GoDaddy review : Recommend I use GoDaddy?? is there any difference between .com and .info?

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Hi friends I am thinking of registering a new domain for a review site of anti-virus softwares. Could you please tell me if there is a real difference of importance between .com and .info other than the former suggests commercial and the latter suggests informational sites and .com is easy to remember than .info. It is because the .info domains are very cheap for the first year as low as $1.99. Also tell me Godaddy or namecheap or any other firm for registering domain. Thank You...

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Firstly, if you're paying $1.99, then I think you're paying too much. Shop around, but Godaddy are certainly offering it for lower than that..

The short answer is this:.

If you're going for a short, throwaway name, then use the .info - it's relatively pointless registering the .com something that's only going to be around for a couple of weeks, if that. Same if it's a proof of concept..

If you're in for the long haul, then consider the .com. People will remember it more easily, and as a result you won't lose type-in traffic like you might with the .info..

Sometimes you might be able to get a very good .info name where all the .com names are taken. In this case you've got a bit of a dilemma, and that's something I can't help you with...

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That issue was addressed before on WF. Just use the search button..


Here are some links:.




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My personal experience is .com is king if you're relying on visitors coming back and remembering your site. If you're targeting search engines then the tld is not going to matter. My experience with this comes from owning everything but the .com and having visitors tell me they went to the .com a lot because people just associate .com with a website. So they say I got services from abc and then all their friends do opposed to what it really should have been of

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In the domaining world, .com is king. Although, .info may be recognized as the international equivalent to information, there is not substitution to the .com. Most people have grow accustom to .com, so you will literally lose tons of traffic by using the .info extension..

Actually, it's only $0.99 at GoDaddy now.

There all pretty much the same, but if you want to go with the company with the best track record, then go with moniker..

Hope this helps...

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A lot of black hat sites are on .info. Because the domains are so cheap... They can make their money back with some Made For Adsense Site..

I think search engines are going to knock .info down if they are not already. I never see .info on my tough keywords..

Anyone got any examples of .info in a real tough SERP showing first or high?..

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Thank you friends for all of your responses. I am going to register a .com domain domain for my standard site. But any way I would also register a .info domain to see if there will be any difference in search engine rankings. At the most I would lose $0.99. Maybe I can use it for adwords campaigns...

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If you are targeting U.S. visitors, resiter a .us it shows up better..

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It really doesn't matter, only difference is that .info is few times cheaper than .com and stupid people will always try to find your site with kicking .com in adressbar, but if you're looking for organic traffic, google, it's not important if it is .info .org or .ws, people will click anyway..

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