Is Hydroxycut good for you ?

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Good morning! .

My friend, Prescila, need to lose some weight and want to know about hydroxcut ... I tried to find the site, but couldn't get. .

Questions: In fact, there's not Hydroxcut the site? And, if don't exist, could you show me another option? Which view you could give me about the product? .

Thank you very much!!!!!!.

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Have used Lipo 6 in the past and had pretty good results as well as the .

About NSI Tonalin XS-CLAI am currently giving this one a try, and so far I'm pretty happy..

Comment #1

Hydroxycut was recalled and discontinued due to some health and legal difficulties as well as the ban of some substances it formerly incorporated..

Years ago I personally had excellent results with Hydroxycut in it's original formula. But I wasn't abusing it as I suspect some people were..

It is now available with new ingredients. The new formulations are supposedly getting good reviews. But I haven't looked at them closely since they changed..

Comment #2

Persoanlly I would not touch hydroxycut with a barge pole.I'm quite lucky as green tea works great for me so I just drink usually 3 cups/day.I would definetely look for formulas incorporating green tea and other natural substances for safe,effective weight loss.I used a good quality CLA supplement for about 8 weeks before a competition last year but I did nothing for me in my muscle tone,i belive for CLA to work you have to take if for at least 3 months. .

From word of mouth the best fat buring formula I have heard of that truly works is Maximuscle's Thermobol formula which incorporates all natural ingredients.

Comment #3

The Lipo 6 from Vitacost seems to work ok at somewhat curbing my appetite.

Man I miss ephedra. That was the only stuff that actually worked when taken responsibly..

Comment #4

Lipo 6 ("black") is what most weight lifters I know are using to cut now, instead of hydroxycut. You can get a bottle of it online for about $30..

Ephedra is legal again, too, you can buy it by the pound :-) And yeah, when taken responsibly, it's very powerful. It's great as a decongestant, too..

Comment #5

HI,My 2 cents, many American Diets contain too much fat, and poor quality protein, to much stress that can cause Adrenal fatigue. .

This can create a condition called metabolic disorder, which is a fancy nice word for excess weight and insulin resistance. .

Losing weight is a very complex equation that is difficult to access beings it may be very individual problem. .

In my case I had sever adrenal burn out from to much Stress and abusing caffeine and not enough quality sleep that exhausted my brain hormones and increase in weight can cause insulin resistance , this causes high lipids chol and trig, my glucose was creeping up fasting, the higher glucose can lead to losing essential aminoacids and minerals in urine. It’s a vicious circle thats difficult to break. .

I have seen a Neural Hormone Specialist that test your urine and blood for hormone levels that are critical for metabolism most are made in the Thymus and pituitary gland, also adrenal glands the thyroid will not stimulate metabolism without being told to, Thyroid is also controlled by the pituitary, when you run a fever it's the pituitary gland that stimulates temp increase, this maybe the secret to weight loss. .

[]"] .

Hormone disrupting symptoms.

.•Stress .

•Low mood, mood swings .

•Anxiousness, irritability, agitation, tension, panic attacks .

•Difficulty concentrating, focusing or remembering .

•Sleep disturbances or difficulties .

•Headaches .

•Fatigue, lack of energy .

•Weight issues, food cravings .

The Idea of Treat the body as a whole is fairly new idea in the US..

[] .

I had low Taurine, and norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopac. .

SO taking stimulants to lose weight may actually cause more weight gain by further buring you out..

I have found using products that have High Grade Protein,example([] .

A very cost effective source of protein, be sure your getting essential amino acids and many nonessential amino acids. You cant make weight loss hormones without a source of aminoacids and hig grade protien will naturaly decrease your appetite without dumping essential elements most people are craving something and eating carbs that can actually make you more insulin resistant..

Many Dr's don't study nutrition they only know disease and pharmaceutical meds (many meds have sever side effect) Some people feel Lipid reducing drugs are killing people slowly by preventing normal liver function blocking essential amino acid production and essential protein metabolism like coenzyme 10 essential to heart function and nerves thats normally made in the Liver but blocked by many drugs this can increase heartfailue and muscle problems and nerve related problems..

I find wiki is useful way to learn about amino acids and dietary high grade proteins and sources and drug side effects. .

Google is pretty good be sure to check all your meds you will at least know the more common symptoms .

Some meds that currently being used are being reviewed for removal or black box warnings due to side effects..


Comment #6

With due respect to the posters. Little has been said of the obvious need of anyone who is over weight to get out and exercise as the main means of weight loss. Playing around with weight-loss drugs while being over weight, and likely having high blood pressure, is a recipe for disaster. You are more likely to have an adverse effect. That's why they banned a lot of these drugs. People who can not control their food intake are not likely to be able to control their intake of these weight loss quickies.

The simple fact remains. If an individual wants to lose weight they must stop eating so much, and get out and exercise. If one is not willing to face up to these requirements one is just kidding oneself about actually losing weight and becoming more healthy.

Aloha, Kamo..

Comment #7

The only thermogenic product I had any success with "post-ephedra ban" was Lipodrene Xtreme. Now I guess Lipodrene is available with ephedra again but I haven't tried anything like that in a couple of years. Keep in mind that if you are really overweight these types of products are just not recommended and of course nothing beats diet and exercise for fat loss..

Like most products Hydroxycut was worthless after ephedra was removed from the formula..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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