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Is it illegal to redirect a domain name that is not your own?..

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Is it illegal to take a car you dont own?..

Comment #1

Your topic title says it is, ILLEGAL domain re-direct.

You dont own it, what makes you think you can re-direct it? it's like me taking some of your domains and parking them at my site, it's not allowed, it doesnt need to be written down, it's a stupid question, sorry if that seems rude, but think about what you've asked...

Comment #2

It's theft... if you are not allowed to use the domain, then you're not allowed to use it.

So no, it's not legal...

Comment #3

Ok, I will ask the dumb question.....

If you don't own the domain, how do you redirect it?..

Comment #4

I think the only ways would be:.

A. The domain being in your account but not owning it.

B. Hacking.

I am pretty sure these are the only possible ways..

Comment #5

This is not a dumb question, I am simply asking because I do not know, is it dumb to ask about something you don't know? Do I have to stay in the dark about something I don't know about?.

Just to clarify, this is not me, I am asking on behalf of a friend who had a website hosted but then decided to move hosts. Now the original host has redirected the domain to his own website.

The example is:.

Friends site:

Hosts site:

These are two completely different websites..

Do not say they look the same, because that is my point.

Hosting a website and owning a domain are two completely different things.

The reason why I ask if it is written anywhere, is because I need proof...

Comment #6

If the host is re-directing to a default park page for his company, thats allowed I think, godaddy do it when you first buy a domain with them, however, once re-directed the host provider should NOT re-direct to his own page unless given permission to do so.

Had you posted the above at the start, we would of better understood your question and given you the same answers lol..

Comment #7

Ok, that's 50% now, is it written officially anywhere? As I need proof...

Comment #8

Jeez there are no laws to address every possible issue..

Basically hacking into a registrar account or similar will be treated as unlawful impersonation, identity theft or something similar, usually a federal offense..

Is that enough for you ? .

The real question that you have not addressed is who is the owner of the domain..

Let the cat out of the bag.....

Comment #9

The guy hosting the website owns one domain ( is owned by a different guy that was paying GN to host his site, but now is moving to another host.

Is GN breaking the law by redirecting from TGI to GN?..

Comment #10

AFAIK, the registrant on the whois is the owner ( or representative of the owner ) of the domain name. the registrant on both these domains is the same person.

Because of this, I think you would find it very hard to prove that someone else "owns" ( i.e. is the registrant ) of the domain in question...

Comment #11

So, we are talking about 2 different domains, one owned by your friend and one owned by a hosting company. (I hope that is correct). If that is the case, if the hosting company is redirecting their domain to your friends site, I do not think there is a law against it.

Where you may want to look is if your friend acquired TM status for his name and if the hosting company is squatting on the name. That may be the avenue you may need to research...

Comment #12

I think he is saying that his friend registered a domain through a host (which is never a smart thing), and now that he wants to switch hosts, the host is laying claim to the domain. Thats what I'm gathering from this anyway...

As someone pointed out, if the host's information is listed on the Whois, it's going to be tough proving you own the domain.....

Comment #13

Your first clue is your friend's agreement, if any, with the host.

More details are then needed, such as if the friend's hosting expired and so...

Comment #14


Record last updated on 29-Dec-2005..

Record expires on 26-Jan-2009..

Record created on 26-Jan-2002.

The registrars AND the names of record are different. No similarities..

Odds are, it's something illegal going on. BTW 1 is a female, other is a male,.

1 in GB, other in Stockholm.

Creation date: 03 May 2007 17:12:33.

Expiration date: 03 May 2008 17:12:33..

Comment #15

If you registered it through a host, you'll never get it back unless you pay a high fee. It's always best to buy a domain independently as that means if your host goes bankrupt or closes down, you still have access to the domain.

Regarding your situation - when your friend bought the hosting and domain, did it say "Comes with a free domain" or something? As if this is the case, he's not got a chance. Best bet is to find an alternative or buy it from them?..

Comment #16

Heh? perhaps I've misunderstood and/or made a mistake, this is what I see:.


Registrar: ENOM, INC..

Registrant: Michael Hayes.


Registrar: ENOM, INC..

Registrant: Michael Hayes..

Comment #17

I'm NOW getting the same thing too. I evidently used .com on both. I'm sorry about that. I had 7-8 browsers open and musta blew it..

NC is definitely correct...

Comment #18

The OP said the two as "examples", so it's not necessarily clear if they are the.

Actual ones or just examples.

Personally, I'd be interested in knowing what the terms of the agreement are,.

If any. While hosting and domain names are obviously different services, there.

Is nothing to prevent a provider from treating them together for billing.

The more specifics the OP cares to provide, possibly the more specific answer.

Can be made...

Comment #19

Looks like someone needs to know how to explain better. Based on that question...there is no answer...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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