Is Medifast dangerous ?

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My Medifast food gets here tonight and I start tomorrow, I am excited!.

I read about a few side effects to expect, but there is one I am not sure about. What about bowel movements? Should I expect some constipation or perhaps the opposite? Are there any dangerous side effects to using Medifast I should be aware of?.

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I had no issues, but I've read where some people were constipated (make sure you're drinking your water!) and others who had the opposite problem. After a few days it seems that most people adapted..

You might want to look at my post here for some additional information. Medifast contains a dietary fiber (inulin) which is beneficial for bowel movements, but also causes gas in the colon..

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Everyone is different. So not sure how your system will react. Make sure you eat your healthy fats each day when required and if you do have occasional constipation, a stool softener before bedtime works nicely and is non-addictive. Drinking plenty of water is a must too. Whatever side effects you may have, Medifast is worth it and works beautifully. Just stay on plan 100% and the diet will do the rest!.

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I actually had loose stools to start with but did eventually start having some problems with constipation. Most of the time it all works out but I have had to take Benefiber or senna which both worked great. I would count the carbs in the benefiber in my plan. There are certain vegetables that will help.....collards, okra and sauerkraut are three that come to my mind. You BM will change because you are not taking in the same amount of food but that is normal and to be expected. It has definitely not been a problem considering how well the program works.

You can learn a lot. There have been a few very imformative and entertaining blogs on the BM issue..

Comment #3

I have to say that the biggest side affect that I've had is a dramatic and sustained weight loss .

Seriuosly I have some gas issues, did suffer from constipation a little, but adding ground flax seed has eased that problem. Nothing that outweighs the weight loss!.

Comment #4

Starting recently-last week-my issues were limited to tired and headachy for three days after that fine....

Comment #5

I started the program one week ago and I have had no side effects. It was a little hard the first three days, but if you stick with it, you will lose weight..

Comment #6

I'm 3 days in and for me the most noticeable things are (1) headaches, and (2) excuse my french.. having to pee like crazy every 30 minutes!!.

Comment #7

This is my experience:.

The first 3 1/2 days were very difficult. It seemed, especially the first day (Thurs), that every minute dragged on as if it were an hour until I could eat again next. I just kept reminding myself that I am strong and I can do it. It will all be worth it in the end. I was also very tired and had a raging headache by the end of the first day..

It seemed to be about the same the 2nd day and by the third day, I wasn't as hungry but I was absolutely exhausted and I thought my head was going to explode. Thankfullyi, I have a wonderful husband who let me lay in bed most of the day while he took care of our boys.

By the fourth day, I was feeling much better. Once I had my shower, I almost felt human again. I felt well enough to go walk around the farmer's market in the heat to look for vegetables to try some different green options other than the lettuce I had been eating..

By the fifth day, I was not feeling hungry at all (a plus) but also feeling very energetic (the most important thing to me)..

Sometimes I do feel a little lightheaded after I've exerted myself, but usually I feel energetic and full - it truly is amazing. I found that trying the new recipes on the board really helped with variation and also splitting my lean and green into 2 meals helped a ton. That way I could eat about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours..

Best of luck to you - remember you are strong and you are worth it - YOU CAN DO IT!.

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There's various side effects that I've seen reported - some hair loss, disruption of the menstral cycle, constipation, gas, horrible breath, headaches, lethargy..

Different folks get different reactions. Headaches and lethargy go away when ketosis sets in (a 3-5 days into the program) and then you'll feel more energy..

Bad breath hits just about everyone and doesn't stop until you stop Medifast..

Gas and constipation occur to me, but can be resolved with flax seed. I've use ground flax as a coating for chicken that I bake - like fried chicken..

Never had the hair loss or (since I'm male) menstral disruption..

Hardest part is getting to ketosis. Once there, any other side effects are practically inconsequential as far as I'm concerned..

Comment #9

I started on Monday and I have to admit, Monday & Tuesday I had headaches and was exhausted. Wednesday was better and today seems even better yet. My main complaint is the GAS! I'm not used to this. How do I used the ground flax seed to stop it? It is very uncomfortable. Thanks!.

Comment #10

For the first few weeks I was always hungery but I attribute that to the fact that I have a furocious appetite and used to eat a lot. Before Medifast my BMs were every couple days, now I am completely regular (once a day). I'm thinking it's because of all these vegetables. No gas..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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