Is it okay to do a Medifast 4&2 on days you're really hungry??

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I'm really hungry today and thinking of having a chicken salad for lunch instead of an Medifast meal. Is this a good idea? A piece of string cheese just isn't cutting it today....

I just started week 3 and I'm already down 10lbs!! Woo hoo!!!..

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Do you ever split your L & G's? This is what I do. I like to eat food at lunch and dinner, so I just split it. It tends to help me a bit more with my hunger.

I have no idea about the 4 & 2..

Great job though on the 10lbs...

Comment #1

If you exercise heavily the 4&2 may be the right option. If you are having a hungry day then maybe some pickles might help. Try what Melissa said and split your L&G first and see if that helps. I have seen alot of folks make small omelets with egg beaters for lunch and it doesn't take away much from your lean at night...

Comment #2

I would love to try the eggbeaters but I'm at work so I have to find something here.

I will try to split the L&G from my normal dinner with the family. That's a good idea. I'm so hungry and low on energy today, my mind is just not working normally...

Comment #3

If you find a cure for that, let me know! I'm still looking for one 5 months later...

Comment #4

This has really helped me for the 8 weeks I have been OP. For lunch I always have soup or chili. I add 1/3 of my Lean and sometimes 1/3 of my green to my soup. I am always so full for hours after. I have to force feed myself my afternoon snack of a crunch bar which I don't do till about 4:00 ( I eat around 1:00pm) For dinner, I still have 2/3 of my lean and either 2/3 or all of my green left. That is plenty.

I am very rarely hungry and it usually happens during the weekends when my little routine gets mixed up. Hope this can help you out...

Comment #5

Personally, I would not make ANY of my food plan decisions on the basis of "really hungry" as a criteria. That's just an invitation to the inner spoiled brat to scream about how hungry she is every day, because she knows she can get extra food..

Instead, I'd make an overall decision about my food plan. If I felt 4&2 was appropriate for me based on my weight (more than 50 pounds to lose) or my exercise levels (lots of it), then I'd do it all the time. Or I'd have a rule, like on days when I exercise more than an hour I do 4&2. Or I'd decide that 5&1 is really hard some days but overall it's the right plan and I'll gut it out on hungry days, with maybe some chicken broth or dill pickles. But I would NOT leave it up to my hunger to decide..

I have a very greedy inner brat and my life is a million times more peaceful when I keep her firmly locked in a cage with duct tape over her mouth. *grin*..

Comment #6

I find that when I eat my lean and green for lunch I am less hungry the rest of the day and I lose more weight those weeks...

Comment #7

If I find that I'm am really hungry I have my L&G for lunch. Also, I agree with above where I generally have soup or chili for my lunch. That seems to hold me well...

Comment #8

I split my lg up when Im hungry them days...or I just try to ignore the idea and focus on something else!..

Comment #9

I was once told by a nutritionist here that it was ok for me to do 3&2 while I was short on Medifast meals and waiting for my shipment. Don't think it's a habit you should make but I guess it's ok on some days, as long as you get the vitamins and nutritional values you normally would...

Comment #10

I almost always split my L and G so that I eat a salad with a Medifast bar or pretzels for lunch. Then I just adjust my G at dinner. I also agree with Freya...words of wisdom, as usual!..

Comment #11

An excellent place for me to keep that peanut butter monster! Duct tape can solve almost any problem..

Comment #12

I have to disagree with you here. I think that feeling deprived, that we 'can't have any more food because we've eaten our allotment for the day' is a big reason that people go off plan, no matter if it's Medifast or something else. I told myself from the beginning, if I need an extra shake or bar once in awhile to get me through this, then that's okay. Or an extra ounce of lean protein, that's okay too. KNOWING that it's okay if I have more food often leads me to eating less. Its when I think I CAN'T have any more than I get into trouble.

Each to his own though I suppose. But to me, this program is not just about loosing weight, it's about building a sustainable lifestyle. Having extra servings of HEALTHY foods, that is a sustainable lifestyle, it will keep me from having servings of the not healthy foods later on.

My 2 cents...

Comment #13

So, don't think CAN'T, think WON'T, or CHOOSE NOT TO. I disagree that this will help you not make unhealthy choices in the future. Even though you may now be choosing an extra bar or packet, what happens when you are in maintenance and no longer eating Medifast meals regularly? If you don't learn to control your cravings now, how will you in the future?.

Bottom line, 5&1 is a weight loss program. Period. The lifestyle change comes after you have learned the tools and lessons the 5&1 teaches you and you move into maintenance...

Comment #14

There is a difference between a craving, which is psychological, and physical hunger. Accepting that physical hunger is part of a restricted diet is one thing. But I don't think any of us could fathom having to be hungry on a regular basis for the rest of our lives just to maintain our weight.

I've done both weight loss and maintainence before and for me, adding an extra ounce of protein or some extra veggies is *exactly* the right approach for dealing with hunger when maintaining. I know if I am hungry for too long, especially when not "dieting," that is when I am prone to binging, because my inner toddler gets really cranky. It is much better to head that physical state off at the pass than tell myself to "suck it up and deal" and then end up scarfing down a whole box of cereal or whatever..

But that's just me, and I do believe in different strokes for different folks, and that there is not one path that works for everyone...

Comment #15

Nightowl - I totally agree with you. However, in the majority of cases for people who have been on 5&1 long enough to enter ketosis, what they are feeling is most likely NOT real physical hunger, but rather symptoms brought on by a craving or boredom. I admit that there will be days when your body seems to burn calories faster than others and even I (who am seldom if ever hungry) would be ravenous, usually followed by a larger than normal drop on the scale. But you are not starving during this very short period and if you can't make it 2 hours without eating something there is a problem..

Extra veggies - OK, depending on the veggies (cucumbers, celery lettuce, etc). Extra protein? I'm on the bench on this one. If you look at the big picture we are consuming something like 200% of the RDA for protein on MF. What we do need to learn is to know the difference between real hunger and cravings and deal with it. I know, you all hate the fact that I am a 100% line walker, but if you allow yourself to tweak things now, even with healthy choices, you are not doing yourselves any favors. Too much of anything, even good healthy things can have negative impact...

Comment #16

1. Its not about eating the extra food, it's knowing you can if you are actually hungry.

2. EVERYONE not just Medifasters, need to learn the difference between actual hunger and emotional/bored hunger.

3. I TRULY believe that if I am constantly physically hungry on a diet that I will not stick to it. Hunger makes me a not nice person, (You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry -Hulk) so therefore FOR ME, allowing myself that latitude to have extra "good for you" things is what I need.

That being said, the only "extra" I have had in my 1 week on Medifast is a couple of pickles. But then again, I really love pickles! However, I am comforted by the knowledge that I can, and that I won't "blow" my diet if I have 900 calories today instead of 800, I'll still be burning more than I'm taking in, therefore losing weight..

This is not Medifast diet, but I have found this very interesting.

Their information shows that in a 14 week study of 500 patients that the ones following the "more is better" plan lost 70% MORE weight than those who did not. The idea being that if you know you can have more food if you want it, that your mind does not take control of your stomach and you are less likely to go off plan and overeat or quit all together...

Comment #17

Try drinking more water - When I start to feel hungry and it is not time to eat I drink more water this has helped me with getting all my water in for the day...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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