GoDaddy testimonials : Recommend I buy GoDaddy?? Is Mastercard a TM?

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No, you should be fine.....:-) of course, like every other major company they have their name TM'ed....



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So I cant own example ( JESICAMASTERCARD .com?.

Mastercard is listed..

Comment #1 might be ok if it was used for parody or complaint and NOT for financial gain. If you put any kind of credit card ad on any domain with mastercard in the name you are infringing. Think about intent. If you intend to make money from using their business name it's trademark infringment...

Comment #2

Mastercard...a TM? You serious?.

Anyway, it's already answered yes. I just find it rather hard to believe anyone.

Would ask that, given the word Mastercard is used to sell credit card services.

Worldwide for who knows how long.

Blaknite's answer should hit the nail on the head. If that doesn't, I don't know.

What will...

Comment #3

Yes it is, it's the credit card we almost use everyday..

Most of us...

Comment #4

Someone had lose to mastercard. they even had priceless tradmarked..

Comment #5

This is a no-brainer. Not even sure what makes OP think to ask this.

Can I suggest you spend more time looking over some basic guidelines of what a trademark actually means. Read something over at Wikipedia or some posts here. I think you been here long enough to already know the answer to your own question...

Comment #6

Of course it is a TM. If your name is Joe Mastercard or something you could always fight it, ask Nissan how that worked out..

Comment #7

Nissan has spent oodles of money to protect the name... I won't parrot what the others have already said, but unless you have a formal relationship with Mastercard, and in their terms it lets you use the term for doing 'x, y, or z', stay away...Most TM owners will not let you use the tm for anything. Wow... just ... wow. They will do anything to get that domain name... don't think mastercard will do any less...

Comment #8

You two sound like you have issues, the question was, is Mastercard a TM? I did not ask for rude and agressive comments. If I knew the answer, then why would I ask? Not everyone knows everything you know!.

I'm not interested in parking a domain containing the word mastercard! Harsh replies such as the above are very rude!.

Thank you to the rest of you, who answered my question...

Comment #9

Indeed. But if you know what a trademark is (and it seems you know?), then.

Ain't Mastercard ought to be one?.

Oh, and no malice was intended with my previous comment, although others.

Won't necessarily find it "rude". Depends on one's personal definition, I guess,.

But...I can understand...

Comment #10

Xxxdomainer, nobody tries to be rude or being offensive towards you, it is just not easy to understand that an obvious TM(and you are aware of what a TM is) could raise a question like you posted....

Some responses are caused by the little mistakes members are doing...(and even more to fuel the fire, you are no newbie) :-).

Registering TM domains because it is an easy thing to do, having a big company name available in some combination etc...

You did the right thing, you asked..

So, please don't feel personally attacked :-).

Namepros is THE best community for questions like this, just imagine being a member on DN, you probably would have been suspended just asking this question :-).



Comment #11

I resolve...

But seriously, a quick google search:

Would show no less than 2 dozen 's on the first page of results, and a good 1/2 of them (My results only, I know.) are referring to the Mastercard TM itself..


Comment #12

Thanks for the input. My goal was to have a themed base pre paid mastercard. I did a search on Mastercard and could not find the right info on TM. A simple question got answered. Now I move on!..

Comment #13

Two possible tips for future searching:.

1. Search at, especially if it's a U.S.-based product or service.

2. Type maybe "word/s trademark" in Google...

Comment #14

Also look out forif used by a term it indicates it is trademarked. Although I do not see it anywhere near as much as the copyright symbol () anymore...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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