internet camera

  None of Canon's Cameras can be used as INTERNET / WEB Cams.

As far as I know FUJI has some models which can be used as webcams. Thanks.



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Hi All.. this has all be very informative. In the insanity of the moment I purchased a Canan Powershot PRO1 on e-bay however no I'm having buyers regret. The sole reason for this is b/c I had been researching the g6 and had decided on buying it until I made the self conclusion the pro100 would produce better pictures and more options for lenses. Did I make a bad decision? I can return it and I just don't know if I should and go back to my first decision which was the Canon g6. Please help.


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  Canon Pro1 looks to be a great camera. But if you need an option where you can change different lenses according to your Needs than CANON DIGITAL REBEL is a very good camera. You have an option of using more than 50 Canon EF Lenses and other third party lenses as well. The only problem with Canon Digital REBEL or any other Digital SLR is that you cant preview the picture in LCD and it is more bulkier than the any POINT and SHOOT cameras. The digital rebel is in the same price range as the PRO1. If you really are more than just an causual User then Digital Rebel or Canon 20D (little more expensive) is the best choice in the long run.

Comparing the PRO1 with the G6, Pro1 has better L quality glass with 7x Zoom and a Manual Zoom Ring. and it is 8Megapixel. But you cant put anything other than a 2x telephoto or a 0.5x wide lens on either of the both. All those cheap lenses selling on ebay will furthur downgrade the quality of the Camera (PRO1 or G6). You can see sample images of the Digital Rebel here I hope this helps Thanks.


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Thanks Leo. I think I"m still a little torn. See I didn't want anything that was too bulky which would ultimately prevent me taking it to places. I just thought the G6 or the PRO1 looked a little more compact. I think long run something like the Rebel, d70 or higher may be better for future proofing my purchase. The thought of all that bulk though irritates me.

Is it worth the bulk? J..

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If you want a compact camera, go for a S70 or A95. The S70 has almost all the functions of the G6 in a smaller packaging, and even with more wideangle coverage. The A95 has a more reduced function set (mostly no RAW mode) but has the same flippable display of the G6 in a much more compact package. Regarding tne DRebel/20D vs digicams issue, really they arent comparable camerasOf course image quality will be much better (mostly at high ISO settings and with good lenses) but be prepared to postprocess the pictures, as DSLRs deliver a more unprocessed but cleaner picture, more suited for postprocessing but not as useful as a final image, at least in Auto and Scene modes. In Creative modes you can increase sharpening and saturation to compensate this fact. Also a DSLR is bulkier than any digicam (including big ones as the pro1 or Sony F828).

Ive a S50 and a 20D (previously a DRebel). When I want the best quality or I need the extra ISO and flash coverage, I use the 20D with all the assorted equipment (external flash and a bunch of lenses), and for everyday use, Ive the S50 in my pocket Guillermo..

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Ok - well I returned the PRO100 as I can almost get a 20D for the price that I paid for it. Thank you Guillermo and Leo for your input. So this is what I'm thinking. I think I may go with the Canon G6 and down the road move to the D20 (i've heard great reviews about it) or the Nikon D70 (which I've had lots of people recommend to me) I just don't like how it doesn't have a programmed settings for different environments. However that's a whole other discussion I'm sure under a different forum For some reason I'd rather go with the G6 than the other smaller compact camera's. This is party b/c of the filters and add on lenses that I like.

Am I hallucinating or is this a good decision? Sorry for all the questions. I'm so new at this. I've been in love with photography since I was a kid but it's just a hobby. I'm planning on going to take courses this year at some point so once I do understand how to truly play with settings properly a DSLR may be a nice fit. J..

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The A95 has a threaded lens also, so you can attach add-on lenses to it, and the S70 can do the same using an adapter (not the best solution, but it works). Regarding the G6, it isnt much more compact than the Pro1, you have less zoom coverage, but it has all the same expansion options, as external flash, and the 7MP sensor is less noisy than the 8MP one despite being smaller (because it's a newer design with larger microlenses) so ISO 200 pictures and up will be cleaner. Any of those cameras has full manual controls and automatic overrides as exp.compensation and priority modes, the same ones available in a DSLR, so they can be used to take courses without problem. Guillermo..

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