight and cooked the cabbage in broth, then weighted, added the tomatoe, cooked the beef and added. I used the low fat hamburger so I got 6 oz.. It was a huge bowl! So filling.. I have the other half for tommorow!!..

Comment #23

Glad you like it and glad you bumped this up, because even thought it is my recipe I forgot about it, lol. I will make this tonight as well Never get tired of it!..

Comment #24

YUM!! I'm eating this right now! I used leftover ground turkey that I had already measured out, beef broth, 1 can of water, fresh tomatos, fresh garlic and cabbage of course. A little bit of seasoning too. LOVE IT! Its a huge amount of food and so satisfying on a chilly night. Not to mention it is very economical and easy to make. Thanks again I love your recipes!!!..

Comment #25

It looks really good! I'm definitely trying it this week. Thank you!..

Comment #26

That looks really good. I'm going to make some with very lean ground beef tomorrow. Just a note for any newbies reading your recipe - using kidney beans ( or any other legume) is not an option on the 5 and 1. Thanks for posting your recipe. It is definitely getting to be soup time!..

Comment #27

Wow, thanks for the bump! This looks absolutely yummy, and I forsee a lot of this one during the cold cold winter we're being forecast!..

Comment #28

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