Keeping Medifast a secret?

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I really would love other people's thoughts on this..

Has anyone else kept their Medifast diet a secret from other people? Personally, I really just don't feel comfortable talking to anyone else (except my husband and parents) about the fact that I'm on MF. I think the main reason is I don't want anyone to judge me. I don't want them to judge me for spending the money on it or think "you'll just gain it back.".

I feel that by talking about Medifast with other people it will just open up a can of worms about why I felt I needed to do it and delve into personal information about my issues with eating. I just don't want to go there..

Honestly, one of the reasons I decided I could do this diet is because I work from home and I don't often have to eat my meals around others. But then I feel like I'm lying to close friends who ask how I've lost weight and I don't tell them.

And I will say, one of the reasons I haven't told people isn't because I think I will fail. I know I will succeed so that's not the reason..

What do you think?..

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My mom knows (I don't know if she told my dad), but I haven't told anyone else. I've told several people I was on a low-carb diet, mostly for exchanging recipes or when we have lunch meetings at my office and I'm obviously only eating proteins and veggies. A couple of times they've seen me with my blender bottle, and they usually ask if it's a "protein shake" and I say yes..

But then again, I haven't told people at my office I'm applying to graduate school eitherI tend not to like to broadcast things "in progress" because it makes me super-self-conscious about my success rate and I get much more self-critical about if I'm doing as well as I should be...

Comment #1

I didn't tell a single person I was on Medifast when I was on the program. I didn't tell co-workers, friends, my roommate at the time, etc. People knew I was on a diet...but the specific diet...nope. Sometimes people would ask about what kind and I'd describe it in detail. I told people I was cutting out carbs and sugars and eating a lot more protein, explain why I couldn't eat bread or fruit, etc.

I know that a lot of people are not very informed about the I felt no need to have to explain and or justify it. It's a low calorie diet and I didn't want to get into that conversation with people as well. I knew what I was doing was healthy and responsible...and didn't need to hear it from others.

Since I've completed MF, I have told one co-worker about it since she mentioned her mother in law was doing the program...not following it as written and not being very successful. I shared with her that was the program I did...and my experiences and thoughts about remaining on plan..

I do think it's a personal choice. For me, it was no one's business what kind of diet I was doing.


Comment #2

I agree...I just tell people I am on a Low-Cal plan... that includes high protein shakes. The cost is my business and within my budget...

Comment #3

Hi Radiomom.

You have some good points, for sure. Continue to do what you feel comfortable doing, regarding telling or not telling people. It really is just YOUR journey, we all have such individual feelings on the subject. I am not a broadcaster of my diet details either, and normally try to dodge those who are too prying. I have a lot more to lose than you, and am down over 50 lbs now since July 1, still have about 75 to go! So, with me, people at work are truly noticing now, and I work in a large office. Some people are soooo nosy, their questions absolutely floor me sometimes! Such as "how much have you lost?" "how much more do you need to lose?"....believe me, the list goes on and on.

Lately, my response is "thanks for the compliment! still have a ways to go, how are you?" I try to deflect because I dont' need or want to "wow" anyone with my weight loss numbers or goals. I've had numerous people tell me I shouldn't be using Medifast to lose weight, that they couldn't or wouldn't possibly do that, etc..

I think any diet would elicit the responses people have when someone is losing weight. I don't need to tell myself they're jealous, or anything like that. That is their problem, not mine. Hold your head high, you sound VERY motivated and on the right track!.

Good luck and do what feels right!..

Comment #4

I've been in the Medifast closet since joining too..

I chose to do it this way..

I've done every diet out there, and a few that I made up myself, over the years..

I've lost weight on just about anything, but never could seem to keep it off..

One of the MAIN reasons is: I was Dieting..

This time I chose to approach it differently. Medifast does not call this a DIET, but a LifePlan..

So do I..

Diets are what we go "ON" and thus go "OFF" all the time..

A LifePlan is what it's name implies. A plan to do for the rest of my life..

So, I just quietly and privately have been on my 'journey to wellness' that is what I have called this since day one..

Of course my husband knows what I am doing. He was skeptical. Of course he was, the only evidence he had was ME. I had shown him how excited I could be to Start a diet and then after a time go back to my old ways. I knew I needed to not only prove to him, but to myself that this time was different. I started that by not telling any one I was on a diet..

That was a huge difference. I'm the queen of Diets!.

When the weight started coming off, people started asking what I was doing..

I will not lie, so I told them I was eating 6 or 7 times a day and drinking 1/2 my weight in ounces of water a day. I told them I never went more than 3 hours with out eating and closed my kitchen at 8 pm each night. I shared that each meal must have a healthy protein option, either in liquid powder form or actual meat, etc..

I was vague and purposefully private. This was between God and me this time..

That is why this Medifast site was vital to my success and healing. I could, and still can, talk freely here about all aspects of what I'm doing..

Funny how we think everyone notices what we are doing, until we realize how seldom they do..

They just want some sort of answer and then they move onto themselves or the next 'poor' soul who they choose to focus on..

I have been a success at most of what I tackle. Like I said, I'm a diet queen, too.

I knew I had to do things differently if I did not want the outcome the same.

So, let me encourage you that it can be done. I've literally traveled all over the world with my Medifast and no one to this day knows about MF.

I tell folks all the time, to do what ever it takes for you to get well. IF sharing it with the world works, go for it. If becoming a Health Coach and teaching others how to do this plan works, then do that. But it is also ok to do this privately, too..

I, like many folks here, came to this site a broken woman. Fragile and beaten up some times..

The last thing I needed was one more neon sign over Chatty saying, look at me. I'm eating or not eating this or that. Or people whispering, Can she have that? Or worse yet, discussing the 'safety' of my plan. YOu know, I hear Chatty is doing a liquid diet. Poor thing, doesn't she know they don't work and she will once again gain it all back..

I just told people I was trying to get healthy and make better choices. When my walk matched my talk, that was enough for others. In the end, it turns out it was enough for me too..

I wish you well, whether you choose to stay in the closet with a few of us, or not..

That is the beauty of this plan, you get to choose. Just choose wisely, as my dearest friend on these boards types every day in her blog.

Justpraisin' Go check her out for the most inspirational read. But be ready to pull up a chair and sit a spell, she has been here as long as I have, since 2007..

God bless and Have a Blessed On PLan Thanksgiving...

Comment #5

People do love to judge but your personal business is always your personal business. Share however much you are comfortable with and don't feel guilty about the rest.

If pressured, use the classic "I'm watching what I eat." It's factually true and since it's not the magic pill that people are hoping for, they usually don't pursue it much further...

Comment #6

I have even been asked what I weigh now! Seriously! I posted a thread a while back about the same thing. People are curious. I do outreach to the homeless and every week I go in to the Mission to see the gentleman there someone asks about it. I am apparently a frequent topic of discussion. Ew, if you think about it, they don't see many women over there!..

Comment #7

I don't discuss it either but then no-one has made any comments to me yet. My husband is doing it too which is why I think I will be successful this time. A former friend who had a gastric bypass was always pushing food at me when she knew I was on a diet and would get really offended if I refused. She was my main sabateur so I am glad she is not in my life right now so I can concentrate on getting healthy without being made to feel bad about what I'm doing..

I think it's a jealousy thing too, they want you to fail so they can feel better about themselves. Everyone has some opinion to offer, mostly unwanted and uninformed so it's just easier to keep on trucking and feeling good and keeping this awesome plan a secret...

Comment #8

I don't share with people unless they are wanting to lose weight too. I just say I'm on a low carb, low cal, low fat diet and leave it at that. No one really wants to hear details about THAT kind of diet. Now on the other hand, if I told them I was losing weight by eating cheese puffs, pudding, and pretzels pretty much everyone would want details..

Comment #9

I tell close friends and my close relatives. Everyone else gets the "I eat small meals every 2 hours and some exercise". Not everyone needs an explanation, it's my business...

Comment #10

I don't really tell anyone either. I've also tried a hundred diets and always start out so excited but then give up along the way, so I got tired of sharing my excitement with others and then feeling like they are saying "I told you so" behind my back when I don't continue to lose..

I have told people I'm doing a low-carb diet, which is pretty widely accepted and no one has yet probed further...

Comment #11

People who are judgers are always going to find some reason to judge. I started out telling very few people, but now it is pretty noticeable that I've lost weight, so I'll tell anyone who wants to know...

Comment #12

I can't believe the amount of tears that I just shed. Yes, I am also in the Medifast closet. The decision to join was based on years of failing at diets yet succeeding at everything else in life. Although I don't consider myself to be a control freak, I do like to have control over what happens in my life on a daily basis and to a certain extent. The one area where I had absolutely no control whatsoever was eating. I am an emotional eater.

The constant eating caught up with me this summer when I stood on the scale and saw I had passed 220lbs, when the doctor looked at me and said "you need surgery now", when I learned that, had I continued to postpone my surgery, I would have DIED, when I had a conversation with God and realized that I needed to fix this area of my life. It took a while before I started but I am forever grateful that I did..

I'm down 24 pounds in one month. Have people noticed? Absolutely! The side effects have been quite pleasant (i.e. increased energy levels, increase in my self-esteem, increase in my ability to conquer this one last demon in my life). I feel more confident, more aware of my appearance, and am generally happy. Gone is the depression that was bringing me down. Gone are the self-defeating thoughts and actions.

I haven't shared my secret with too many people because I simply don't want to. It took three weeks before I admitted anything to my parents. My husband has been a great source of support and encouragement. My kids walk past me and whisper "Hey good looking!". I look in the mirror and see the face of someone who looks 10 years younger (and I'm only in my mid-thirties). Strangers have asked me if my 15 yr old daughter is my younger sister.

I cannot begin to describe the joy that I feel to know that He is alive in me, that He is working miracles everyday through me. (I am a school counselor and work in an extremely impoverished, drug and gang filled neighborhood.) I am thankful for all that He has given me and all that I will receive..

Thanks for "listening". I wish you all continued success in your personal journeys..

God bless,.


Comment #13

I find people are about as interested in the details of my diet as they are in the details of what I dreamed last night Just a quick "the old fashion wayeating less" is about all the response most people are interested in. Then they say "congratsyou look great" and that's it. If they want to know more, they'll ask. Frankly, I think it's just a little boorish to talk on and on about myself and what I'm eating (or not eating) these days...

Comment #14

To each their own. It's really only up to you if you decide to hide it or shout it from the mountain top..

I talk about it with anyone who asks. That's generally at least 5 people weekly. I'm a FedEx guy, and see a lot of different people every day. I've lost a bit over 80 pounds in just under 4 months. That's not the sort of thing you can hide. I feel fantastic, and that makes me want to spread the word, get more people at least considering getting healthy.

I'm normally a very private person when it comes to my personal life, but my thinking is, maybe if these folks (some of whom could stand to drop some weight) know about the plan, they'll consider doing something healthy for themselves. I know a few have indeed started on Medifast since my success became so very obvious. Makes me wish someone had shown me how well Medifast works 10 years ago. Sure, I might not have been ready to succeed on it, but I bet I would have avoided the absurdly unhealthy fads, like Atkins.

The best part (to my ego) is that they can't tell just how much I've dropped. They can see it in my face, sure. But my body? My uniforms are all HUGE on me. I don't have one single piece of clothing that actually fits, and I categorically refuse to have the company waste any money on uniforms until I know what size I'll be staying for more than a month If I unbuckle my belt, my shorts fall down. My shirts are literally roomy enough to fit myself and my wife inside at the same time. Cozy! My vest is almost as large.

Hoping that'll get me through the coming cold months. Can't afford to be shivering so much with Christmas coming up..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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