Ketosis from Medifast or just low calories??

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So I've been monitoring my pee- not every day but a few times a week- to check for ketosis and I've found that the majority of the time I'm not in it. My plan works for me- and I haven't gone "off plan" with foods that are not part of the plan, but I have tweaked the plan to work for my body type, activity level, etc. and have maintained a consistent loss. I was just wondering if the majority of us lose weight because of lower calories, lower carbs or the combination? I tend to always be on the higher end of my carbs. Anyways, I just hear all the talk about carbs and ketones and such and wonder if the losses are just different for all of us cause we are all different?.

I don't think I said plan enough in this post. Nope. Not enough. plan plan plan. I'm off for my nightly B.M. - let me know what you all think. Not about the bm, about the carbs...

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I am on the same page as you... I am also on the higher end for my carbs... I'm not trying to drop weight SUPER fast... I know that the restricted calories is also doing it's job besides the mild ketosis....

But- I've only been on the program for about a month now... I may have to cut my carbs when things stop happening.... We'll see...

But- that's great that you found a place that's workable for you! That's all that counts!..

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So, not to sound like a complete idiot, but, um, monitoring your pee? What's it supposed to look like when you are in ketosis? (I imagine I could search that out here on the site but I'm really tired and I think I should go to bed now..) Should I be keeping an eye out for something..?..

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Ketostix are not recommended on MF. The diet puts us in a mild state of ketosis for which the testing strips are not accurate...

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I was sooo thinking what you wrote. lol Thank you...

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This is a good thread ... ill keep an eye on it..

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As someone upthread said, apparently Ketostix are not reliable to test for the mild ketosis that Medifast induces. It appears to me that one of the main advantages of mild ketosis is that it keeps hunger at bay (for some people I was often hungry on this plan). At the end of the day, calories in v. calories out is important too. That's what I learned on Atkins years ago. If you eat virtually no carbs, but massive amounts of protein and fat, then you don't lose weight (at least, that's how it ended up working (or should I say, not working) for me)...

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Ive yet to see one of those Ketostix say Im in Ketosis and I just hit the -41 lbs mark so I dont even bother with them anymore....

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Thank Freya- I didn't know that. I don't think I'll stop, though, I like to pee on strips. It's weird. Totally weird. Before having kids I went through pregnancy tests like a mad woman...

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Just use little pieces of paper to pee on - cheaper!..

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I use the strips and have found success with them. I only do it once a day, when I first wake up. I had to do the same thing when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes and the center said that was the best urine for testing...

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OMG...too funny! Thanks for making me laugh this morning..

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OMG too funny!!! Thanks to both of you for that laugh...

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Ohhhh, I hadn't really though of using the ketostix b4 but now you've made me think it could be fun! shame on you! LOL..

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Good post. Good replies. I have checked myself several times and have yet to see the ketosis level above "negative" and I am losing weight and very happy with the plan...

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To me the ketostix are similar to weighing can be discouraging when your levels don't register on the strip just like it can be when the scale fluctuates from day-to-day. If you are easily discouraged by such things then I don't recommend the ketostix..

ETA: last year I was on a diet and regularly "registered" on the ketostix. I have yet to register while on MF. It's always negative even though I'm losing weight at the same rate. I think what Freya said upthread is correct, ketostix are not recommended while on Medifast because you likely won't "register" on the stick...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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