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I purchased Having lot of search results & some traffic..

Even & are also active websites.

Any TM issue? Should I keep this or to delete this or what should I do? Can you give some more ideas opinions?.

I have put it @ bido for voting & NO reserve auction.

Should I proceed or abort that? Will I get any problem?..

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++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++ greatwebss.

Please realize although you are asking a legal question on the Legal part of this forum,.

You cannot expect a legal answer and certainly not an answer you should solely rely on.

Use your judgment.

The following is not a legal opinion...just my opinion. is a self-defense, martial arts type site. is a martial arts bootcamp site. is a Gay activist site.

Your site is using WhyPark and all the ads and content is about.

Visiting Chicago, Chicago tourism, etc.

:IMHO: You are safe.

You are not infringing on their sites since your content is totally different.

Keep it that way...and you should be okay.

Not a legal opinion...just my opinion...

Comment #1

Your site is using WhyPark and all the ads and content is about.

Visiting Chicago, Chicago tourism, etc.

You are not infringing on their sites since your content is totally different..

Keep it that way...and you should be okay.

This is a legal opinion...worth almost what it cost you. NOTHING!.

:IMO: You are safe...

Comment #2

Curtis, you are directly contradicting yourself with that statement.

According to you, the .org site should have TM rights to the name and the new .com site is unfairly using that TM by gleaning traffic and promoting a parking page.

That IS what you have said over and over... right?..

Comment #3

Thanks for your suggestions.

Is there any way that I can find is trade mark registered?.

Now the bido listing of the domain has 3 votes (Required is 10 ) & hope this may go to the auction...

Comment #4

In this case, I don't see a problem for your domain...

Comment #5

Thanks all for your suggestions..

Let me see all vote on the domain @ bido & push for auction of this domain..

Then we can find out what people are thinking on this..

Comment #6

This domain is now for NO reserve auction with bido @

Comment #7

FYI, non-profit tax status doesn't matter in regards to TM. It's intent and usage that matter.

With that said, most non-profits have tight budgets and aren't looking for a TM fight. But there are some noteable exceptions, such as the non-profit World Wildlife Fund who forced the for-profit World Wrestling Federation to give up their domain and change their name.


Comment #8

Yeah, the genius' that forced the wrestling organization not to transfer the name to them (the world wildlife fools) but to actually DELETE it...

Made a guy in Germany very happy when he got that on a fluke drop... his name was Beatz in some forums...

Comment #9

Now is for NO reserve auction. Auction ends in 35 minutes. Current bid is $ 28..

Comment #10

Please keep self-promotion only in the Marketplace forums. This is not relevant to the current Legal Issues thread...

Comment #11

I suppose you may register a trademark for your domain.

Build up a minisite, design a decent logo (it means your intelectual property), earn revenue from Google Adsense. That brings you more advantages in Arbitration when you enter. Post added at 01:36 AM Previous post was at 01:31 AM DO NOT.

If try to get this domain from Arbitration way, like WIPO or National Forum etc. They gonna pay 1500USD at least, Attorney fee, document delivery cost and time spending no included. Also, they have great chance to lose, because both impact and chicago is common words...

Comment #12

Perhaps, or potentially lead to the complainant filing a lawsuit straight away. UDRP is optional.

More to the point, from my understanding (someone please chime in, if I'm mistaken), UDRP is not geared towards cases involving complainant and respondent both having documented (ie. registered) TMs applicable to the disputed domain; falls outside of the framework of UDRP...

In essence, registering a TM may allow one to avoid / survive UDRP (assuming, again, my understand of it's limitations is correct), but potentially lead to an expensive lawsuit instead, which will make UDRP seem like a picnic in comparison. Forget free (1 party panal) or even $1500 +/- (if one opts for 3 party panal) ... if it comes to a TM lawsuit, think more along the lines of $10K minimum right off the bat and $100K+, if it becomes a drawn out fight.

In this particular instance, the OP will likely come out fine due to the nature of the domain and the type of entity who owns the .org - they're likely not going to do much, let alone even care. With that said, while many folks dabble in TM domains and earn good bank, the risks of doing so can be far larger than many realize.


Comment #13

Thanks for your suggestions. But the domain was sold @ auction for just just $ 28..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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