I've made up my mind!
Okay, after flooding these forums with my indecisions about a new beginner DSLR. I've made up my mind. I've been told great things about all company's models, have gone from the D40x to E-510 and back again. But there is only one camera that I had a good feeling about, something about it just clicked, from the reviews, to holding it in my hand, it just worked. So world, like it or hate it, I am going to my local camera store tomorrow morning at 9am sharp and buying a Pentax K100D Super! I am so excited to be able to start shooting again after 2 years of confusion about sticking with 35mm or digital. I have a lot to learn, and I can't wait.

I know I could wait and wait untill prices drop or the next best model arrives. But my passion is photography, and I intend to shoot not shop...

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K200d is out soon so K100d super prices should drop, though you are probably tired of waiting..

I picked the E510 2 lens set +50mm macro and am happy with it. Size and weight had become a prime consideration for me and the E510 gives me 28-300mm 35mm equivalent in a smaller, lighter, 2 lens package (the macro generally stays home for my hobby shots)..

But, the K100d should serve you well. I looked at the K10d (and wouldn't mind having the new K20d). It and some nice prime lenses were mighty tempting... coming from film, something about the K10d's controls appealed to me... 'til I remembered that I'm not as spry as I used to be and had started leaving my Canon T90 home most of the time because the kit weight & size had become too intimidating (I would have probably hunted down an old Nikon 70s or gotten the K10d except I figured that a new digital camera wouldn't do me much good if I left it at home too..., which is what tipped me towards the E410/510).

There are some really nice portrait and wildlife shots on the Pentax forum. Without taking the time to diddle with the colors in photoshop, I like the skin tones and rich browns and oranges that come out of their cameras (reminds me of this one Agfa film I used to shoot... Oly's native colors, especially the older E-1's, have a rich blue that reminds me more of the Fuji slide film I used to use for landscapes). Hopt to see some of your photos over on the Pentax forum soon!..

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Good for you..

My first suggestion would be for you to learn to process digital images rather than just accepting what comes out of the camera. Shooting RAW and learning how to convert from RAW gives you enormous flexibility..

First you need an understanding of the histogram and then be able to apply that to your processing..

It's best to calibrate and profile your monitor with a hardware puck based system like an Eye-One 2 or a Spyder 3. That way, you're more likely to be processing to more of a known standard rather than your monitor default..

Also realise that if you're using a non-colour manged browser or viewer in Windows, you won't get an accurate display even if you calibrate and profile your monitor as the application isn't converting for display. It just sends the image RGB values to the monitor. Often the differences won't matter enough that you can't get a pretty good idea of what the image should look like, but I find it handy to be aware of that fact of life. If I need to judge anything critically, I open it in a colour managed app first..

Cheers from John from Adelaide, South AustraliaJohn Harvey Photography 40D, Canon 20D & Fuji F10..

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I think you'll be extremely happy with your choice. You've read the reviews, and I'd suggest you take advantage of the great in-camera processing this camera is known for. A poster named, I think, GaryDem has on occasion given his procedure for setting up a camera that I think makes good sense, but I can't find a link to it just now..

The essence is that, assuming your monitor is calibrated, choose a scene outside your home and make adjustments to the image tone, saturation, sharpness, and contrast settings til you find the combination that lets your monitor best match the actual scene, then just leave the settings alone and go shoot. Don't worry if the process takes some time; playing with your new toy is fun!.

Also, dpreview's test of the K100D (not super) found more dynamic range in the highlights using ISO 400 rather than 200, so you might see if that setting works better for you as a default. My dad likes his K110D set to natural image tone and all other settings in the middle. My Samsung GX-1S (clone of the older DS series, and who knows what differences in in-camera processing) looks best to me using the bright image tone, but with saturation and contrast at -2 and sharpness at +2...

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Congrats on your decision. It can be taxing on one's mind as to "Did I make the right decision." I just have to ask, if you put this post here asking for comments, are you really sure? For your sake, I hope so because every day that you think about it, is a day lost for being out there taking shots..

Sounds like you did your homework, go get it and have some fun!.

Good luck!.


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Well after going to three camera stores in the city, not one has anymore K100d's in stock. One store tried talking me into the K110d for the same price, like I'm an idiot. Looks like I'll be buying online now, geez, you'd think in San Francisco there would be one camera store that stocks Pentax...

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Fafilms wrote:.

Well after going to three camera stores in the city, not one hasanymore K100d's in stock. One store tried talking me into the K110dfor the same price, like I'm an idiot. Looks like I'll be buyingonline now, geez, you'd think in San Francisco there would be onecamera store that stocks Pentax..

They might be hard to find online as well. B&H has the K10D with kit lens for $720..

The Nikon's are great, too...

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Maybe, someone it trying to tell you something.Dave'When the light and composition are strong, nobodynotices things like resolution or pincushion distortion'Gary Friedman..

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Just picked up the K100D Super body Brand New on ebay for $411 shipped and a new 18-55 for $55. So, looks like I saved at least a bill. can't wait to start shooting!..

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