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Hi everyone,.

I tried Medifast a couple years ago and it did not go so well, can't remember why really, just timing I guess. I DO remember being hungry alot...Anyway, I did not complete the program..

I just was wondering how you that have been doing it a while feel...I feel concerned about this ketosis thing and it reminds me of Atkins. I've heard hair falling out tales, etc. So can you true MF'sters out there give me some insight and any tips I may need?.

I have ordered my first month of food and should be here after Thanksgiving, then I will start. I CAN'T believe I am starting this during the holidays, but I really am ready to get going...Thanks for any input as I am a newbie and just need some EXPERIENCED input...Thanks so much!..

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I had the same concerns when I started. I have been OP for 20 weeks and I feel great. I didn't feel very good the first 4 days and the first couple of weeks were an adjustment but then I got the hang of it and so did my body. I started to feel very good at the end of the first 4 weeks. If you come to these forums, you will get all sorts of excellent information and advice. Welcome back.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest also....SW Washington State. Stay warm!!..

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I guess I was lucky, day 1 was hard with the headaches and dizziness. But by day two I felt great and have felt great every day since. I feel better and better every day! I'm only 5 weeks in, but I've had no ill effects. My blood sugars are down and so is my weight! 18lbs already!.

Don't worry about the Ketosis, it just means you're burning fat!..

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[quote=mlmagic]Hi everyone,.

I tried Medifast a couple years ago and it did not go so well, can't remember why really, just timing I guess. I DO remember being hungry alot...Anyway, I did not complete the program..

I just was wondering how you that have been doing it a while feel...I feel concerned about this ketosis thing and it reminds me of Atkins. I've heard hair falling out tales, etc. So can you true MF'sters out there give me some insight and any tips I may need?.


My best piece of advice is just do the program...follow it and dont concern yourself with ketosis, or anything... that is the beauty of MF, just follow the program to the letter and the weight will fall off, no margin for error, drink all of your water, and be diligent with the program and it will work if you work it. and remember, the hunger passes to the point where this weekend, I found it hard to eat all my meals, I was so NOT hungry, I forgot to eat. Medifast IS THE BEST..

Take care..

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Welcome back mlmagic!.

I have been on the program for five weeks and so far I'm really happy with the results. I do remember being hungry the first day or two but my body quickly adjusted..

What I'd suggest is if the hunger pains were a problem for you ... try splitting your Lean and Green Meal into two or three smaller meals. That way you'll be eating every hour and a half or so, and hopefully this will get rid of some of the hunger..

Best of luck to you! Enjoy Thanksgiving and start strong next week!..

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I have been doing this for almost 9 months...the first few days stunk-I wanted to shoot myself and anyone that was around me, lol! But now it is just a routine/habit. I get hungry once in a while, but the frequency dropped way down after about a month or so. My hair is falling out faster than ever, but I have a lot of it, so it hasn't gotten to were I would quit doing this. Oddly enough my hair and nails are stronger and growing faster than maybe that is compensating for what I am losing... The other thing is my TOM has been wacky since day 1..

Bottom line is-MF is a miracle. It has given me my life back. All the little side effects are 100% worth it to me..

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I was REALLY worried about the ketosis thing before I started MF. I went on Atkins about 8 years ago and quickly lost weight... and had body odor, bad breath, and smelled like bacon.

MF isn't actually low carb like Atkins-it's just lower carb. You'll be in a mild state of ketosis and most likely won't have any side effects. There are some people that have hair loss issues but most don't. I take biotin and haven't noticed any skin, hair, or nail issues. Some people also take probiotics for tummy issues since a lot of people do get gas or constipation. I drink a cup of Smooth Move tea every night and that takes care of potty issues..

I have been on every diet in the world and was pretty much in a deep, dark depression hole and the prospect of being fat for the rest of my life since no other diet had really worked. Medifast is amazing. Yes, it's only a tool and I'm the one who is actually doing it, but it is an amazing tool. It really has given me my life back...

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Your'e going to do great. Just make the resolve to do it and you will. I'm losing much faster than I wanted, but I guess that's the medifast way..

Good luck!..

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Yeah I don't have any of the bad breath that I had with Ketosis on LC..

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Lysa, Medifast produces a very Mild State of Ketosis, unlike Atkins diet does. So even though it's mild, it should produce less hunger, at least after the 4th day. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, depending on the individual. I personally, didn't feel great for a week or two, but I wasn't hungry after the 4th day, which for me was a small miracle. I would be sure to weigh your lean after cooking to insure you are getting enough food and not too much and measure your green serving for the same reasons. Be sure to space your meals out 2-3 hours a part and get in your 64 oz.

You have a great attitude and know everyone is here to support you. I found after a two weeks I had a burst of energy and at times had a hard time eating all my meals, which I ate, hungry or not. And finally, if you like Eggs, for lean serving, a whole 2 cups of egg beaters is a Lean serving and is very filling! Be sure to eat your healthy fats when appropriate too!.

If "I" can do this, you can!.

You can do it!.

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!.


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Everyone produces ketones when they burn fat, whether it's body fat or fat that has been eaten. We all go in and out of ketosis all day every day!! It's perfectly natural and normal for the human body..

Low (and lower) carb programs just allow us to be in ketosis more.

Ketone bodies are excreted through urine and the breath, so if you drink enough water, most of them will exit that way, and you won't be so bothered by the bad breath. Interestingly enough, the ketones are used by the body similarly to glucose (not sure of the exact chemical explanation) so if you're using all your ketones and drinking enough water you may never turn a keto-stick pink. One of the many reasons to save your money and not bother purchasing them..

All the best on your journey!!..

Comment #10

THANK YOU so much to all of you, for the replies! What a great place, as I remember it when I joined 3 years ago....

I am really excited to start when my order comes in next week. I feel a bit afraid of course...Can I do this??? But have decided to do it afraid I need to get my body healthy. I watch my mother, who is in her 70's SUFFER everyday, from a myriad of health issues and 90% of them stem from being overweight all her life. I don't want that for my future, so after WW, LA weight loss, South Beach, etc, etc...I am going to DO THIS and as all of you have said, it works and it is a tool to get me where I want to if I just get through the first couple weeks, I can make it! I have about 50 lbs I want to lose....

Have a wonderful holiday and see ya all around the boards.....

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I started 10/25/10, I am very pleased with the program, the product, and the invaluable support of the boards.

I felt REALLY cranky the first two days. But have felt AWESOME since. Even though I still have all the stuff I had before I started; allergies, migraines, IBS, blah, blah, blah, I am weathering it all better, and feeling good even when I feel bad if that makes any sense. Also very much enjoying cooking regularly for the first time in years. And I have tons of energy.

I pee a lot, but I peed a lot before, so no big deal. ).

Good luck to you, stick around!.

P.S. TO nursegirl; look at your numbers! Good Job! I am sure you will make that 250!..

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This was the best choice I have ever made. I am just finishing my 11th week and I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I have never stayed so long on one program and had so much success. I too came to Medifast to try and avoid the health consequences that took my mothers life at the age of 63. This plan is so worth it and so are you. Just do what it says and success is waiting for you along with a healthy life. Welcome to our great world!..

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