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Is is legal to run a website and share warez download links e.g. from RapidShare or Megaupload?.

No direct download links on the website, but only share info.

Thank you...

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Legally, I'm not sure, but your hosts will discontinue your account for sure.

Most will say no links or content relating to warez etc...

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Well, it seems legal (Do not quote me on that), but it is highly sensitive matter. it also depends from case to case. One wrong step could get you in big trouble. NOT recommended unless you know what you are doing. Since you asked this question, you do not know much. So DO NOT do it.


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I'm assuming it's illegal. Take torrents for example...they don't host the actual file, but the FBI shuts torrent trackers down, anyway...

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Thx for the replies!.

I have no intention to setup such a site, but I am curious that there are sooooo many warez sites, some has been run for years without any problem, why?..

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A lot of warez website, or torrent websites are hosted overseas, in Sweden or the Nederlands. There copyright laws are not strict, theres a case going on with ThePirateBay, You can read what happened to them on Wikipedia...

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I always got a kick out of the legal threats page...

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Me too, the legal threats are hilarious. I hope they get it fully back up soon. (Images etc on it )..

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Because they are in countries of which ISP's don't care.

Lets take a good example.

TPB, or ThePirateBay.

Used to be in Canada, where it is legal to share files for personal use. But we get taxed for it when we by MP3 Players.

Now in Sweden ish area. Where the cops are not worried about "warez" they are worried about keeping bad people off the street.

Now. If you where to lets say send a Discontinue of Service request to a ISP in a country below the equator.. You would get nothing back and it would be a waste of time. This is because for starters these ISP's need money and don't care.

Another BIG reason is this, US has control over the internet (pretty much, I know some say EU does.. But US legally has mroe control over the internet) US is not enforcing laws. That they should be and they are more worried about getting OIL from Iraq. I do not wish to get into politics. But that is why.

Now my personal thought is this. I am Canadian and I like Canada. Now in school we are tought to share. But than we are turned about and told it is illegal to share? Why because some millionairs want to be billionairs? If you have ever heard the song by weird al "Don't Download This" that puts it into perspective. US is VERY quickly becoming a no middle class country. You are either Poor or Rich, now if you don't have that money to go buy that $30 DVD but your friend has it.

They make enough money as it is. And they honestly don't give a care about others. The fact that .torrent is legal because the files are NOT hosted on a server (like kazaa/napster was, which is why it was shut down).. Insted a torrent or a bit is EXTREMELY encrypted code (by our good friend Brian) is distrubuted.. Which all it has in it is a simple line something like sa(o1) or something simple which is enough to tell the program to download a file named "blah blah blah" from "blah"..

But trust me it is so far unencryptable by the FBI and RIAA and others. and with the new version of BT there is now not a single peice of your ID in it (no ip, nothing) So now they are intracable.

But I do NOT recommand using it. For people like G-Unit and P-Diddy and those people who have millions and 15 cars and $500 Thousand dollar diamonds hanging off ther neck.. DO THEY NEED THOSE? No.. They jsut got SO much money and don't give a care about anyone.. Or they would be sponsering or sending money to help the less "gifted".. Now there are a few people who do..

So should warez be illegal. I think not, however I do strongly suggest buying CD's of good small bands (local ones, smaller big bands (Green Day, and what not) because they are good.).

Now getting back to should warez be illegal.. It is.. But I say it shouldn't be and I will fight to say it shouldn't be. I do NOT see any of these "snobs" that call themselves the RIAA donating to assist those less forunate or struggling to survive.. Insted they take most of the money and pocket it.

My big long rant about warez and downloading files.

Simple answer to your question: They are overseas, where the cops care about cetching bad guys not stopping you for going 10 KM over the speed limit to get to the hospital to see your wife.

- Steve..

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In Canada it's legal to download for personal use, but not spread...

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In Canada it is legal to download for personal use. Or spread BUT they can only use it for Personal use.. Like if you give somebody a DVD. They can burn it for their own use. Which is why ISOHunt is still online (ISOHunt = Canadian).

- Steve..

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Woah :yell.

Just found this,

It says quote,..

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Swedish police raiding the ISP that hosted Bit torrent-tracker The Pirate Bay..

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Internet Law 101.

The server of the site in question comes under the same laws of the location of the server in question. So, in English, if your web host is in England then English laws will apply to all sites and content on the server. To the intelligent this simply means that if you find a webhost in a foreign country who have no such thing as copyright laws, then bingo... you've hit the jackpot baby.

As for whether or not it's legal to create a "warez" site and provide links to download the content, that really depends. Historically, all blatant "warez" sites with external links to programs have been shut down. It seems to depend highly upon how you promote your site, and it's activities.

If you, for example, registered the domain (EXAMPLE, not sure if it's used) then you are clearly attempting to promote the distribution of "warez" and breach all copyright laws known to man. However, if you were subtle and launched a site such as "" and listed the latest "warez" releases then you could argue that you are merely providing information and are not liable for the content other members post..

Certain well known sites take this approach and have been online for years without any problems.

In my opinion it really depends how you go about it. I notice that someone has referenced the piratebay here. See my example above, and you can clearly see why they're having legal trouble. All the big sites that provide information on the subject are still around today after many years of legal-free operation. What does that tell you?.

Be stupid about it and expect to pay the price...

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That didnt really look like you're typical raid, it looked like a bunch of guys wandering around not having any clue what they're looking for..

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You can link to whatever you want. Is it ethical? No.

Think about it - would yahoo, google etc etc have their search engines chocked full of the same unethical links if it were illegal?.

This is not a legal opinion, but just one based on direct observation...

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You can link to whatever you want, as long as your webhost or the owner of the server your information is stored on allows it per it's terms and conditions, and no legal bodies want to question the material you post.

Freedom of speech does NOT apply to illegal activity. Nobody is above the law. Incorrect. Search engines act differently in that they are an *AUTOMATIC* archive of information and do not screen nor select which data they store. Of course, there are ways of forcing search engines to not spider your sites with the use of robots.txt files, but this is down to the site itself and not google or any other search engine.

The reason they don't filter anything? Simple.

If they begin filtering something, they must GUARANTEE that it remains 100% filtered. If, for arguments sake, something slipped through their filters - they then become liable for that content getting past their filter. All it would take is 1 complaint and they're royally screwed.

Ignorance is bliss, and this is exactly why most organisations refuse to filter anything - because then it's not their problem, it's the end users problem.

This is why companies such as can get away with providing premium usenet access - including access to masses of extremely illegal pornography and copyright infringing material. If they don't screen any of the content, how are they to know what's on there? Just because they transmit it to you, YOU are the one who has requested that material, therefore YOU are the one liable. Observation noted, but unfortunately incorrect. Please don't take any what I said as a personal negate of your character, it's just I've researched this subject thoroughly...

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I disagree on some points - of course some companies have their own terms of service, and you should always follow them, but my response was taking that as an obvious point that didn't need to be pointed out.

If I put a link to a warez download site I am not responsible for what people do once they get there. I can't control their activities nor should I be expected to. Canadian law has been challenged on this point a few times and the courts have decided that linking in this manner is within the law right now. isohunt as some have pointed out is a great example of just that.

As for the search engines being an archive vs someone linking with forthought - the search engines can easily filter this stuff out if they wanted to - but they don't. I fail to see the difference...

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YouTube/Google Video has tons of copyrighted content and I know for a fact it isn't legal...

Comment #18

Well that's a tad different and google for one is starting to remove the stuff from youtube...

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This may not be completely accurate. Even if the server is in a foreign country, a person can still be charged on local soil under their IP laws. So if they can prove you are facilitating illegal activities, you can still get busted. They just wouldn't be able to go after your server. Then again, many countries do work together in international cases. So you may not want to give the impression there is a fail safe free zone whre a person can do anyhting they want...

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Lots of bad info in this thread.

Certain countries have already prosecuted simply for links (Germany). As for those that push warez and free unto others as you would have others do unto you.

As for that Canadians making comments about the US and it's middle would you know? I wouldn't go guessing about Canada and it's people...why do Canadians think they know something about the US?.

And places like youtube or Google do their best to rid themselves of copyrighted material.

So far in the USA I don't believe anyone has been prosecuted simply for linking but that will happen one day. Would you like to be the first?..

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Wrong, you ARE responsible. You know the content of the link you provide, and you have no legal reason to post it other than to promote the breach of copyright. Canadian law or just a single court example?.

Don't forget that in cases where there is no obvious blanket law, it's at the judges discretion what goes and what doesn't, and other people merely attempt to mirror this. It doesn't make it legal. They can't "easily" filter this stuff out. People will do their best to mask it, and you completely failed to see the point as to why they don't.

As soon as you start filtering ANYTHING, you then leave yourself open to attack. People will begin questioning why you aren't filtering 'xyz' content, but you're filtering 'abc' instead. Your workload increases, and there's a chance that if something from 'abc' content slips through your filter - you're potentially liable for it.

Someone deliberately posting a link to illegal files is a completely different kettle of fish to a search engine doing a routine spider, and picking up the posted link. The search engine doesn't know what it's spidering, but the person knows damn well what they're posting and what people will use it for...

Comment #22

Don't judge all Canadians as one, we are separate people and do not all think alike...

Comment #23

You wouldn't go guessing about Canada, because obviously you don't know about it. That doesn't mean it's impossible for you to learn everything about Canada and be able to make an informed opinion. Just because you don't live somewhere, doesn't mean you have no knowledge of that area or it's politics. The man could be perfectly versed in American politics, and from his comment about a vanishing middle class, I believe he is more versed than most Americans... I'll admit I know nothing about Canada either, but it's a bit presumptious to attempt to discredit someone based on their residence....

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Wow common sense and reality right out the window with echelon. isohunt is the prime example of what I speak of and more so! They have withstood court challenge and the Canadian authorities not to mention everywhere else know what they are up to and... nothing. That may change as they are obviously pushing the envelope.

Again - if I link to isohunt I am NOT responsible for what people do once they get there. No more so than if I link to Disney and some pervert goes on the chat board and posts smut - I am not responsible for their actions.

Example:- ishunt link - this is a bad website. Now somebody goes there to see for themselves and goes and downloads some movie - how is it my responsibility? Or are only some links bad and others not? Who decides - you?.

And once more - the search engines across the world all knowingly and willingly link to the same material you say cannot be done without charge. They can easily filter it out - but they don't for the most part. Billion dollar companies are in a much better position to police their websites than an average schmuck. Type in any warez search term from 'key generator' to 'cracked adobe' products and you will get thousands of links.

By your reasoning NP is now breaking some law because people linked to isohunt.

I don't agree with those websites that offer up illegal material, but my linking to them would not make me a criminal, and in my country thankfully sanity has prevailed over hysteria. Because today some people would have you charged for linking to this or that and tomorrow charged for linking to abortion material, or books on revolution etc etc. Vive le Canada!..

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You have a thing for IsoHunt don't you? Are you a regular user?.

If you refer to the original post in this thread, we are NOT talking about ISOHunt or other BitTorrent related sites. We are talking about a user posting links to direct downloads of copyright infringing programs, either via RapidShare or some other form of online file storage.

Common sense and reality out of the window? Not at all. I actually bother to read the entire thread before spouting off-topic responses and then making personal attacks at other people. See above. Not related to this discussion at all. More IsoHunt rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

If they remove one bad page, they have to remove them all. Needle. Haystack. Is any of this getting through, or would you like me to draw a picture?.

There are only a few rare exceptions where Search engines will do something to police their content. Usually this is governmental or for reasons of national/international security. Again, more IsoHunt rubbish. Off-topic. OK, I'll make this very simple for you..

If you were to post a link to a picture of child pornography, do you think you're liable for posting that link? Of course you are..

It's exactly the same legal situation by posting direct links to copyright infringing ("Warez") material, especially material which would've been uploaded by the original poster - given the nature of the question. Whether you want to believe that or not is irrelevant, it is fact. Both are ILLEGAL activities. I really can't make it any clearer or simpler than that.

Despite the fact that both of these examples are illegal activities, one is chosen to be more culturally severe a crime than the other. Can you guess which one that is?.

Would someone report you for posting a link to some cracked software? Probably not. Would they report you for posting a link to child pornography? You betcha.

Fact remains, both are illegal, but in this day and age and the fact that a massive amount of Internet users run or use some form of copyright infringing material, it's deemed more "acceptable". It is, however, still illegal.

So, let's get off this IsoHunt bandwagon and back to the original post, shall we?.

Is posting direct links to "warez" illegal? Yes..

Will anyone bust you for it? Highly unlikely, unless your site is amazingly popular and somehow directly contributes on a large scale to software piracy in a certain area...

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Then I guess you're prepared to assume liability if someone thinks otherwise.

And potentially has the law on their side? Potentially anyway...

Comment #27

So, let me get this straight;.

If I made a website - e.g. and made forum sections such as "music" and "films" and users decided they wanted to use these sections to post links to "warez", could I get in trouble for this?.

I don't see how if you don't promote a site as a warez site, you can get in trouble if your users post links to warez....?..

Comment #28

You're still responsible for the links, you'd have to edit them out of people's posts...

Comment #29

Not true. DMCA makes it plain that a service provider is NOT responsible for content others provide. Only if requested the links would need to be removed.

As I said this thread has a lot of bad information...

Comment #30

Yes but Sabre creating a website with people adding links to Warez sites on it isn't going to go down well with his hosting supplier.

Look, who cares who's responsible for it, at the end of the day, if you have links to illegal content on the internet, YOU should do something about it. I.e. Remove Them!.

You'll get what's coming to you otherwise..

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Most webhosts and datacenters have strict Terms of Service rule that say the following (an example from ours based on the Savvis datacenter's TOS): The word "linking" makes it quite clear the site owner is responsible. For example, if you're under a reseller account, and that hosting company who owns the server, abides by a common terms of service agreement with the datacenter, then when an abuse report/complaint comes to the DC, the server owner would be held responsible and he would in turn hold you responsible.

IMHO, it's pretty obvious linking to illegal things, regardless if you get caught or not, is asking for trouble in the long run...

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I used to run a popular torrent site (in the USA) for downloading an animated tv show.

I got a nasty Cease and Desist letter from this corporation's (*cough* 20th Century Fox *cough*) lawyers. But in the C&D letter, they were basically telling me to shut down the torrent tracker I was running, and really didnt reference the actual web site. They didnt seem to care about the .torrent files I hosted (rightly so because they contain no data the corporation had a copyright on), but only the tracker.

Basically, I think I could have gone to court and fought , but I was just a little guy, so it wasnt worth the risk...

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But it's true you all play hockey, right? , kidding, of course.


Comment #34


In Canada, things like a mp3 player, CD player, etc have a tariff's on them per how much space, the cost etc. The money collected from the tariff's is then paid out to artists, they are still getting the money for there songs...

Comment #35

But didn't I just read that you can share with friends DVDs as long as they use it for personal use. So if 1 person buys the DVD Batman and gives it to his friends to copy and in turn his freinds let their friends that not piracy?..

Comment #36

Where did you read that?.

All my examples etc where for music...

Comment #37

It is piracy, but not really. You pay for your DVD when about $1-2 goes to the artist the rest is paided for shipping and other stuff, when we buy a DVD we pay an extra $1-2 on ALL of our DVD's as a "tariff" which goes to the artist. Not everyone in Canada is doing piracy and since most of our population including me live in a town that doesn't even have a place to buy movies or cd's (Yah I know it is sad) there isn't much you can do. I am not saying I do. I go to Calgray/Lethbridge for all my Gaming and Music needs, but for some people who can't afford to go to the bigger cities they are stuck :/.

Not everywhere is like the US, as much as you are blinding (don't take that offensive) there are countries including ours with towns that have less than 1,000 people and no stores or a single gas store and a kwiky mart.

- Steve..

Comment #38

Umm and you are saying the US does not have towns like this....that is a blind statement if I ever read one.

This is where I read it.......

Comment #39

Guys (and gals) stop arguing over something that some of you obviously don't know the answer to. Back to the OP's question... Linking to external based warez is NOT illigal, however the creator of the object that you are linking to is well within their rights to request you remove the link.

Your host is also NOT liable if you link to warez, however they are likely going to susspend your account if you do so.

If you don't like my post...I don't care, just stop acting like kids and having a go at each other!..

Comment #40

Wow, I think we all could have done without out your fatherly advice. Linking to warez is Illegal in the US external or not....linking to warez websites on the other hand is not illegal but might get you flagged. Most likely once notified your host will suspend your account, although there are plenty of hosts online that advertise toward those who wish to have certain content of this type. Your host IS liable if you are doing anything illegal on their servers and they take no action to stop/prevent it from happening...

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I have one question there is a person I know who runs a site like this he just includes links to different warez downloads etc and then palces adsense ads on his website that has links to warez but he doesnt hosts them himself buit only links to them vai his website and aplces adsesne ads on the website I wanted to know if it's legal yo palce adsense ads on these kind of websites and is it legal to run these kind of websites ?

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I live in the UK, and it is not illegal to link to it here.

Granted, I would not advise doing it as it's wrong...

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Well if you read my previous post that person I know isp uting adsnse ads on this kind of site and earning a lot from adsense like $20 $25 a DAY ! do you think adsense will supend his account or not ?

Comment #44

Google does not allow you to put ads on illegal sites...or sites that link to illegal content. Yes Adsense will susped his account once they find out you have been doing this...I mean your friend has been doing this...

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Are p2p's legal? They don't seem that legal, they can provide free music and software to people, but I never heard of any of them being shut down. By p2p's, I refer to limewire, kazaa, emule..etc..

Comment #46

They are illegal. The reason they havent been shut down is because it would be very hard to! You would have to track down every user of the software and get rid of their copy...

Comment #47

Not true. It's illegal, but the UK is very lazy when it comes to internet copyright infringement. Perhaps we have better things to do than try and prosecute kids for downloading stuff, like solving REAL crimes?..

Comment #48

P2P is legal... uploading/downloading copyrighted material is illegal. Kazaa was a huge source for illegal downloading. The were challenged and they are still around wihtout the coptrighted material. It is legal to share files a long as you don't share copyrighted material that is not to be freely distributed...

Comment #49

Are you serious???.

Rape. Murder. Kidnap. Assault. Hell, even GTA (Grand theft auto). These are real crimes.

These are crimes that affect REAL people, people you meet and speak to every day.

Copyright infringement, ie "warez" doesn't affect real people. It affects big corporations who make millions/billions of pounds/dollars. Whilst stealing from them is illegal, and most definitely WRONG, do you not consider it an extreme waste of resources for these companies to attempt to imprison and prosecute Joe Public for downloading something as minor as the latest movie, or album?..

Comment #50

I support an open source internet. I bet the internet was great before the capitalists started logging in, lol...

Comment #51

Wow, as a law enforcement agent I find this attitude very displeasing. I understand you are saying crimes vary in the seriousness of the crime itself but illegal is illegal regardless of the seriousness. Stealing is stealing.....all crimes are REAL. Yes I believe if you break the law you should be prosecuted as any other person would be breaking any other law. You say it is something you it might seem minor but to the people who sink millions into the latest movie or album do not see it as something minor...I understand it doesn't effect you so it's no big deal until someone steals from you....this sets a bad example for kids thinking they can just download whatever they want without working hard for the money and paying for the item. It's a shame people even think like this...wrong is wrong...

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Woah, slow down a second, you're misinterpreting everything I said and making me out to sound like I'm promoting piracy. I'm not at all.

I am NOT promoting piracy. I'm merely saying that there are REAL issues out there which need to be solved first, and software piracy really is of no concern to me, you, or anybody else. Yes, it's illegal. It's illegal in the same sense that murder is illegal. But is it as severe? Absolutely not.

I would rather you worked on finding the killers, than bothered looking for someone who downloads pirate content. As I imagine most of the entire population of the Earth would.

I find it an insult that the justice system bothers to spend the man-hours and court time on software pirates when there are other, much more disturbing issues which could be solved sooner. Yes, it may be a crime, but not a crime in the traditional or truly morale sense of the word. Here's a simple formula for you;.

Murder = Wrong = Jail.

Downloading music = Wrong = Jail and Fine.

Does this seem fair to you?.

The only people who consider it a crime are the people who sell us overpriced products and exploit us further for monetary gain. They are the only people losing out, and they call us criminals. Where is the justice in the world?.

I use "us" in the general term, as 99% of internet users have copyright infringing material on their PC. Most don't even know it. Even you, Mr "law enforcement" are probably guilty of downloading copyright protect content illegally. So please, don't preach to me, because you're as guilty as the rest of us...

Comment #53

You attempt to claim I have illegal items on my PC is a false statement as I do not download illegal material. Calling me guilty I would presume you know me which you do not, so please refrain from calling me guilty of anything but expressing my opinion. You have the right to your opinion but the fact is downloading illegal material is against the law and any person doing this act should be prosecuted as a criminal. This can be related to going into a store and stealing something from the retailer worth $20.00, although it is not as serious as if you had gone into the store and killed the employee working their it is still a crime in which you will be prosecuted. Law enforcement resources are used in all crimes, just because one part of the division is working to catch pirates does not mean that nobody is working to catch murderers and other criminals. We do have the ability to catch both meth labs and piracy...

Murder = Wrong = Jail.

Downloading music = Wrong = Jail and Fine.

This does seem fine to me, in each instance someone has broken the law and as law enforcement agents our duty is to uphold the law. I think a more realistic version of what you wrote would be:.

Murder = Wrong = Jail time possible death.

Downloading music = Wrong = Fine and possible jail time.

Would you like it if someone stole things from your house and the Police told you it was not as severe as some other crimes so we are not going to use any resources to find the criminal responsible for this minor crime?.

"The only people who consider it a crime are the people who sell us overpriced products and exploit us further for monetary gain. They are the only people losing out, and they call us criminals. Where is the justice in the world?".

Yes they are called victims, regardless if they sell DVDs for $5.00 or $100.00 does not give you the right to steal from them. It stuns me to even read that statement, you act as if those people should not get any rights to protect their products as if because they are trying to make money they deserve no justice...

Comment #54

You are going way off here dude. This is turning into a fight between personalities. I strongly agree that those bone heads who pack in a few billion a year need a adjust, those people would not do a single thing to assist with the development of our planet, insted they are the ones who cause all the problems.

Oil is a huge industry but it is all about money and the amount they pay others for making it seem like nothing is wrong. There are facts that state and these are true, oil companies actually pay people to lie and steal for them.

Maybe you should go after them and leave us people struggling for survival alone here.

You act as though the people who spend 16 hours a day working from 6AM to 10PM to care for a family because they live in a lowly developed area should be sued for "stealing" a item, when big companies do it daily if not hourly.

Now lets do a simple search here, you have never used warez correct? I gather because you already stated it. Alright so you have purchased every single song you have ever gotten in your entire life of living, You have never taken a single item in your entire live, you have never commited a single crime which includes cheat, lieing to protect yourself, hurting another human.

These are all considered "crimes" some more serve than others. But every human on the planet has done one of them. So your statement about how you never do anything wrong is wrong, because everyone in humanity has done it.

Law enforcement is just a system of money makers and people making money. Big companies pay people as a "bride" to get away with stuff like commiting crimes and they are still allowed to continue on, a normal human being gets put injail for stealing an item off the internet.

Some people are bad. But is it the ones that steal music off the internet which kill people? No not really, it is others gangsters, hate groups, religion (BIG TIME), and tons of other ideas. And yet all of these people still exist in our society and they are spending money on paying for a jail cell for somebody who downloaded a few songs? Erm, no.

Mind you I do not agree with mass downloaders.

I am not going to get into it anymore, this is turning into a personality war.

- Steve..

Comment #55

I doubt that very much, to be honest. Whether or not you would admit to it is a different matter entirely. In your opinion. No it isn't, it's not even comparable in the slighest. I hate it when people use comparisons like this without even thinking about what they mean.

If you walk into a store and take a CD off the shelf, put it in your pocket, and then walk out, then you are shoplifting. YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for this. Your intent was clearly to take something without paying for it.

Isn't it actually LEGAL to download a copyright protected MP3 and then purchase the album within a certain time frame? Sure, you may download something, but you cannot prove that the intent is to never pay for it. Perhaps Joe public just wants to preview an album before they buy it. Can you see why this is something completely different now? That's not what I said at all..

I'll make it clear for you.

If 10,000 people are working as street cops, looking for killers, etc.

200 people are working on Internet crime, looking for downloaders, etc..

I'd still rather there were 10,200 people working as street cops and 0 looking for downloaders. Downloading is harmless, is it not? Still, I don't promote it, but on the grand scale of things you're not harming anybody. Please see my post further back, where I mention theft as a REAL crime, up there with rape, murder, etc. Therefore your argument is irrelevant.

Do you really think the police show up at 20th Century Fox and say "Oh I'm sorry, Mr Big Video Producer, we took a little time but we found that 16 year old punk who downloaded a copy of your latest release. He's busted now". It doesn't work like this. The fact that these people even make it to court is an insult. You make it sound like people who make DVD's are doing it to make a living. They're not.

Just because they have more money than us, and can afford to hire lawyers and other legal teams to try and squeeze every last penny out of us, doesn't make them a victim AT ALL.

Real victims are people who have lost loved ones to crimes, like murder. You're not a victim because you make 10 billion dollars this year instead of 12 billion.

You can defend these companies all you like with your "Crime is crime" argument. I respect that you're also entitled to your opinion. But in the real world, it's not crime. They lose no money, nobody is affected, nobody suffers. Still, I don't promote it, but I guarantee you that in the next couple of years the law is going to change. Mark my words.

Strictly speaking, it's not actually illegal to download pirate software anyway. The only thing that makes it illegal is this whole breach of copyright clause, which is written based on laws which were pre-Internet.

Trust me, in a few years things will be different...

Comment #56

Well I can say this thread has opened my eyes to how twisted some peoples perception of crime is. In all honestly I can not have a conversation with someone who claims to know everything, like I said before I do not download illegal material and I do not have any illegal material on my PC or in my home. Whatever excuse one can think up has no course in the action of law, stealing is stealing. It is a choice for people to break the law regardless of it's severity, it's a shame people actually think like this and it is definitely teaches our kids the wrong message. I have never stolen anything in my life and I will never, every song I have ever owned I have bought. I actually own an impressive collection of cds and dvds.

I have no further statements for this thread, I just hope the majority do not feel the same way as the last two posters. Have Fun..

Comment #57

Alright, I am not going to defend anything.

It is hard for me to decide. I have ALWAYS been against big companies, but I have also ALWAYS been against crime. I am not saying I have never done anything and as a teen I wasn't a perfect kid, but I never did anything serve.

I guess your right, I never ever referred to warez as stealing I thought of it more as sharing.

I am not willing to say anything more, I have always been a big warez believer but I am not sure atm.

We should get back to the orginal question. "Is it legal to spread Warez download links on website?".

If they arn't on your server yes, if they are no.

- Steve..

Comment #58

If the capitalists had it their way, the internet would be carved up, controlled, and maintained by corporations such as Microsoft. Yahoo! is already working with China to limit the access to Chinese, so the capitalists only wish to control the internet, monopolize it, and they don't really care about freedom of thought.

The only people that reject socialism are successful capitalists and people that don't know what it really is about! Proletarians need to rise up against the establishment......

Comment #59

You're entitled to your opinion, but let's lay off the personal attacks eh?.

Teaching your kids that murder is wrong, and downloading something on the 'net is also wrong are hardly going to come up in the same sentence as a comparison, are they?.

You act as if I agree with piracy, despite numerous times I've stated I don't. Illegal is illegal. But bottom line is, once governments and the RIAA etc start to wise up and realise that they're morons for thinking they can control and regulate the content on the Internet, then it will no longer be a crime... it will either be a misdemeanour, or 'acceptable'.

Give it a year or so, and we'll pay for these downloads via a blanket Internet license. So are you stereotyping by saying that people who download tracks illegally don't work hard for their money?.

Out of curiosity, how much do you earn a year? And I hope that the majority of the world don't have the same views as you..

You have a closed mind and cannot evolve with the progression of the Internet. That truely is a sad, sad state of affairs...

Comment #60

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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