Is Medifast worth it ?

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I have had people ask me how much it costs to be on the Medifast plan. When I tell them I spend about $300 per month on the supplements and then my l&g foods they think it is too expensive. One person said "Oh I cant afford that!!" I said "I cant afford NOT to be on Medifast!!" We totaled up how much she was spending on fast food, junk food, take out and delivery! Guess what??? She was spending $70 per day! Do you guys think Medifast is worth it? I think so!.

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$70 per day?! What is she buying? I literally can't imagine how I would spend that much on a regular basis.

I am with you, I haven't noticed my food bill go up substantially on Medifast (I make use of coupon codes and Big Crumbs rebates) - maybe an extra $100/month? If that? I wasn't calculating how much I was spending on eating out before, and I know I was spending at least $175 on groceries for myself, probably at least another $100 on eating out. Now I spend about $240 for Medifast for 4 weeks (after coupons/rebates) and probably another $80 - $100 on regular food (I buy a lot of cheese, vegetarian items, etc - not cheap, L&G could be done cheaper).

I'll take it! It isn't nearly as expensive as it looks on the surface because you figure you're not eating your normal groceries..

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Compared to what I was spending, it's about a wash. Now I spend $30 a week on groceries before I was spending about $125 a week. That doesn't include the cost of eating out or any off the cuff snacks purchased..

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Been doing the Medifast thingy for a while, and not only am I getting a bargain...but I'm losing weight and getting healthy too!.

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Her dinner is a huge steak from Outback at about $25 and then additional sides and desert. That alone was over $40!!!! Total Meal - The Melbourne 20 oz .

Nutritional Facts* .

Calories 1009.1 cal .

Carbohydrates 0.9 g .

Dietary Fiber 0.3 g .

Total Fat 57.8 g .

Saturated Fat 23.0 g .

Trans Fat 0.0 g .

Protein 113.7 g .

Cholesterol 341.6 mg .

Sodium 904.0 mg .

This is JUST for the steak!!!.

Comment #4

I do spend more on L&G then I did on groceries before since DH does all my L&G with me and we did alot of boxed, packaged foods before. Eating whole fresh foods definately costs more but we don't eat out like we did so it washes in the end. As far as the Medifast products I don't spend much more than I did on my b-fast, lunch, junk at work for a month..

Comment #5

Yikes a 20 oz steak-I don't think I could have eaten that much meat before, lol!!.

I am saving money on Medifast, I probably spent about $100/week on just myself eating out b/f, and that doesn't include the $500/month in groceries (family of 5). At this point, it is priceless to me <3.

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$70 a day is nuts..

To be fair, Medifast really is overpriced IMO. i'm not saving money at all but then i'm a fairly frugal shopper. the main issue for many with Medifast is needing to spend all that money at once instead of spread over the course of the month as with typical grocery shopping. i'm glad i'll only need probably 2 months before transition because I personally could not afford to stay on longer..

Comment #7

As for your Health.

You can pay now or you can pay later.

I would rather pay now to keep in good health then pay later to fix bad health at which time I would be paying with dollars and pain and suffering.

I choose to invest in my health NOW when I can enjoy it!.

Comment #8

I think when looking at the big picture, better health = fewer medical bills and meds,,,,,shows that the expense od doing Medifast is way lower than the expense of keeping that excess weight..

Comment #9

Well said my friend, I couldn't agree more..

Comment #10

So true Sharon. Very well said!.

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I can spend $10-12 just on breakfast & lunch at work. Then hubby and I eat out ALL the time or carry in - we can easily spend $150-200 a week on that - Medifast is much cheaper for us! I can't wait to get started next week!.

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Even if it's $70 per week, that would just about cover the cost of Medifast.

I haven't added it up, but I would guess that Medifast is cheaper than the gastric procedures..

Comment #13

Medifast is far cheaper for me! For one, I no longer eat out and no longer indulge in happy hour cocktails with friends and coworkers. I easily spent 150 plus a week just to eat out plus the groceries. With Medifast I come out way under, way smaller, way healthier...heck way happier!.

Thanks Medifast!.

Comment #14

I am spending way more money than before - but not really on food...

I now love shopping. And I do mean LOVE. New clothes, accessories, shoes, bags... Getting my hair done, buying makeup..

Not really on topic here, but it is all Medifast's fault I lost weight and found my new passion for shopping, and thus spending lots of money. LOL!.

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