Just a few more questions..... Nikon vs. Canon
Aack. I'm vacillating between the Rebel XTi and the Nikon D80. I was almost completely decided on the Nikon, mostly because it fits my hand better (the Canon seems just a bit small for me)..

But, today I walked into Costco and they had a pile of XTi's with two lenses (I think they were EFS 18-55 II and EF 75-300 III) for $999. I thought to myself, I could have that today......

So, I have just a few final questions:.

1) is that XTi lens combo decent or will I be disappointed?.

2) about RAW, I'm reading that Nikon charges extra for their RAW editing software, while Canon's is included. Also, I have Photoshop CS2 (PC) and CS3 (Mac), are either or both of these cameras' RAW formats supported? Is it better to use the camera maker's software or does it matter?.


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I wouldn't say that the lens combo is "bad" for the XTi, but it's not great. You might get easily tired of the kit lens since it's not a real winner as far as optics are concerned. The 70-300 is pretty soft at the 200-300 end. It's a decent start, but I wouldn't rely too much on it if you are expecting sharp photos..

Photoshop CS will handle both RAW from Canon or Nikon. No worries there..

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I ran into the same delima and have been researching for some time..

Other then what you personally care for this is what I found..

The forums and people I work with that are very into the hobby all have less then steller things to say about the Canon lens that come with that kit. Costco has right next to it the D40x for $999 with similar lens (although only 200mm). The Canon package is $940 not sure why your store is higher. The biggest difference I found was the Nikon package comes with a VR lens and the Canon is not IS. For the longer zoom lengths stabilization is a big deal for me..

Did you know that Costco has the D80 28-135mm for $1200 online including shipping?.

Our local pro shop has a deal worked out with Nikon and I was able to get a free loaner Nikon kit for the weekend. I had no expectations that the pictures would be any less then what I would find on the D80..

I learned tons about my style and what matters to me. Also I learned what really was going to bother me down the road with this particular kit. If you are on the fence its a fun way to see what works for you..

Lessons learned..

I hate swapping lens! As I took my few hundred shots that weekend I found that many of my shots were clustered around 28-35mm and then the 120mmish range..

When I was working in the long range I was all the way out at 200mm.

This tells me Im better suited for something in the 28-135mm area. Point scorced for the D80 package. But then there is the new Tamron 28-300mm IS for the Canon coming out this weekend and the rep is in town. Maybe this gives me an option after looking it over..

I shoot mostly in low light. Im in the process of understanding if the sensor in the Canons are better in low light. A friend of my has a 30D and tells me he shoots at asa 400 most of the time and that they respond better in low light then the Nikons. Canon has a better selection of 28 and 25 primes that are in the f1.8 range, but if the sensor is better can I get the shots I want at f3.5 and not have to spring for another lens?.

Nikons best small prime bet appears to be a 28mm f2.8, which has me less then impressed. Seeing friends low light shots and they are taking them around f2.0 or f2.2. This is were Im currently concerned if the Nikon is really going to limit me..

The D40x relies on the lens motors for AF, huge issue for Nikon primes. The D40x is out of the running now and the Canon xTi package with no stabilization and lens that are not inspiring confidence either. Im left with the D80 or xTi with different lens, neither of which is sitting on the pallet..

Hands on the D40x was cumbersome. I found trying to adjust the aperture with the loaner camera was difficult at best. More then a few shots were taken while I was holding the shutter button half way down trying to get everything set. I really need to get my hands on an xTi and see how Ill do with that. The D80 seems so much easier to use and I feel that it's something I will grow into instead of growing out so Im really liking it as my option..

Its starting to look more like an xTi or better with a larger range zoom or the D80 package that you can get online through Costco..

If I were king, I would get a D80 with the 28-200mm VC or perhaps the 40D or 5D with a medium range zoom and a long IS. A small prime for either and Im done! All I lack is a bit more budget to work with..

Is there every an easy answer? Im still looking for the answer.

As an answer to your question, check out the D80 kit, might be just the fit for you. My thoughts are that the Canon kit lens are going to be on ebay soon and you will be spending even more $$$ getting what you want if you are already concerned about them now..

Best of luck..

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Thank you, hiking!! That was a great reply. You're right, though, there is no easy answer. I did like the way the Nikon felt in my hands, and I do feel as though I would be settling for less with the Canon, because it is just too small for me..

I don't want to make mistakes with lenses and such, because I just can't afford to, but I think you're right about my needing to find where I do most of my shooting..

If I were queen, I would just have at least one of everything. ..

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Hikinginpdx2 wrote:.

Did you know that Costco has the D80 28-135mm for $1200 online including shipping?.

Actually, Amazon has a slightly better deal.... $1,159.99 plus $100 rebate plus a free 2GB memory card. I like Costco's return policy, but this time Amazon might be my better bet..

Or what about refurbs from Cameta? Anyone?..

Comment #4

Youre very welcome. Writing all of that out helped clear some of my thoughts. These sorts of decisions seem to be sidetracked by some intangible that stops being unimportant pretty quickly in the field..

After reading my post I asked myself why I was vested into the Nikon direction. All I come up with is the allure of the 18-200mm and my thought that I should invest in the lenses long term and assume the camera body will be replaced in time. Im not convinced I should or need to go that direction..

I need to get the Canon into my hands and get a feel for the picture control settings. Just holding the xTi I was unhappy with a point that crowds my fingers on the top of the grip. Did you notice that?.

Unless something jumps out at me I think I finally have my decision. Canon, but then maybe try to move up a step beyond the xTi. The pixel count above 10 is silly to consider, but I like the controls hands down on my friends 30D..

If I cannot find a way to get the Nikon wonder lens then Canon really is the way for me to go. Either way the pictures I end up with are going to be so much better then what I had been able to get..

I like the idea of one of everything, have to add that to my wish list...

Comment #5

Good info. I'm going to check that out..

I looked at the referb route and ruled it out quickly. Not a great amount of savings and if I use my Amex they will double the warranty up to 5 years for free..

Amex will not do that on a referb purchase...

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Jonezart wrote:.

Aack. I'm vacillating between the Rebel XTi and the Nikon D80. I wasalmost completely decided on the Nikon, mostly because it fits myhand better (the Canon seems just a bit small for me)..


I picked up the d50 over the rebel for the VERY SAME REASON... The d50 felt great in the hand, and the rebel felt like junk....

Pick the nikon and don't look back!..

Comment #7

My frend just bought this kit from Costco..

Honestly, lenses supplied are chiepy, showing strong chromatic abberration, weak bokeh. Level of chiepy 3rd party manufacturers..


Comment #8

Hikinginpdx2 wrote:.

Just holding the xTi I was unhappy with a pointthat crowds my fingers on the top of the grip. Did you notice that?.

What I noticed is that the grip seems too narrow, or something, and my fingers can't curl around it, making my grip too "sharp". I feel like I will either drop the camera or I will get a painful cramp..

I forgot about the nifty Costco/Amex warranty dealio. Thanks for reminding...

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Stan_P wrote:.

My frend just bought this kit from Costco..

Honestly, lenses supplied are chiepy, showing strong chromaticabberration, weak bokeh. Level of chiepy 3rd party manufacturers..


Which kit? The Canon or the Nikon?..

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Neither of the Canon lenses are great - and the 75-300 may very well be Canon's worst lens. The 70-300 IS, however, is a very nice lens, but it is a $600 lens (and not the one in the kit you are looking at)..

Which kit? The Canon or the Nikon?.

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I was talking about Canon kit with 2 lenses. These lenses should not have Canon logo on them.

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The Sigma AF 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS (Optical Stabilizer) Zoom Lens might be a good lens choice for you (the Canon version is $482 on Amazon). I am probably going to get an XTi body with this lens..

The Tamron you posted (28-300 VC) looks really nice too, but I am afraid that 28 would not be wide enough for every situation. (I am trying to find a body and single lens, because like you, I don't like changing lenses)bobapunk..

Comment #13


Why not check out the Nikon D40x with the 18-55 kit lens for $679 and purchase the 55-200 VR all for less than $1000 and you have 2 good lenses and a camera that felt better in hand to me than the XTi...

Comment #14

I think I've decided I'd like to have the Nikon D80, actually. It felt much more robust to me. But, yeah, now I'm starting all over making myself crazy over lenses...

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