GoDaddy reviews : Suggest I buy GoDaddy?? Is Hostgator worth the price? Is it really good?

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I have heard that majority of the people use hostgator as their host and I looked at their pricing and it's looks very good and reasonable aswell..

I want to know how hostgator is, and how has your experience been with them?.

I hope to get some good replies so I can purchase hostgator hosting..


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Well I switched 4-5 hosting providers last month. Last was Hostgator and I'm very pleased so far. Sucks a bit if you don't really need that huge amount of disk space/bandwith. The support is very good.

Oh, and don't pick GoDaddy - it's terrible!..

Comment #1

HostGator is pretty good, also check out ZenSix. Whatever you do, stay away from 1&1 and GoDaddy..

Comment #2

1&1 doesnt even offer php and mysql at basic level screwed me over..

Comment #3

This question has been asked several times..

For what you get, hostgator is probably one of the best companies to go with..

Other good hosting companies include: Hostmonster, Bluehost, Midphase, Lunarpages and Ixwebhosting..

So far this is the top list as I guess...

Comment #4

I have dreamhost now and it's a cheap way to host a shit load of domains...nice one click installs for the noobs..

But I am switching to hostgator based on what friends have experienced in comparison to dreamhost...

Comment #5

I'm very satisfied with Hostgator. I highly recommend them! The customer service system is superb...

Comment #6

They are only good if you signup here - otherwise they put you on bad servers..

Comment #7

I have been with them for 5 months now, they are good on uptime but some times are really dumb on simple hosting support. Still I am fine with them...

Comment #8

Their support blows for the most part, but the hosting is reliable IMHO...

Comment #9

And they chisel their affiliates. And dump your sites if they get popular. And lie about their bandwidth and disc space allocations. And roll over and can your account whenever they get a dcma..

I could go on, but shittycakes likes them, so I wont..

Comment #10

Bin busy. helping someone move 200 plus sites off a hostgator dedicated. over 20% downtime last month. hostgator = useless suckers of the cock...

Comment #11

BTW, the OP has a big 2 posts to his name. HOWEVER, if you add all the identical posts he likes to spam forums with, such as this Is Hostgator worth the price? Is it really good? - Hosting Discussion you can see he really has millions.

Hostgator are the kind of company that have employees spamming forums to try and drum up business. What a bunch of illiterate bullshitting wankers hostgator are...

Comment #12

Shortly before his tragic death, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter managed to capture this picture. It might explain a few things...

Comment #13

I get a total of about 15 minutes downtime every month with Hostgator. They have been very good to me all through...

Comment #14

Today I'm going to buy some hosting space, and wondering how much I will need for PPC affiliate marketing. It looks like a modest space would be sufficient because landing pages are small. Or maybe not. What do you think?.

I wonder what that image was to get it pulled by Photobucket. Hmmm.......

Comment #15

I have never tryied Hostgator because their prices are too high! However, I have heard a lot of positive reviews on this hosting provider when raising questions about their services! Personally I dislike their pricing policy! Their services are two expensive! I would order their hosting if I had at least 10 websites to host!..

Comment #16

Hostgator's basic package has more than enough disc space for PPC landing pages...

Comment #17

Of course it's worth the price. For $10, you get 999 hosted domains and tons of disk space and other cool shit...

Comment #18

Buy you have a lot of broken images in your signature. Now I am curious as to what those are pics of? Nudity?..

Comment #19

I have reseller account at hostgator and like it so far. I keep all my domains registered at 1and1 for historical reasons..

Hostgator is very fast - faster than other shared hosters I tried..

At hostgator you can request dedicated IP for $2/mo which I think is pretty good deal..

They also give you SSH access for free - you just have to request it..

Although apparently for reseller account' domains each SSH request cost $10 one time fee..

Stay away from no-name shared hosters who sit on top of other hosters - people just buy reseller accounts and make themselves hosting providers "...since 1898"..


Comment #20

Thx for all this reviews it helped me a lot..

Comment #21

I've been using it for about 2 years with no problems, good price, excellent support. I couldn't imagine a better service...

Comment #22

" They are only good if you sign up here - otherwise they put you on bad servers".

HG has good servers ? Why didn't anyone tell me that before?..

Comment #23

Hostgator are the worst host in the world. They routinely put 10,000 plus sites on one fucking box, and keep billing you LONG after you've tried to cancel. They chisel their affiliates, and have way above industry downtime. Their support sucks the wild mambo, and they close down your account at even a HINT of a DCMA..

There's a reason why hostgator are so fucking cheap.

They rely on spamming forums to drive traffic because they need massive turnover as hardly anyone lasts more than a few months with hostgator's shit service. This 'thread' can be found on every forum on teh web..

Seconf to hostgator are 'seekdotnet'. Think incompetence. think useless bastards. Think host somewhere else..

Then come godaddy in the scheme of crap hosts. They'll shut you off if you even have a fucking DREAM about a DCMA.

Rant over...

Comment #24

Personally not had a problem with hostgator, who would you recommend instead ferret?..

Comment #25

Personally, I'm going to say this. I've never complained about hostgator before, however with yesterday's factors in play... yeah..

I know it's routine to disable accounts with high MySQL/HTTP usage. Hell, that's completely normal. I did that when I was running my hosting company as well..

HOWEVER. Disabling -ALL- domains (20+) when theres only 3 domains doing the problems? -AND- they were runaway MySQL processes? Yeah, they're going to get a piece of my mind soon..

PS - Go with ZenSix. He knows his shit and has my full recommendation...

Comment #26

Both of these companies will shut down your site at the first complaint no questions asked. No way to fight it and no way to prove your innocence...

Comment #27

I was pissed at hostgator a week or so ago. Had a decent amount of expensive traffic being sent there only to reach a freakin 'maintenance page'! No email, no warning ahead of time. I understand scheduled maintenance windows, but ya gotta send some emails or post something on cpanel to make sure people know so they can atleast stop throwing money away... Maintenance pages don't convert very well..

Otherwise, all is well at hostgator, no other issues...

Comment #28

I've had a pretty bad experience with them...totally incompetent tech support. Not that I'd expect much for $5 but I used to have a dedicated with them. They are fuckups imo. But the way I see it with hosting is everyone is going to have a different experience with every host and for a $5 plan you really shouldn't have anything to complain about. You usually get what you pay for...

Comment #29

As for my hosting is good, however there are definitely glitches in billing or they simply cheat. I had account, all payments was done in time, then contract was over and some time passed. Well, I want to use them again, they said I owe them money, wtf ? Support said I paid all last time and I checked that in billing, anyway sooner or later they deleted old account and renew it again without bills. So I ordered again, just don't let them scum you. This case I will remeber for long time...

Comment #30

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