Is Optimum whey protein any good ?

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Comments (61)

This is no doubt the best tasting protein shake I have ever had.Just like a mocha cappuccino. Amounts of most all the ingredients are given, so you know what you're taking. Price is unbeatable for the amount and ON is a trusted company. I take this solely after my workouts and have seen great progress..

Comment #1

A pretty good tasting protein, Pure and a good price. I would recommend it..

Comment #2

Product speaks for itself! Taste is amazing in Water !.

Comment #3

This is my protein! I have tried about a dozen different brands, but I always come back to ON for my whey. Tastes as good as a protein shake can and is cost efficient (best protein per dollar spent). I usually stick to the Vanilla Ice Cream, but the Chocolate isn't too bad..

Comment #4

Wasn't sure what to expect with this flavor, but it's real damn good! Mix it in water, throw in some ice, and you have what tastes like Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. The downside, as others have mentioned, is that it has 10 extra calories, and the serving weight is 33 grams, which means you get fewer servings. Not big enough a difference in either case to sway me, though. It's worth it. This flavor is a winner..

Comment #5

Great protein shake product. Tastes pretty good mixed with milk. Use a magic bullet to mix for best results. Doesn't affect your stomach because it's light weight, with lowest calories. The Stra-Banana flavor was pretty decent, one of their better flavors. I liked Cookies/Cream a bit more, but this one was pretty decent as well..

Comment #6

Great protein with a good price and low calorie protein shake. Mix with milk and it tastes pretty good. It's not the cheapest, but it is the lowest calorie you can find. The cookies and cream flavor was absolutely amazing. So far, it's the best flavor I've tried (unfortunately I don't have this flavor at the moment anymore). Definitely worth trying..

Comment #7

This is a good product for getting 24g protein for your $25. Though there are better protein-to-dollar ratios in other products, this one has the lowest calories. And is lightest on the stomach. I have tried the vanilla cream version during summer break, it was decent, but it wasn't amazing. The taste was pretty bad for a vanilla flavor. This is probably one of their worst flavors..

Comment #8

This is the best protein, good price, but not high in calories. Though there are better protein-for-your-buck ratios in other products. I tried banana cream during college and it was very weird taste, it wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either. Just don't expect an amazing banana taste..

Comment #9

Post-workout drink. Good source of 100% protein. Taste great as well! Can't get enough of Optimum Nutrition!.

Comment #10

Post-workout drink. Good source of 100% protein..

Comment #11

To the reviewer claiming Ace-K causes cancer, please have stats/facts and documentation to support your warnings. The American and European FDA have found no evidence of the sweetner being carcinogenic, and rats were given extremely high doses exceeding the same amount as a human drinking 1,343 cans of Ace K sweetened soda per day with no signs of tumors forming. I hate when hippies claim every ingredient kills you; all the way from what you feed your dogs to the water you drink. This is a place to review how the protein worked for you, and not about the safety hazards of an ingredient, which has no evidence of such claims you've listed. Your review should be taken off, and you should be banned from posting reviews on here ever again! Now, as for the actual protein. It's great.

And, with the exception of our scientific expert, who has nothing to support his health advisory, the satisfaction from other users of this product seem to be unanimously favorable. I'm still mad about the first review. That reminds me of being told I shouldn't eat protein bars because they're bad for me. I was told this by a guy with a fat stomach, who also smokes and drinks too much, all the while taking anti-depressants. If you don't want to take it, then don't, but don't scare people with information that is not true..

Comment #12

This protein powder does taste good and did mix well with milk, I didn't try it with water. Unfortunately, it contains the artificioal sweetener Acesulfame Potassium (also known as Ace-K). Ace-K has produced lung tumors, breast tumors, rare types of tumors of other organs (such as the thymus gland), several forms of leukemia and chronic respiratory disease in several rodent studies, even when less than maximum doses were given. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, it was petitioned on August 29, l988 for a stay of approval by the FDA because of "significant doubt" about it's safety. It might be safe but I'd rather stick with natural sweeteners, better safe than sorry..

Comment #13

My 3rd favorite tasting protein, outstanding mixability no chuncks at all and I use 3scoops and 12 oz water I was impressed...not a thick drink it makes it easy to drink in a few seconds..

Comment #14

Wow! This taste great! Out of all the supplements I have had to mix, this is by far the best. great price, repeat buyer!!.

Comment #15

Good protein powder, but I must say that I was specting a bit more of the Protein powder of the year winner for the last few years. Taste: 8/10 It dosnt taste bad, but it's nothing compared to BSN's Syntha 6 Mixability: 9/10 It mixes well, but not perfect. I could recommend this product, but id rather go with Gaspari´s Myofusion..

Comment #16

This was the second flavor I tried of this brand, the first being the Vanilla flavor. I couldn't stand the bite the Vanilla had, so I gave Extreme Milk Chocolate a try at the suggestion of forum members. I have to say, it tastes like Hershey's Quick Mix! There's virtually no odd taste to it, and I'm really picky about taste, so that's saying a lot. As far as performance, I can't really comment not having anything else to compare it to. I've seen a little gain but whether that would have happened with or without the Protein, I dunno. I will say that I've been able to up my weight on every exercise I've done just about every week, something I had trouble with when I gave lifting a go a few years ago..

Comment #17

More of a sugary vanilla taste to me. Muscle Milks cake batter tastes better but Ive only tried this water as well too so milk could make the difference. The aftertaste is def. more of a vanilla cake batter taste. I still like the taste of it a lot but will try a diff. flavor next. Also I love how easy it is to mix ON proteins..

Comment #18

Excellent protein powder. I've always used Optimum wheys and will continue to do so. Doesn't taste quite as good as Optimum's Casein Chocolate Supreme but great non-the-less..

Comment #19

This is a great Protein. Easy to mix, it's very light. Great taste. Has Glutamine + essential Amino. Great value for money..

Comment #20

Great taste...and I'm not a chocolate guy but it's one of the best tasting by Optimum or any other brand.

Comment #21

Protein Purity. Mixes well in warm/hot water. Consumer Reports shows lower levels of toxic metals compared to other leading protein drinks.

Comment #22

I'm a beginner when it comes to this stuff. So my review is to go out to the other beginners. I take my protein with milk after a workout and I have already seen a big difference after a month. I love it with milk and I would recommend it to anyone..

Comment #23

Its basic protein,its not that rich in chocolate how I thought,it has very soft and mild taste..

Comment #24

Love Gold Standard but Choc malt is by far the nastiest most horrible protein flavor on the market. Got sick for 2 days. Returned it for extreme choc milk..

Comment #25

Was really good at first but then I started to get tired of the taste. I would get a smaller tub next time as I learned that I get over the taste pretty easy for proteins. Still think ON is the best..

Comment #26

Delicious! So far my favorite flavor by ON. I will try the cake batter next but I def. would buy this flavor again, never had issues with mixing or any bloated problems..

Comment #27

Great when I mixed it and a great price. Not my favorite chocolate taste but it was still good..

Comment #28

I love ON Whey but cake batter is probably the least tasty flavor there is. It kind of taste like vanilla from other cheaper brands..

Comment #29


Comment #30

Mixes well and tastes great but I find a multi blend of various proteins has worked out better for me and saves me money in the long run..

Comment #31

Finally got to try the protein that everyone seems to be so hyped up about and found that the taste is mediocre compared to other brands that I have tried. I don't consider myself to have sensitive taste buds by any means, but there is a very distinctive "chemical like" taste to it. Sure it mixes easy and what not, but I have found most whey protein to mix just fine. I'm glad I only ordered two pounds so I can move onto a more enjoyable drink in a few weeks. Honestly don't expect any type of protein to make or break me when it comes to progress in the weight room, just so long as I'm at least getting some protein after my workouts and throughout my day, no matter the source. BUT if for some reason changing to this protein transforms me like so many claim I will change my rating..

Comment #32

This supplement is the most kick ass protein I have used. Whey protein is digested in around 30 minutes, so I have found it beneficial to use during and after workouts. By using this powder alone and getting my calories from a health diet, I have been able to gain 5 lbs of muscle..

Comment #33

Great source of Lean Protein!! I finally had the chance to taste the chocolate Coconut this morning and it is AMAZING!!! It's like tasting a completely melted down Almond Joy! Very impressed, and I can finally move on from the Cake Batter flavor!.

Comment #34

This is one of the BEST Proteins during the cutting phase, don't even listening to USN's marketing BULL**** because I will tell you right now, 100% Gold Standard Whey by OPtimum Nutrition is probably the best whey protein. It's easy to mix, results are visible within two weeks of use (you are more defined) and besides that, Optimum Nutrition is a company which focuses on NUTRITION, not on a whole lot of lies and false marketing. If you're wanting to buy a protein that is quickly absorbed into your blood stream and those results you've been always craving, this is your answer. So stop reading other reviews and be sure to make this the last one you read because if you're planning on buying a whey protein, once again, this is the one you should buy. Vanilla Ice Cream is probably the best tasting and the easiest to down. Granted, it isn't the best tasting product there is on the market, but the worse it tastes, the better it works.

You can even pour it on your moosley in the mornings if you want. I usually drink this before (30mins before) and after (30mins after)I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this product for anyone in the cutting stage. You won't be wasting your money :):).

Comment #35

Two scoops in 300 ml of water tastes like mild chocolate in skim milk (not sugary). Mixed easily and went down nicely..

Comment #36

I am a repeat user of Optimum 100% Whey Protein. It is a good product and is reasonably priced. It mixes well and most of the flavors taste great, although the rocky road is a little weird for me. Great product and will continue to buy from

Comment #37

Awesome. Awesome taste, awesome price, just awesome..

Comment #38

BEST protein I have used YET. HOWEVER, since BodyBuilders are very conscious of what we eat, they really need an ORGANIC version of their product..

Comment #39

You can't have lactose issues and use this product. I can eat chease, etc... But this gives me some discomfort when taken post workout. I still support this brand as being good but have to find another protien..

Comment #40

This is a greay protein powder! I have shared it with a few of my friends! With this suppliment I continue to lose weight while maintaining and improving my tone muscles. I mix about 1/2 scoop in the chobani yogurt and it tastes like icing on a cake! I also mix it with unsweetened almond milk for a great drink. I have recommended this product to my friends!.

Comment #41

I love the taste of strawberry flavor whey protein. It can really become addictive. I've been taking it every day after each workout at the gym. It not only tastes great but also is effective at quenching my hunger (or should I say hungry muscles)..

Comment #42

I admit, I am a picky protein powder consumer. This product mixes well, but still has an over-riding "protein" taste. It's tolerable if mixed with fruit, yogurt, and milk. My best friend thinks it's great, but I was less than impressed. Needless to say, the container is now at his place..

Comment #43

I've been taking this stuff for 2-3 months now and it's great! not as sore the next day and gave me some solid muscle gains, plus the taste is awesome. I love the strawberry and strwberry banana flavors. no plans of changin' up.

Comment #44

Good protein, good profile, tastes pretty good..

Comment #45

Like all ON proteins I have tried this tastes great. It mixes extremely well and has a great flavor. Even after 72 servings (5lbs) it doesn't get old. With other brands I'd have to choke shakes down. I would recommend using less water or milk than stated on the container. I prefer it just a bit thicker and it tastes better that way too.

Just an idea. I can't wait to try the other flavors. Oh, and it's a great protein too. I definitely feel healthier when I use this. My workouts don't feel complete without it..

Comment #46

Good taste and smells like butterscotch. used a few bottles and had steady but slow gains..

Comment #47

The whey protein in this powder has been helping me build muscle without worrying about too much fat and sugar. The only downside to this flavor is that it is harder to mix, other than that the taste is really good..

Comment #48

Sickly sweet with artificial sweetener. Couldn't finish my first shake. Threw it out. Blechhhh!.

Comment #49

Best Shake i've ever had, tastes great, easy to digest and Im seeing results after only a week..

Comment #50

A great protein but too pricey. You would be better off buying more of a less expensive kind in my opinion..

Comment #51

I've tried a lot of different types of proteins from different companies and they were all very hard on my stomach and this was the first one I have ever taken that didn't upset it. In fact, it seems as if it settles it more than anything.

Comment #52

After trying a couple of different brands, this is the best whey out there. and best price. should never had switched.

Comment #53

WOW this is amazing. The taste is a little bland, but after adding a frozen banana it's turns into the best protein shake I have had by far. Reasonably priced as well. Goes easy on my tummy ;) If you are expecting a fast food gut busting type shake, look else where probably you are not looking for a protein shake. 9/10 bc of artificial sweetener..

Comment #54

Tried it with cold water. The flavor of coffee overpowers everything. Mixed easily with a spoon. It get pretty darn creamy. Does not cause an upset stomach. Its good not great. Keeps me full for a couple of hours..

Comment #55

Absolutely awesome. I have tried some of the GNC competitor proteins and they taste awful and leave big chunks floating around when you try to mix. Optimum is the best product for the best price anywhere!.

Comment #56

My favorite protein powder. Good for any level of lifter, or athlete in general. Mixability and taste are perfect, in fact the taste is so good I often feel as if I am cheating. An excellent product for maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. It has steadily helped me gain lean muscle mass. One of the staples of my supplement and diet line-up, would highly recommend..

Comment #57

I got a sample of this flavor tasted pretty good although I hate chocolate flavors I like this one didnt loveit but I liked it. it's way better than the regular chocolate although mixing wasnt that good it stuck all over my shaker bottle. nutrapro is still "numero uno" in my book.

Comment #58

Taste very good.....good quality protein and recovery was better.....exactly what I was looking for..

Comment #59

Delicious, yet there are much cheaper whey products out there..

Comment #60

Tastes amazing and gives me a great post workout feeling. Take is right after and you'll feel great and comes to me heavily recommended by a trainer and bodybuilding pro..

Comment #61

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