Just lost a single lb with Medifast!

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I'm really bummed this week. It's been 2.5 weeks, and I've only loss 1 pound! If Monday comes with no weight loss, then it will be an official plateau. I posted on the nutrition board, but I know I'll get the same response everybody gets. I'm OP, drinking more than the necessary water, exercising 15-30 minutes 3-4x per week (elliptical 15 and ab exercises 15), no medication, no soda. I feel like I'm doing everything right, yet I'm stuck. I guess this is part of the journey, but with the holidays coming and the thought of seeing family next week, I was really excited.

And confused.

Any support, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated...

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Hang in there and stay on plan. The good news is that a plateau has an end if you stay OP. It becomes a cliff if you don't. Stay on plan and do everything you are doing and you WILL start losing again 30 pounds is a lot!! Don't get down on yourself now. It won't help. Stay positive and this plateau too shall pass..

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How are your clothes fitting? Sometimes you may not see it on the scale...but you notice your waistband is looser. Just a thought. Hang in there! xoxox..

Comment #2

What are you eating? It would be helpful to analyze that. For example, what have you eaten the last two days?..

Comment #3

Thanks for the responses. Funny, I just measured my waist before looking, and it's the same too.

I eat my Medifast meals at 7, 9:30, 12, 3, and 7:30 ish with dinner around 5:30/6. I typically have 2-3 shakes per day and then PB bars, cinnamon sticks, or hot cocoa as the other meals.

For the L&G on 11/17 I had 6 oz chicken, 2 1/2 cups lettuce and 1/2 cup green and yellow peppers on a salad with a dressing that has 1 carb per serving.

Tonight I had 5 oz hamburger and 3 servings of green beans...

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Please don't be bummed .... i've been OP for two months and still haven't lost what you did in month one you're down 30lbs!! YAY for you, be PROUD!!..

Comment #5

Something similar happened to me. I am on the third week on MF. I'm new..

I lost 9 pounds in two weeks and the third week only one what happened to me? I wanted to cry. Glo..

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You said that you measured and your waist was the same, what about neck, upper arms, chest, thighs?.. I noticed that my body would sometimes choose an area to have the fat come off and it wasn't always my waist that measured differently...

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Hi...I've only been OP for one week so I'm no expert, but a few years back I was going to a medical doctor for weight loss and when I hit a plateau, here is what he told me to do, two things, increase the amount of water I was drinking each day and increase my activity level. He suggested that the increase in my activity would be most effective if it consisted of weight lifting. Nothing extreme mind you, just something that's proven to build muscle mass and the increase only had to be about 5 or 10 minutes. Also he explained that for every 25 pounds you carry over your ideal weight, you should drink an extra 8 oz of water. I know that sounds extreme and the water was hard to get use to, but it worked like a charm for me. Good luck and I hope I lose 30 pounds the first month..

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Just had a 2.5 lb stall. Stepped on scale and am down 2 lbs since Tuesday. Not my official weigh in day so maybe it will be more by then....

Don't stress about it. Your body is adjusting. Stay OP and it will come off. Patience...

Comment #9

Is it possible that the weight you're at now is a weight you've commonly been at in the past?.

I say this, because for me there are certain weights my body just *likes* to stay at. For example, 205 for me is a hard number to get past. I hover at that weight when I'm in a normal lifestyle phase...for instance, not dieting, not over-eating. It has been my *normal* weight on & off for years..

So, whenever I try to get past it, I struggle. It usually requires upping the exercise, or calorie cycling...or something to kick my body past it. Maybe try having 3-4 days at the low end of the 800-1000 calorie 830-850. Then, have a 1000 calorie day. Do this for a few weeks & see if it helps? For me, it usually does..

Another great thing is circuit training. Do your elliptical for 5 min, then 5 min of weights/abs, 5 min. elliptical, and so on. Not breaking in between. My trainer years ago at a gym taught me this process for plateaus..

Anyway, I'm new here, but have been a life long dieter. So, that's how I deal with plateaus! We'll see what happens this time around when I hit 205..

Good Luck! 30lbs. is amazing! Congrats!..

Comment #10

I see that you are exercising, which I think is great. My question is, have you been doing the exercise all along or did you just recently start your regime, like in the last couple of weeks? Sometimes that can factor in...

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I agree that if you just stay OP the scale WILL move. However, I find that eating higher carb/calories one day and lower calories/carbs the next helps. You can stay 100% OP and do this. Some Medifast meals are higher in cal/carb than others and obviously the L&G choices vary too..

I have found that eating higher calories (closer to 1000) spurs more loss for me than on the lower end..

Hope this helps. Whatever you choose, staying OP is definitely going to make the scale move. :-).


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Thanks for all the feedback!!!! I've lost 30 lbs in 3 months... not 1! I wish it was 1! I get down when I look at others who have lost a better average, but I do realize all of our bodies react differently. Still the same this morning, but I won't be weighing again until Monday, which is my official weigh-in day. We'll see what happens then! I'll up the water even more and keep exercising!.

Glotowle... It seems weeks 3/4 are notorious for slow losses. I had slow loss around then, and I went to the boards and found many who also did. I guess it's a time of adjustment.

Maybe week 11/12 are also adjustment times... at least for my body.

Anyway, thank you all for your responses! I appreciate it. It helps me remember I'm not alone on this journey!..

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Kboch... just saw your reply. No, I haven't been at this weight in years! Good idea about fluctuating calories and doing circuit training! Thanks!.

Oops.. just saw others too.... I did just increase exercise, so that may be part of it.

I'll also start fluctuating carbs a little too.

Thank you!!!!..

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