On Nutrisystem for 2nd day

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Hi everybody I'm Laura and I'm on day 2 of the Silver Nutrisystem Plan. I have 30 lbs. to lose. I'm 61 yrs old, Happily married, had a heart attack June 29th and so I need to get rid of the belly fat once and for all. I have a lot of medical problems which limit exercising so this is a last chance try..

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Hi bluehair61. I'm susan and I'm 53 years young. I'll be 54 in November and hope to be a little slimmer by then. I weigh 166 and should healthily weigh 145. I'd be glad to see 150. Hope to join you on this journey..

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Laura, I wrote that and read it and realized I'm dreaming. My goal weight is 130. I have 36 pounds to shed. I'll be here for a while. I'd sure like to see 150. Then I'd be able to fit into some of my clothes.

Who knows? maybe this is the time..

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Hello and Good luck. Nutrisystem works no matter what age we are..

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Welcome and good luck. I know you will succeed if you want to and it sounds like you want to..

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I'm new to Nutrisystem - today is my first day. I have 100 pounds to shed so I look forward to becoming healthier and smaller as I go through this process. It is nice to know there is support out there..

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Welcome to the Nutrisystem community! You will find lots of support and help here! We have great members. You may want to try posting on other forums as well....General is very popular, Newbies is a good place to meet other beginners and Dietitians Corner provides you with answers to your program questions from our experienced staff..

Good Luck on the program! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at ..

Have a nice day!.

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Laura, welcome! I'm also on the Silver Plan. I'm a slow loser but have lost 20 pounds. It is a reality that age affects how quickly we lose; losing slowly helps the skin recover. Good luck in your efforts! Read the Daily Dose each day for motivation and to earn credit toward a future delivery. Also do the Mindset Makeover as it has great tips on adjusting to the new lifestyle..

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Hi there. Sorry I didn't get back to you but I"m not on these boards much. We have about the same to lose. I was 160 when I first signed on to this Nutrisystem site but hadn't received my food yet and I posted my "then" weight. While waiting for the food to come I was stupid and decided to eat whatever I thought might become an obsticle later so Ice cream and french fries, etc. etc.

:O( That was really dumb and I now regret it.

I'm shooting for aprox. 145 myself. Nice talking to you and I'll keep my eyes open for you on the board. It's always good to have a diet buddy..

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SUS, dreams DO come true.I actually would like to go down to 135 which is 35 lbs for me so we really ARE on the same page. I keep saying 145 because I don't want to get to feeling like it's to far away to get it. We'll work through this together and both end up in our "skinny clothes"..

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You have done so good on this Nutrisystem that I think you could be one of the best to show us all how to hang in there and not give up "again"..

I love the kitty cat and the way your name signs. Can you tell me where I can learn to do that? I've been interested in graphics for some time but haven't sat down to research how to do these things yet. I love crafts of all kinds and this is just another kind..

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Thanks PMCWG. How long have you been on NS?.

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Hi Ruth. If we all hold each other up during this travel then we can't possibly fall, or quit. I'm bluehair61 (Laura, 61 yrs old) and I HAVE to hang in there to shed 30 lbs as I've had 2 episodes now with my heart. No more quitting. I'll be there for ya. Let's "Git er Done"..

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The name I found on the web. I have a common name so I did a search for animated name. Sorry, I didn't make it..

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I appreciate all the info Jean and I LOVE your black kitty. I want to learn to do that kind of thing. Keep this older brain sharp learning new things. I know what you mean about gaining with water weight gain while on a trip as we travel quit a bit and I always puff up. We have a travel trailer and have been know to take off at the drop of a hat and be gone for 3 months. So that's a lot of sitting.

I hope you will stick with us and help us through our Nutrisystem travels as you know the ropes already. Let's ALL help each other to hit our goals this time..

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