Is Dunkin Donuts coffee OK during Medifast?

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Today is day one for me. I am excited and nervous. Is it okay to get a medium coffee with Splenda and skim milk from Dunkin Donuts? I can't imagine giving up my coffee but I will if I have to. Thanks for any help!..

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You can have coffee. Just be aware that you are allowed 3 condiments per day. Each packet of splenda counts as one condiment. Each tablespoon of skim milk counts as a condiment. I doubt that if you go to Dunkin Donuts they are only going to put a tbsp of skim milk in your coffee. They're going to put a lot more than that. So, I would stick to making the coffee yourself...

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I didn't think I would ever enjoy my coffee black, but I do enjoy it now because I'm seeking out or making better coffee; not disguising it with cream or flavors.

Also early on, I did drink Dunkin' Donuts hazelnut coffee and got a raging headache. I was reminded that the flavorings or syrups have a lot of sugar/carbs. Be careful of that. And, as Gabby said, count the condiments; they can sneak up on you...

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I use coffee IN my shakes (instead of water.. and I usually use 1.5 to 2c of coffee per shake) .. the shakes act as a creamer of sorts.. you won't need the splenda either. So, you get your yummy coffee shake with out spending your condiments..

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Me too. When I first started Medifast I was a diehard user of cream in my coffee - just didn't taste right without it. But it wasn't worth using up my condiments on half & half so I cut back. Now I've gotten used to drinking my coffee black. I also like making an iced "latte" with coffee, ice, and french vanilla shake...

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Skip the skim milk and opt for 1-2 TBSP of real Half and Half instead. It is allowed, and it does not affect my weight loss at all. It is a condiment OR a healthy fat, however you choose to count it...

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This, or use a shake as "creamer" as mentioned above...

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I'm a coffee addict!!!.

I also use either the Hot cocoa or the coffee soft serve in my coffee, both are delicious. I put about a cup of coffee in my travel mug, put in a packet on one of the above, close the mug and shake to mix, then pour the rest of the coffee in to fill the mug(about 2c of coffee total). It works fabulously!..

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Any uses to make the cappaccino any better with coffee's? I can't stand the stuff alone, just do not know what to do with it...

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I tried this at work during my first week on plan. I'd been using a shaker cup with a tight-fitting lid - combine power and water, cover and shake, and enjoy. So I tried adding my hot coffee instead of water. Kablooey! One or two shakes and I was covered in french vanilla coffee shake sludge - got the walls around the sink too. And this was at the 10am coffee break at work, so I was a mess for the rest of the day. So iced coffee would have worked better.....

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Also, just a side note... there are PLENTY of sugar-free coffee syrups out there. The best deal out there is the sugar-free syrups from Starbucks. Every morning I have a cup of coffee with that and sugar-free coffee creamer....

I personally like the cappaccino - but I used to make it as a shake.. added water and ice, blend and yummy!!..

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...I like the chocolate shake with my coffee. It's kind of like an on plan mocha!..

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Sometimes 2 "wrongs" can make a "right!" I too am a coffee addict! I always drank mine, not with half-n-half, but with HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM! Now I like my hot coffee BLACK! I HATE the vanilla shakes, or I did until I started adding a Starbuck's VIA packet to them....OMG, it's soooo GOOD. Tastes just like those little cans of "Starbuck's Double Shot Esspresso and Cream." Maybe even a bit better! Costco has great deals on the VIA packets. $15 for around 20 packets. Oh, and Welcome to you! Day one is exciting. Today is the first day of my 5th week so I'm still learning things too...

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Yup the shakes make great creamer....I also use van pudding.Make my coffee mix my Medifast then put them together.I'm a Hazelnut cream addict and really need to let it go......

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Which flavor did you use to get to the cream flavoring?..

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I use either the Fr. Vanilla shake or the Vanilla pudding. For both I use 8 ounces water, a handful of ice cubes, and the VIA pack. The first one is strong! But if you've ever had a double shot of esspresso and liked'll like this!..

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Just use your coffee as the 'liquid' instead of water..

You can also use 1 cup ice, 1 cup coffee, 1 Medifast (drink of choice cappa, chai, Hot Coco) and blend. It makes the perfect amount to fit into a Venti-Sized Iced water cup from Starbucks, which I save and use over again..

Using 'coffee' mixed with an Medifast meal, either Hot or Cold is a great way to get in an Medifast meal and have you coffee too. Sorta like having your cake and eating it! NOT!..

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My hubby took out all the wine from our wine rack in the kitchen and I replaced it with my sf syrups. It is fun and the possibilities for my drinks and other Medifast meals are endless...

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Actually the Dunkin Donuts website says and I checked with a local franchisee, the syrup flavors are unsweetened. They are totally fine to have. I had to ask to make sure, but I got it verified by 2 official sources..

I have a DD coffee a day (cinnamon today no issues..

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