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I wanted to share a recent experience we had with Godaddy with you and wanted to let you know of many issues that you may or may not have faced. First of all, it would be a great idea to purchase a PREPAID debit/gift card and add that to your Godaddy account profile. The reason??? When you have either your Paypal or actual debit/credit cards linked to your Godaddy account they (Godadddy) will without hesitating charge your card without your expressed consent or knowledge...(make sure that when adding this card you delete your other methods of payment).

Point in question...recently, upon making our daily domain order, we had over 200 domains in our cart when whoosh! All of a sudden the cart was EMPTY and showed 1 item pending in the cart... Well, we immediately went and clicked on the cart to see what had happened and noticed "$29 Admin Fee" I was like ??? What's this...we checked our admin email account and nothing from them, no invoice, no details, nada! Well, come to find out that they received a complaint about one of our .com's as a "potential" copyright infringement and charged us $29 to service this. We never checked out the $29 but noticed that they (behind our backs) charged our account on file for this, not even sending us a receipt! When I checked our balance, I noticed this right away and phoned them and spoke with a supervisor who said to send an email to the "domaindisputes" department which I did, to date (even after asking both verbally and by email for a copy of the alleged complaint) have they been able to provide us with one. Anyways, we disputed the charge that they made without our authorization as "fradulent" and the fees were reversed. This could happen to any of you and it is a very unpleasant feeling knowing that we are at their mercy with our financial information. If using a "prepaid" card , it has a certain value and that will limit your "loss" should one occur.

Another point is that when you call in you are asked to provide both your account number and call in PIN or last 4 (now 6, thanks to us) of a credit card on file to validate your account. Many of you probably have noticed at times domain names "walking" out of your accounts and wonder how this may be done...well, quite simply...The rep at Godaddy (the one or two crooked ones) can EASILY write your account # and call in PIN or last 6 of your card on file, go to another location (phone or internet access site) and pretend that they are you and "clean you out completely" It would be hard for you to prove otherwise as they have your details. Remember, most all other registrars will email you stating when and where your account was accessed but unfortunately Godaddy does not for one reason or another. I strongly urge you to be watching your domain manager on a regular basis to make sure that no unauthorized changes have been made to your account(s).

I have spoken with the Office of the President at Godaddy many times to inform them of their breaches and as of today, have not had a resolution in respect to our complaints. If anyone else has experienced any similar instances with Godaddy, we would love to hear from you. We are in the midst of putting together a lawsuit to make sure that this never reoccurs to anyone. It's the same as a bank teller accessing your account without your knowledge and without a court order. It simply wouldn't happen...

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You'll find various threads on that here and other forums. Go Daddy charges an "administrative fee" for legal issues, especially trademark disputes.

They've also "covered" that in their registration agreement: Legal Agreement I guess their contract hasn't been voided or so in court yet since it still bears that term.

Good luck with the lawsuit...

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I seen this happen many times and it's one of my main reasons to steer people away from Godaddy...especially domainers. If you have a portfolio the truth is that Godaddy does more to harm you than protect you with it's policies. Domains get stolen, suspended, and they attach legal fees based on any frivalous complaint. Their admincp is atrocious too. I don't understand for the life of me why it's #1. Sure they were early to the game and they advertise with sluts but let's be honest. They are not the best provider...

Comment #2

I thought GoDaddy only allowed 50 items in their cart?..

Comment #3

Not when you're a customer who bulk orders 1000's of domains weekly..

Comment #4

And you use a pre-paid gift card for those orders do ya?..

Comment #5

Yes, this is a good info, I don't like godaddy that's why. Slow and full of useless things...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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