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Okay, I am a 48 year old woman who is overweight and frustrated as my husband is referred to as "stick man" and can eat anything and everything he wants and loses weight. He is no longer physically attracted to me because of my weight, he "doesn't do fat women". I haven't had sex in over 5 years. I'm miserable in my marriage as my husband should love ME not what I look like. But, I will not get a divorce, been there, done that twice, not doing it again. A bit personal I know but even though he sounds like a TOTAL butt-head he is a nice man.

I've somehow managed to make it down to 156 lbs. I have a regular exercise routine of Wii Active which I do religiously 4 days a week, and have been doing so for a year. It's food. God, I love food, and not "good for you food" either. I had tried Nutri-system before and it seemed like I'd never eaten so much in my life and still managed to lose weight.

I work 3rd shift at a hospital 5 days a week and there is junk food everywhere. I recently tried the "Slim-fast" program, but come on, one can exist only so long on shakes and snack bars. I need a diet that I can actually EAT on..

My mother is a large woman, close to 300 lbs and has been that way my entire life. My older sisters are also large, but not quite as big as my mother. I refuse to use genetics as an explanation for my weight problem. Food is my crutch. Before I turned 40, I could eat anything and everything I wanted and it didn't much matter, so I never have learned to eat properly.

Anyway, I'm motivated to lose this weight and feel better about myself. I'm doing this for me, not my husband. He obviously has issues he needs to work on before I let him back into my heart/bed. Ya know..

Anyway, enough for now. Have a good one everyone and remember, one day at a time. Slow progress is better than no progress and if you mess up and get side-tracked, don't dwell on it, just jump back on the wagon and enjoy the ride..

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Hello and welcome! You have come to a great place. You will get lots of support here. And you are doing this for all the right reasons... YOURSELF.

Good luck!.

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Hello and welcome Eskino!.

If you are looking for friendship, advice and support, then you have come to the right place! We have amazing members here, full of wisdom! In addition to Newbies be sure to check out the Fabulous 40 Year Olds to get to know other members your age, the General forum to join in on encouraging support groups, and keep in mind that there are some fun and exciting weight loss challenges you can take part in under Challenge Central to help add a boost to your routine and results! Also, you can track your progress by clicking on My Program!.

Feel free to email us at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum, if you have any questions or concerns while becoming acclimated with the site!.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!.

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Hi there and welcome! I'm holding my tongue about Mr. Stick Man, so I'll just tell you that you deserve SO much more than to be miserable in your own home. So don't get too used to that feeling, cause I think things are changing for you.

My best to you, new Nutrisystem friend!!.

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I have to agree with you here Katie..

But 156 isn't really that over-weight....

Boy do I wish I was 156....

But whatever your goal is, I just know you can reach it if you try!.

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Lots of support here! My husband can be a butthead too. Today, we took our kids to an amusement park and he was totally unsympathetic when the kids and I wanted to stop and eat. He went on and on about how we were so "tied to a schedule." First of all, I am on a DIET and need to eat when I am hungry and second of all, my kids are used to eating at regular intervals (like before going to school, lunch at school at a set time). I told him no more outings with him. I'd rather take the kids myself..

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You go girl,, I have alot of extra wt to lose,,, 238 I am sorry that your husband does not seem to support you,,, I am lucky,, my husband and I are doing this journey together, he only has about 25 to lose but we are doing this together and he supports me. I will pray that things change for you,,,you keep on losing girl,,, we can do it!.

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Hi Eskino,.

I can so relate to the part of your post where you said you never had weight issues before turning 40. Until I turned 40 and went into a very early menopause I was "stickwoman" without trying to be. After turning 40 I began gradually putting on weight but, as you stated, because I had never had to watch my diet, I was completely unprepared to deal with it. I'm working on learning better habits now while getting rid of my excess pounds.

Good luck to us both we can do this!.

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