GoDaddy review : Great idea to pay for GoDaddy?? Is this illegal?? (media)

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My first post here at NamePros and Im starting with this.

I know that filesharing is illegal but if I make a search engine that searches thru say youtube, and then it offers you to play it or download it (remember there is already a bunch of websites that offer you downloads from youtube), is this then illegal??.

Ah and I hope this is right forum for this thread.. otherwise admins just move or delete it plz....

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Your talking about making a search engine for videos on youtube, and then they will be played on your site? If you use the YouTube code for that, there shouldn't be any legal trouble... YouTube gives you the code so you can do just that...

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If I did the same but with mp3? And without anyone gives me any code? AND it's downloadable..

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Are you talking about letting people down MP3's for free? Thats illegal, unless you created them or have some sort of an agreement with the that produced them...

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I think he's talking about searching youtube, and instead of downloading the flv it's auto converted to .mp3 format.

It can be done yes, just hard and I don't know the source script but I have seen it.

But let us know what you mean for sure.

- John..

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Yes I mean if I do like this, OR from they have a lot of mp3 that the users upload, If I make a search engine that searches this sites and gives you the opurtunity to download would it be illegal? I know it's illegal to upload music so people can download, but YouTube and Esnips are not a filesharing sites, they are there for other reasons, it "happens" that people upload copywrited material there, if it gets reported the file is deleted. But how is it if ME as a third person makes a search engine that will allow you to download the results or just listen, is THIS illegal. If it is how come the youtube video download sites can operate without getting sued or closed down. Remember as this youtube video download sites I will NOT have any files what so ever on my server...

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This is compleatly Legal as long as you have no personal ties to the person who uploaded the media. You can do this, you just need to find a online file converter to vonvert flv. to mp3. It's legal you may just want to watch your adsense.

- John..

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Thanks so I do not have to worry about my current site and lett it go live.

And the adsense!! We will see what they say, just aplyed for it, will let you know...

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Cool! Are you using this php autovideosite or whatever that script is called which lets ppl watch videos off youtube on your website using your own player?..

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The script is coded by a girl "I do not know her personaly" and it's little bit better then the other ones I have tested. Try it and let me know what you think, just remember that this is the test (not even beta) site. And it's just searching one site for now, the other ones are on the way.

REMOVE THE ,s www. k , a, r, a, b, i, t. c,o,m..

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Its agesent adsenses tos so watch it use adbright or some other ad service instead for that site...

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I lost you there, what do you mean? There is no ads for now on the site, I was just testing with one google adsense banner, just to see how it was going to look..

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If you make a site like that and use adsense your account may be deleted due to it breaking adsense's tos..

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I dont have adsense account, I have never used ads before, but I applied just for this site and we will see what they say.

Ill inform you, since I guess they are going to take a look at the site or something...

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I think this depends entirely on where you live, but in many cases, even linking to copyrighted material is illegal. The popular site recently got shutdown for providing nothing more than links to copyrighted TV shows and movies. Then there are sites like SideReel and Songza that haven't been touched yet. Essentially you're making a site very similar to these... Whether movies or music, you're linking to material hosted on other sites.

Honestly though, this isn't one particular area I would suggest anyone getting into, because the risks are rather high. Sure you might start a site and have no problems. Then again, you might very easily find yourself in jail like many others have. Personally, with the risk of ending up in jail, it might be easier just to go the old fashioned crime route..

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SideReel is sending the users to the sites the media is coming from and Songza is using youtube only and what I know so is youtube giving away API so you can use youtube, they give the "embeded" link to every one so they can use the media also. So these sites are not doing anything illegal...

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Like I said, even just linking to copyrighted material can be illegal depending on where you live. did the exact same thing as you've described above... Yet they were shutdown and the owner go arrested...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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