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Hi everyone, I'm "st0rmee" and I just joined today. Of course, I haven't gotten the food yet, but I'm being careful with what food I am eating. I want to start today, so got to be in the mindset NOW rather than when the food gets here..

I've never tried Nutrisystem. I have tried the other well-known programs. I chose the Nutrisystem D program because I have been diagnosed type 2 diabetic. However, because I've been controlling my food intake, my numbers have gotten much better. I'm currently OFF the metformin that was prescribed for me. I do also have high cholesterol and my blood pressure is controlled by medicine.

I'm anxious, really anxious to get started on something totally new to me. I have every reason to think positive because it is something new. Sometimes it's hard to think positive when you re-start a program that you have failed on before. I'm also looking forward to having the food already chosen and ready to eat. As I am an emotional food addict, I think of food ALL THE TIME. Now all I have to do is eat what is lined up for me and avoid everything else..

I'm looking to group up with anyone who wants to do challenges and who needs and can give words of encouragement (motivation)..

I want to lose between 85-100 lbs on top of what I have already lost. I have lost 55 since the beginning of the year..


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I also started today. I'm anxiouse as well. Let me know if you want to chat in more detail...

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Welcome Des and Ashley! If you follow this program 100% you will lose weight! Get involved with posting alot and maybe join a challenge which is fun and you are better able to be more accountable to yourself..

Des there's a diabetic chat thread with great people if you want to look into it..

Good luck on you journey to a healthier you!!..

Comment #2

My husband and I just joined as well. We don't have our food yet, but we are clearing space for it. My question is do I have to keep his food separate from mine (due to different calories, etc?) or can we mix and match?..

Comment #3

Mix and match. All Nutrisystem food for all plans is the same food unless one of you is diabetic. The difference for men and women is the add-ins...

Comment #4

Hi I just started today too, I did try this plan before for just 1 month, it did work for me because I needed something that took the thinking of what I would have out of the equation and I needed something that portion control my portions. I am really looking forward to doing this for the whole goal this time. 40 lbs I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life..

I have never had a challenge maintain weight until I hit 40 years old and since then I have gone up each year more and more. I cannot seem to lose even a few pounds even when I cut back and exercise my but off..

When my boyfriend was diagnosed type two I got checked and I am borderline type two with pre-hypertension, high cholesterol. I know I must lose these pounds for my health...

Comment #5

Hello all,.

My husband and I placed our orders today. We did the 6 week body makeover in the past with great results. Only thing is it takes SO much time and money to get ALL the food prepared in advance. I work, go to school and have a one year old. I just don't have that kind of time, so we thought that Nutrisystem would be the best option for us..

I lost 80 pounds back in 2006. Met my husband (who had previously lost 60 lbs) and got married in May of 2007. We both put about 20 pounds on that first year. Then I got pregnant. Gained 40 lbs before being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was put on a food plan and did well to not gain any more weight for the remaining 3 months.

So now I'm pretty much back to where I started. I think it's great that my husband wants to do this with me..

I look forward to getting to know all of you and helping each other through those tough moments. As well as celebrating all the great moments too..


Comment #6

Welcome everyone!!!! You will not regret choosing NS. Today is my second day into my 12th week on Nutrisystem and I have already lost 40 lbs. I did weight watchers lost a ton of weight and gained it back. It left me alone with too many choices of food and I took advantage of that. I love Nutrisystem because it is already ready to go, I simply add my needed add ins for the day, drink my water and get my walking in and the weight is falling off!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I am 5 pounds away from my half way mark and at this rate I may even see my goal before the end of the year..

Again welcome to everyone, these boards are the best. everyone is super supportive and you can have just about any questioned answered on here..

Good luck and happy losing!!!!.


Comment #7

Ordered my food and very anxious to get started. I am tired of being uncomfortable in my own body and my clothes. But of course, my health is the most important issue for me. Diabetes runs in my family and I would like to avoid going down that road..

I would like to use the discussion boards to help keep me on track and stay movitated...

Comment #8

I really do look forward to getting to know all of you. It's awesome so many of us started today. And yes, anyone who wants to chat with me, I'm game. I finally feel like I can do this, this time!..

Comment #9

I just placed my first order today as well. I can't wait to get it. I have a hectic schedule, so on top of losing weight it will help me stop eating out. I have no time to cook...

Comment #10

I just joined too so welcome and look forward to getting to know you!..

Comment #11

Hi everyone and welcome. I just started last Wednesday, so almost a week for me, so far so good. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!!..

Comment #12

I joined on Saturday and paid for Express Shipping... LOL I hope it gets here soon! I'm so desperate to begin the program. I want this soooo bad...

Comment #13

I understand the "I want this so bad!" aspect. I do too. I am still waiting for my food, but I decided that I'm starting yesterday (the day I made my decision to join). I'm entering my food I eat, in the log, anyway. My goal is to make this happen before my husband returns from Iraq, next summer...

Comment #14

Hi Everyone, I offically started today. I received my food on Saturday, but decided to start it today, since yesterday was my birthday and I would have one last hurrah. I have been watching what I eat for the past couple weeks, but I'm tired of not fitting into my clothes and just not feeling well. I have heard so many wonderful things about the Nutrisystem program, that I finally decided to take the plunge. I wish everyone great success with the program...

Comment #15

Congratulations on taking that first step and joining the Nutrisystem program! Welcome welcome!! Good luck to all of you!..

Comment #16

Good Luck everyone!! I am "re-starting" today.....I started at the end of June, but had too much going on and did not follow the program strictly. We have been on vacation the past week, and I'm pretty much back to square one, so now it's time to just suck it up and DO IT!!!.

We can do this!!!..

Comment #17

Hello everyone, I am a newbie too. I am sitting here waiting for my delivery (ups says out for delivery today) I can't wait to get started. I want to loose at least 60 lbs. I lost down to 179 last year and broke my foot and was in cast for 3 months and at the mercy of my skinny husbands cooking and no exercise so I gained back to 203. He works out of town so I am thinking this will be the perfect diet for me since all I have to cook for is myself. I am looking forward to chatting and loosing weight with all of you and having support of someone who understands our problem.

Remember he is skinny. It isn't how much I eat it is what I eat. He thinks it has to be dipped in eggs, flour and milk and dumped into hot grease for it to be good and he never gains a pound. With Nutrisystem it and me here by myself 5 days a week this should work for me...

Comment #18

Hi all,.

I just joined today as well. I have a couple questions and haven't been able to find the answers on the website. I did Jenny Craig 2 years ago and with every meal you added a food, ie: breakfast - fruit, lunch - salad, dinner - veggie and then there was a mid morning snack of either fat free yogurt or snack bar and a late afternoon snack, fruit or jello. Sorry I Nutrisystem the same way? I should have my first delivery of food next week. Thanks!..

Comment #19

I tried Jenny Craig and I've tried LA Weight Loss, as well as Weight Watchers. I've failed on all of them. Part of my problem with JC and LAWL is that they SELL SELL SELL you. You go in for your consultations/meetings and even WW, you hear the SELL SELL SELL. I couldn't afford to keep up with "you really need to get this" and "you really need to get that", on JC and LAWL. I am already liking Nutrisystem because I don't feel any pressure to buy..

Anyway, I'm motivated. So, Let's get this party started!!!!..

Comment #20

Well tommorw is my first day I recived my food today. I'm 56 years old when I was younger I could drop a few pounds with out trying now all I do is get bigger. so i'm trying Nutrisystem I have a coworker who has lost 20 pounds so wish me luck...

Comment #21

Hi Islandhopper, yes it is the same. Today for example, I added milk, an egg, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, yogurt, half an banana, and a peach. Lucky for us, it's summer time and there's lots of fresh fruits and veggies for sale cheap. I have not eaten (or drank) so many dairy products or fruit in about 20 years! But that's partially what keeps you full...

Comment #22

Well, welcome to the program Island, Sleg and Tired...

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