I'm Scared to try Medifast !?

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I hate to say this but I am scared! I am scared to try this and fail yet again!.

Since I was 18 years old, I have been up and down the scale. Just last year I lost 60 pounds and have already gained most back and am up to 230 pounds again.

I tried Medifast once but only made it to day 2. I have been on WW, and every diet under the sun. I know I have to want it and I have to stick to it but fear seems to get me every time. I am afraid to fail, I am afraid to success only to gain 60 pounds back again. I am afraid of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am afraid to go up to a size 24 pant or 3x top.

I am afraid that I will be hungry if I try Medifast again and will break down and eat. I am afraid to do nothing and move past being prediabetic or to move on to dying because I am obese..

Fear has a tight grip on me and I promise I want to break free. I come to these boards every day with the hopes that this will be the moment that I can.

I know the decision is mine to do something positive and only I can make the change happen for me. I just wish that I wasn't so afraid to try. Thanks for letting me get that out!..

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Your fears are all valid. But you can do this!.

Spend some time reading this forum. This plan has worked for so many people that never had success before. It's very inspiring to read.

Just take it one day at a time. All you have to do right now is get through Day 1. After that's over you can worry about Day 2. Just have your 5 & 1.

You can do it!..

Comment #1

Fear keeps lots of us from sticking to a diet, you have to make the fear work for you. I was more afraid of dying young than I was of failing so I gave it a try. The first few days are tough but I promise you it gets better sometime around the 3rd day or so. Hunger is a good thing, embrace it, it is a clear signal from your body that it will have to start using some stored reserves. One thing that really helped me break free from "want to lose" and move on to "going to lose" was accepting that I needed help, we are all here to help!.


Comment #2

I felt no hope at all for many many years, decades really. I too went up and down and up and down all through my 20s and early 30s. Then I just went up and up and up for about a decade. But by some miracle I found the courage to keep trying to figure it out. And finally at one moment in time I got it, and the compulsive eating pretty much went away for good. Well, for about 9 years actually and then I've had a very small relapse over the last eight months or so.

I haven't had to start back at the beginning..

I believe our bodies can change and our brains can change. Mine have..

So keep trying to figure it out. If you really aren't up for a big effort on Medifast then try some other approachfind a counselor, try an online support, ask for help from someone, explore meditation or other natural treatments for compulsive behaviors.

Just please don't think it is hopeless. Its not, you just haven't got the right pieces in place yet. Truly, if someone like me can recover then there is hope for anyone.

Two quotes from my wall:.

"Fall down seven times, get up eight.".

"Many of life's Failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"..

Comment #3

I am on week two of the program (lost 10lbs the first week) and when I was waiting for my shipment of food, I went through all of the exact same emotions you just described.

What helped me was getting myself in the mindset. I am an artist, so I started a weight loss art journal. I made a page and listed of all of the reasons why I want to lose weight. This was very enlightening to me to see it written down. I refer back to it during hard times..

I have made other pages just journaling my thoughts on this whole process and the struggles I come across. Maybe I will get enough courage to post those pages someday..

Anyway, it doesn't have to be an art journal, but you could start writing things down in a lined journal. I think it is important to have a strong "Why?" as to why we are doing this..

I also belong to a nutrition group at my medical center. It is free and although the group I attend is mostly Medifast centered, anyone can go (no matter what diet you are on). Check to see if you have one near you. It has been very helpful to me..

Hang in there! Get yourself into the mind-set and don't let anyone or anything stop you!!!.

BTWThe first two days were the hardest for me, but I really haven't felt hunger pains since..


Comment #4

Four months ago I felt the same way. I was more afraid of succeeding at the weightloss, but failing at maintenance by gaining it all back. I've been there done that - so here I am almost at goal and I do fear maintenance. But I feel more determined than I ever have to succeed. You can too, do the diet and plan for how you will succeed with the weight loss phase and then even more, plan your transition and goal..

Best to you!!.


Comment #5

Hi All -.

I was reading the next section of Dr. A book last night I came across this, "It's not unusual to be afraid as you move out of your comfort zone. Our current habits are secure, familiar, and efficient - they have been part of us for so long that we do them automatically, every day, without thinking.".

Each day I need to make a valiant effort to step outside of my "old" comfort zone and let go of the familiar, deal with the fear, and embrace new habits that will secure me for a healthy future. If I give up on myself now - the old secure patterns will return, I need to replace those habits with new habits...practice, practice, practice...soon those new habits will be my automatic response!.

May we all find peace in our journey...

Comment #6

Dear Slmndn, I am so scared too! I am 61 years old. I've done what ever diet you can think of. I am a binger, a food addict. I don't eat bc I'm hungry. I eat bc it's my drug, my fix, my obsession and it's horrible. I do really want this to work, bc if not I will be in deep trouble.

I don't have hbp, diabetes or high cholesterol, but if I continue eating the way I am, I will. I must lose 70 lbs. Let's stick together and help each other. My name is Glo and you can write me at.

God bless and love,.


Comment #7

Take one day at a time! I had all them fears at oncwe to and put it off for years until I said enough is enough..and here I am 100 plus pounds lighter!..

Comment #8

I could have written your post, slimdown. I lost 72 pounds on WW and then it all came back. I call it a case of the "I deserves"...I deserve to have *this* because I worked so hard. Anyway, I have lost before only to gain back, so this was it for me...I had to get control of it.

About a week before I started MF, I started seeing a therapist. I need to get a hold on why I do this cycle. I will say it is helping a lot. I still have that fear in the back of my mind, though...hard not to. One thing I am doing differently this time is journaling like crazy. I have done a lot of "remember how it felt when...." and I am hoping going back and reading those raw emotions will help me stay the path..

Good luck to you!..

Comment #9

Try and not think long term right now. Just wake up each morning and take your day one packet, one glass of water at a time. Each time you stayed on plan you have been successful. When you get to goal then take transition one day at a time. We really do have to wrap our heads around the fact that we have to watch every food we eat every day for the rest of our lives. All we can do is put one foot in front of the other and we will get where we are going..

These boards have so much support and for every feeling we have we will find others here that share them and can help us. You will find lots of hand holding and hugs and you will find some tough love when you need it. How much support you receive is up to you. Post, blog, chat. You have alot of options. Go down to the challenge board and join a team.

Good luck and welcome to MF...

Comment #10

It's ok to have the fear and DO IT ANYWAY!!.

So many great suggestions, especially to journal/blog your feelings and experiences! I believe that resisting the fear only makes it loom larger in your mind. Just have it and yet don't let it "run" you..

One meal at a'll get there!!..

Comment #11


I just started today and I'm scared. I've read the posts and the book. I think that this group will be a great support system to help us through the rough times and to show forgiveness when we can't forgive ourselves for going off plan. I would also encourage you to keep using the Medifast board and support tools...

Comment #12

I understand the fear. I never came close to losing the 60 lbs I needed to lose before MF. But with Medifast (and a lot of time spent reading this board) I did it. And truthfully, being OP gave me a lot of strength to take on other things in my life that needed tending to as well..

I have been off for 3 months and during my last TOM, went a little crazy with the sweet carbs, which started a cycle that lasted a full month. But - Here's the good news, I only gained 8 pounds back before I accepted that I was going the wrong direction and I needed to lean on Medifast again. I am back to lose those 8# and perhaps a few more to see how I look at my original goal..

Then I will transition and apply myself to maintenance again. A little wiser and feeling a lot less scared because I know I can mess up, but that doesn't mean a life sentence, it just means I need to adjust what I was doing and try again..

You can do this! You can succeed! And you can give yourself the room to make little mistakes and big corrections and have a healthy life!..

Comment #13

I just posted this to another newbee who is afraid and decided to just cut and paste it for you, too..

After you detox those taste buds, the food is not half bad, but hey I said I'd eat the boxes this stuff comes in if it got me healthy.

As for your fear of failure, try to turn that into a positive motivation. Take this plan, one day at a time, or even one Medifast meal at a time, if you need to do so. I even broke my plan down into 10 pound incruments. I only needed to lose 10 pounds. When I got there, I only needed to lose 10 pounds. Was not long til, those little 10 pounds added up.

Do whatever works for YOU..

I am a professional Dieter. I've lost more weight than I care to even think about. You can lose weight on just about any plan. Medifast is just another tool, but the difference for me this time was ME. I was ready to COMMIT to what it would take to truly change my relationship with food for ever. That is why Medifast does not call this a diet, nor have I ever used that term.

That may seem subtle, but attitude and thoughts are powerful. Diets are something I've gone on and OFF of more often. And they begin with D I E. Now who wants to go there?.

Life Plan begins with L I F E and it ends with a plan for the rest of our lives..

I suggest you read the blogs and threads here for inspiration. Stay clear of the Whining and Cheating ones if they cause your resolve to waiver. They have been called Wheaters for short by an old time MFer. bwhahaaaaaaa.

Stick with the winners. They have walked the talk..

As for telling others,or not, about what you are doing. It is none of their business unless you choose to make it so..

I did not even tell my DH in the beginning. After a month under my belt (a smaller notch I might add) I let him in on my secret. He was skeptical, of course. How many diets had I started out excited to Change my life for the last time. Well the only way for him to not be so skeptical was for me to be successful. After a few months, he ordered Medifast and we both got healthy together.

The privacy kept out all the nay-sayers and skeptics so we could just focus on US. I've been pretty vague about what I'm doing. You know telling folks I'm eating 6 small meals a day about every 2-3 hours. Funny but people really don't notice what we are doing nearly as much as we think they do. Most folks are pretty self-absorbed and just are nosey.


This site has been a life-line to me for that reason. I can talk openly about Medifast and the wisdom and experiences I've learned are invaluable..

Again, let me welcome you to one of the most wonderful on-line communities ever...

Comment #14

Courage is knowing that you're terrified, and doing it anyway. Be scared. It's an emotion, and in some cases a good one. It lets you know you're about to do something big, and it'll be big in a good way..

When I started a couple of months ago, I couldn't imagine how I would even get through the first night. I used to be a night binge eater, I could be the most angelic eater during the day, but at night the monster used to come out to play. So the first few nights I would sit on this site for hours and immerse myself in Medifast during the time I would normally eat. I'd read success stories, copy down dozens of amazing recipes (the people on this site are BEYOND incredible), and work on my blogs. Before I knew it it was time to go to bed. It really is one day at a time, but the time doesn't creep by as slowly as you think it will when you're first starting.

And as for starting over? Who here hasn't been there? You can't believe you gained it all backbeating yourself up. It's familiar, and it feels awful. But by this time next week you could either be one week closer to your goal or one week back into old habits. Until someone invents a time machine those are your two options. Just move forward. No perfection expectedjust move forward..

A week before I started Medifast I went to a therapist because I was sure after a lifetime of binge eating (I'm 40 and I started at 3) I didn't think anything could break me from the lifetime prison sentence of compulsive overeating. After three weeks of getting the sugar and refined carbs out of my system I stopped going to her. I know I eat when I'm upset, bored, happy, sadbut those emotions really are much easier to get a handle on without the "drugs" in my system. The time you'll spend in "withdrawal" are miserableand that usually does last 3-5 days. This is my second time back to Medifast and I've learned lessons from the past. During this time treat yourself with the same kindness you would treat someone else who is sick.

I'm at my halfway mark after only a couple of monthsI've gone from a 16 to an 8 and I NEVER thought I could do it. The fear and frustration I had at the start has quickly been replaced with excitement and happiness. This is my wish for you..

Mini goals:.

160's: New headshots (9/24/10).

150's: Massage (10/17/10).

140's: New Jeans.

Healthy BMI: New Workout Clothes.




Goal: Boob Job/Tummy Tuck..

Comment #15

What she said. Listen to the vets. She failed to mention how many "10 pounds" she lost, so go look at her page and read her story. There is enough inspiration there to keep you on plan forever..



Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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