Is Nikon Blowing it?
I currently own a Nikon D70, Nikon 18-70, 50mm 1.8, Tokina 80-400 (selling on ebay because I just added a 28-200)and the Sb800 flash. The camera, flash and lenses are FANTASTIC. I had a terrible experience with the CP8800 and left all that behind...

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Robert, just remember that it is still the photographer and not the camera or the mighty megapixels that make the difference. I confess to being an equipment junkie and have finally come to the realization that I need to concentrate more on taking pictures than getting better equipment or chasing the mighty Nikon with their often proprietary accessories. Every so often I see an example of a photo taken with lesser gear than I possess and I am stunned by what the photographer did. That's what has gotten me back to earth...

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I shoot on average about 200 shots per week, but on some days I shoot twice that many, especially when sailing. I used to shoot still for a living and got pretty good at it. In that world there's just no room for compromises like we see with many of the units out there. I see cameras like the Sony 828 with it's lens issues and there's just no excuse for it. There's no excuse for the Nikon 8800's flaws either at it's price point.

In any case, my orginal point is that Nikon seems to evolve slower than others. It's almost comical with the coolpix line, especially if you try a A200 or cheap Canon A85.

For DSLRs I'm no junkie. After years shooting large format and playing for toy digicams I finally bought a D70. I'm also spent time with the Canon 20D and Nikon D100. Great cameras all. But Nikon is certainly lagging on almost every front now.

Remember...two great photographers shooting side by side...the one with the superior camera will probably get the nicer shot. The gear DOES make a difference or we'd all be using cardboard cameras. Robert B.


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I would have to agree....I too own the D70,and two SB800's( both have had major problems,fixed by Nikon ....Thank God...). Why would your top of the line camera top out at 4mp...? I don't even like the D70...but I'm stuck with Nikon, because I spent close to $900.00 on the flash units..My buddy owns the Canon Mark 1 and the 20d,let me tell you something....Not even CLOSE....The great Nikon is living on it's name, and not the product...Canon is ready to knock them out...if the picture matters get a Canon. K.P.


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If you're seeing a big difference in image quality between the 20D and D70, it isn't the cameras. I've used both (used a 20D as recently yesterday) and the D70 remains a marvel at it's price point. Unless you need the faster FPS and ISO advantage, the D70 is the better camera for most. Canon's resolution advantage is only 15% or so. Shooting with better lenses and in RAW you can make 8X10 prints that are just about identical. Depends on the curves and so on, but they are quite close.

Almost every complaint about the D70 or 20D comes down to the plain and simple fact that you really MUST shoot RAW and do some good post work to get "great" results. That's NOT to say that you can't get good shots like a P&S. You can, with the right setting and a very complete understanding on the settings. The first shot I too with the D70 was on P mode. The second shot was on full manual. I have not touched that switch since!.

Excellent photography still requires good post work, just like film always required good work in the darkroom. Some things don't change!.

On the other hand, you're quite right...Nikon must be insane bringing out a high end camera with just 4MP.

There's a very good shootout between the 20D and the D70 here:.


Nikon still has a big foot in the door with the D70. You have to spend 500 dollars more for the 20D and the Canon's kit lens is weak compared to the excellent Nikkor 18-70, so the price disparity is even higher. The Nikon also shoots flash sync at 1/500, and the Canon only does 1/250, a BIG shortcoming for some people (like me!). Bottom line, if you know your requirements, you can't go too far wrong with either. Robert B.


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I agree with Robert. As an owner of a FM3a (yes it is a film unit), I consider upgrating and I am not sure which one to choose: Nikon D70 or the new Canon EOS350. I know that Nikon has the edge in optics and the the features like 1/500 sync speed, but Canon has arguably the edge in autofocus performance and the 8 MP at the price of 800 make it a desire. I agree with Robert that any difference from 6.3 MP to 8 MP might be small for general photography, but I was thinking that for close-up and still life, the extra megapixels may have a word. I would not consider the Canon 20D because of the cost and being used to the FM2n and FM3a I very much welcome the build quality of D70 (although still plastic). I appreciate any advice, Thanks, Kostis..

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Anyone else had trouble with the CP 4500 lens unit jamming?.

I,ve had this occur 4 times in the 2 years I've had the camera. The third time was last October when I had to send it to Nikon France (extended warranty condition) who had it for 3 months in their workshop, only to send it back with the same fault still present! Back to France for another 2 months! Got the camera back yesterday but quite frankly I don't care if it's fixed or not. It's now in the attic being replaced by a Minolta A200 I've just ordered. Had one of their SLRs for years without any trouble...

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Hello I have a Nikon D70. I find my photos have allot of pixels in them especially in large group photos where I need to back away. My camera is set at Fine (Image quality) and Large (Image size). I use a Nikon zoom 18-70mm 3.5-4.5G. Can anyone help me?..

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Not to mention that Nikon is INCREDIBLY LAX and IRRESPONSIBLE about paying the rebates they promised consumers. They promise consumers 4-6 week rebate returns and finally after 14 weeks, their rebates page shows "Just Received". Which means they will probably start the 4-6 week clock from this week and me (UNHAPPY NIKON CONSUMER) will receive my rebate in 20 weeks, some ***5 MONTHS LATE***!! Well they certainly lost my business for life. I've filed FTC complaints against them. Additionally I have sworn off buying any Nikkor lenses. My future will be comprised of nothing but Sigma or Tokana lenses. I encourage all others who received late rebates from Nikon or anyone else (or didn't receive at all) to file a complaint at Consumers complaining is the only way to put the pressure on this ridiculous rebate behavior from Nikon, etc...

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That's interesting. I've read it from others as well. I sent in my rebates withing 48 hours of buying and testing the Nikon stuff I got and my rebates came in less than 4 weeks. The rebate for the SB800 flash came in just over two weeks...I was shocked. Capt RB..

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Robert, Also being a past view camera user, I am interested as to what you would buy today in a digital SLR to get the best possible quality.



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Also being a past view camera user, I am interested as to what you would buy today in a digital SLR to get the best possible quality. >>> I used to use a Deardorff camera. No DSLR could come remotely close. From those 8X10's I used a rail mounted enlarger ICW giant roles of Kodak paper to make wall sized prints. They were sharp too! Now all I have is my D70 and a few lenses. I'm quite happy with the quality and after a lot of P&S types, total heaven. I'm now waiting for the could be a while! Capt Robert B..

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I know what you are talking about with regard to Nikon. I own the d70 and Canon's 20d...both have weak and strong points. Nikon's customer service was great when my d70 conked out on me. They just sent me a new body...cant beat that. Canon, on the other hand (and I love my 20d) has never sent me the rebate for the 580 strobe I bought back in November. Talk about slow.

Both are great cameras...

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