GoDaddy reviews : Suggest I pick GoDaddy?? Is hostgator really good

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I have a few website which needs lot of bandwith and a budget of about 500$ month.

I was told that hostgator is a good company but I wanted to know your opinion about it.


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Ok Mods - he has two posts both about Hostgator. I think I hear a ban coming.....

Comment #1

I signed up only for it.

500$ month is big money I want to be sure I take the right decision..

Comment #2

How the FUCK are you spending $500/month with hostgator?..

Comment #3

He seems to be confused, let him regain his composure.

After all, 500$ is big money, I am sure that amount of very new to him...

Comment #4

My most recent conversation with HostGator, edited for links and grammar..

Art: Just paid for this month, and want to use it to move other sites onto my hostgator account because I need to consolidate a few other sites. I'm new at this..

(1:28:41 PM) art: Just send me an email of the method to move a bunch of wordpress accounts into one database..

(1:29:10 PM) Douglass Gr: We don't have any instructions for that..

(1:30:21 PM) art: Thanks .Does the latter question sound like something to ask at maybe? Surely someone has copied these databses?.

(1:31:20 PM) Douglass Gr: Possibly..

(1:31:59 PM) art: OK It sounds like I need to open a support ticket. Can you do that ? .

(1:32:38 PM) Douglass Gr: Not for that..

(1:32:58 PM) art: Well is this conversation over ? .

(1:33:05 PM) Douglass Gr: If anything, you'd fill out a transfer form.

(1:33:26 PM) art: Are you human or robot ? .

(1:33:47 PM) art: Just askin'.

(1:34:09 PM) Douglass Gr: No. Why?.

(1:34:56 PM) art: Re Read this conversation. You haven't been any help. But at least you claim you are human..

(1:35:01 PM) art: Bye..

Webferret was right. Do I Sound Happy?..

Comment #5

Then I asked the same question at Here's an excerpt of the reply with links removed:.

If you're wanting to merge all of the databases into one, you would have to use phpMyAdmin to go in and physically rename each table and then find a way to merge them without having data conflict (post numbers, comment numbers, etc)..

However, I think you may be able to create a new blog and then just upload all of the old blog's xml feeds into that one. But that's something you'll need to ask the people at wordpress about to find out for sure. Here's a forum post on that subject:.

If you just want to backup the databases and create single blogs (not one big one), this page is all you'll need:.

(After reading more about the XML feeds, that's definitely the easiest way to go. You won't have to backup any mysql databases at all, you just need the xml backup. You wouldn't even need to use cPanel).

I've also heard the hostgator shaves commissions when they aren't too busy ass fucking their customers...

Comment #6

Ok too late to edit, but the last line is from me, not from Zensix...

Comment #7

Just to play Devil's advocate:.

I wouldn't expect web-host technical support to tell me how to do something like this. That's the sort of question you'd ask in a webmaster forum..

HostGator is cheap. I'm happy if they fix errors that are their fault, and give me a clue if it's my fault. I think they have layers; go up a level or two and you get the man who knows his job..

These are good, cheap hosts:.

Virtual Dedicated Private Servers, Failover Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, Reliable Web Hosting Providers - Jaguarpc.

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Website Hosting w/ cPanel - HostGator.

A Small Orange - Web Hosting, Software and more!..

Comment #8

Many members of this forum could write a bot that will give better help than that...

Comment #9

I know that's the feeling every time I have a chat with HostGator Support, they are even pathetic than a robot in responses...

Comment #10

Hostgator are good; but as mentioned small orange are as good; if not better speedwise and support wise..

Comment #11

If you are spending that much........go to rack space and they will manage the backend for u...

Comment #12

The OP spams on behalf of Hostgator. He doesn't make sense at all...

Comment #13

Hostgator receives quite a bit of complaint. I had my fair share of bad experiences too..

Why not start with shared hosting first and see how good they are before committing your $500?..

Comment #14

This should be a reminder to all of you who are quick to outsource forum postings to the lowest bidder. You get what you pay for...

Comment #15

I sincerely appreciate his contribution. It allowed me to cross hostgator off my list of potential hosts...

Comment #16

I have used godaddy, host4profit and is now totally for hostgator..

It has the best service and reliability...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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