Is this a good beginner shot?

Here is one of my first shots with a DSLR camera. I just got my Nikon D40 (with 18-55mm lens) 2 days ago, and shot a few pictures that same day. I think they were shot in auto settings (still need to learn how to use all the camera's features manually). Is this shot OK as for a total beginner like me? Any advice? Any criticism is welcome and appreciated :o).

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I am sorry to say, this is not a bigginers pic,, more a pro shot to me, thanks for showing.

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Mike Rudge..

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The technical aspects are quite good, but you might consider learning something about composition. Centering a single object on the frame is not very interesting. Start with the rule of thirds Orlinsky.

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Yes, I've learned about the rule of thirds in my art classes :o) (Studied graphic design, drawing, and painting for 2 years.) Will try to apply it better in photography now..

Thank you both for your feedback :o)..

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What were you doing in my garden? .

Nice shot...

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It's a nice picture..

Here's one way to tell..

Are you willing to get a print made, adn then go to a store and buy a frame?.

If it's worth ten dollars for printing (under half a dollar for a 4x6), $7 for a frame, and a couple of dollars for gas... well, then it's a good picture..


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Great focus, as you can even see the yellow "dust" (I am not a biologist, what is this stuff?? Stamen dust? Pixie dust? Pixel dust!!) on the red petal. And speaking of "red" your camera produced a very nice red, a hard job for a camera..

I always notice the background first, and in your case the left is dark and the right is white; I found that a little distracting..

Another "plus" to your picture ... the depth of field is nice: See how the background is blured out of focus?.


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Hey, Venus, I'll bet I know how you felt when you first saw your picture on your computer. There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a job well done..

I find I've been taking a lot of flower pics lately, but then, it's that time of year, isn't it, and you don't have to go far to find a willing subject..

Yes, composition is important, but keep in mind that every rule is there to be broken if you find it pleasing to your eye..

Look for contrasting backgrounds so the object of your affection will be the center of attention and try to imagine what the bg colour or colours will look like when they're out of focus. Take the picture from a bunch of different angles. There are all sorts of things you can try, limited only by your imagination..

The great thing about digital is the almost instant feedback; you can always go right back to see if you can improve on what you just tried to do. Once you've paid for the camera, the picture taking is free, right?A nice debut, Venus, and it's only going to get better. Not a bad hobby, huh?..

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1. A person owning a DSLR should not consider himself beginer .

2. All the rules etc are to help you give a starting point in arriving at a composition, when you are not certain. These are not laws..

3. Try to break the safety barrier. Shooting flower from the top is one of them. Although focusing is good, the drooping central stem is not giving it +ve energy. The darkness on one side than the other is also doing nothing to image. It sometimes is better to change orientation to put darker side on lower side of frame..

4. Among flowers, you could experiment with photographing from side, flower formations, etc..

VenusNY wrote:.

Is this shot OK as for atotal beginner like me? Any advice? Any criticism is welcome andappreciated :o).

Keep smiling, Ajay for your precious time & invaluable comments)..

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