GoDaddy review : Suggest I use GoDaddy?? Is my name a TM ?

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I am having a dispute with trying to claim my own "domain" name. My actual name (example given, but not my actual name is similar to this- MICHAELCOLLINS.COM)- Do I have recourse to get it free and clear? I filed a complaint with the registrar. The /img/avatar8.jpg is hidden.

Please comment..

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Sorry, but names are fair game pretty much. Unless you are famous or have TM rights to the name and can prove it is "confusingly similar" there is not much you can do.


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What if the guy that has it has the exact same name as you....

What gives you more right to the domain then this person?.

Also, you should have did some research before submitting a complaint to the registrar...

Comment #2

Yeh- but WHAT IF he is just sitting and simply parking my name- there is nothing "exciting" about my name as far as domains go-.

I don't understand why he or anybody would even bother with it.

As far as I know, he has had this since 2003 and has parked it until 2010. It is a "premium listing" on Go Daddy. I have no idea why or what this "hidden" owner of the domain is doing with it. If it is someone with the exact name as mine I can deal with that. But I have no idea who is behind this.

Bottom line- Its my name- my real name- and I should have rights to it if it's not being used. Yes? No? Comment ?

Comment #3



In other words, you're just whinning to the registrar that he registered the domain before you did.... it's like a person that buys a piece of property and doesn't use it for 10 years. He still has the rights to it even though he doesn't go on it as long has he pays the yearly fees, taxes, etc...

I know it's probably frustrating but really nothing you can do about it.

I would have made an offer to buy the domain first before doing something hostile like submitting a complaint with the registrar. If the current owner finds out you did this then you just opened up a can of worms for him to hold a grudge against you and make it all that much harder to get...

Comment #4

Thanks, guys, for the comments. I am still angry though.

And, furthermore, I do not care if whoever is holding this has a grudge against me. I did the right thing imo.

So there!!!!!!!!..

Comment #5

No. There are other people in the world named the same thing and you have no more rights to the domain than them.


Comment #6

Why don't you try to register or or any other extention of your choice, like .us, eu., etc? One of my friends has registered, and is quite happy. I myself registered for example (vova is a short for vladimir) at My another friend Denis registered the domain (at Iceland registrator, although he is not living in IcelandThere are lots of possibilities...

Comment #7

So there? LOL.

You forgot the icon of you sticking out your tongue like a 10 year old...

Comment #8

Dot com is so yesturday, get the dot TV version .......

Comment #9

It is really a waste of time if you go after someone who owns a domain name that happens to be your name too. If you are really passionate about it, then hire a smart broker and acquire it amicably. Dont read amazing corporate stories and start filing complaints. If it is a personal name, as you claim, then it is highly likely that the owner has got the same name. So whats the point in chasing white geese?..

Comment #10

My name's also mitch. Can I have your username when you're not using it?.

Unfortunately the registrar is likely to ignore you, or worse tell you things you.

Don't want to hear. But unless any law grants you some reprieve, you do not.

Have any "right" towards the domain name other than what you believe.

I realize you think you "deserve" the name because it matches yours. But this.

Rather "entitlement mentality" can cause unnecessary problems...

Comment #11

So how is all you all say different in this situation:.

Can I register the name, for example, if it comes up? Am I allowed by law to do so? Is Kobe Bryant's name protected while mine is not? How is it different? Don't tell me because Kobe is a well-known basketball star and I am nobody. My name is as imprtant to me as Kobe's name is to him. Sounds like a double standard...

Comment #12


This is some funny stuff..

This thread should be stickied...

Comment #13

Dreamscape- yep....funny....I have been looking for the tongue icon you wanna see.....

Comment #14

Kobe Bryant's name is protected by trademark law, but that's if he continues.

Using it as one. Unless: a) your name is also your trademark, and b) you show.

Show the registrant is infringing it or users might confuse his domain with your.

Mark, you really have no enforceable claim.

You said earlier the domain owner-registrant isn't "using" it, yet is displaying a.

Parking page. Why do you think it's not being "used" when currently there's no.

Kind of "authoritative" answer stating how a domain name ought to be, other.

Than maybe not meeting your definition or expectation of such?.

While I've seen others share your maybe "definition" of a domain name's usage.

By having a web site, others obviously don't agree. I use one domain name for.

Email only with no active web site, so does that mean it's not being "used" at.

All? (although I definitely can say how it'll be used as long as it complies with.

Any applicable law or my registrar's contract...).

Now, someone out there has my domain name-sake. I could think I have more.

Rights than that person, but what exactly is the factual basis (if any) for any.

Kind of claim other than a mere belief it matches my name and his use is not.

Matching my expectation of such?.

I certainly understand you and other people's sentiment on the subject. But if.

You have a domain name that another person desires and sees it's not being.

Used in any way they see fit, would you appreciate them wanting to take that.

From you when it doesn't belong to them in any way unless it violates any law.

Of their area?.

Oh, and if you're wondering why others came off rather "bad" towards you, it.

Is because your post is giving that "bad" impression around here. As you have.

Seen, not too many people are keen on seeing others wanting to take away a.

Thing from another that essentially doesn't really belong to them.

Just some things to ponder. Besides, you can always get perhaps first name -.

Middle initial - last name domain name or so, as options do exist...

Comment #15

I'm glad my name and surname is unique, though I also have it registered in .com.

If you can't prove that you are using your name commercially and it is publicly known then I guess there's nothing you can do.....

Comment #16

Just simply reg it with a differerent extension, it's what I did, I wanted the .com and got the instead. Theres no point filing complaints etc as it's just hassle for you and everyone else the only conclusion they'll come to is you have no legitimate right to own that domain over anyone else.


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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