GoDaddy review : Should I purchase GoDaddy?? i think i bought the domain name of a company

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I read a couple threads, and now I'm scared if I might be in some trade mark issues.

I bought a couple (4) domain names recently,.

I will not be saying the domain name but, I will give examples as clear as I can.

I am not a US resident.

1 : first domain name) my domain name is the <name of a night club><country>.com, but heres the thing, the club does not have a web site/domain name for them selves, and the <name of the night club>.com is owned by some other firm. But the club is well established in my country.

2 : second domain name) my domain name is <name of a night club>, same night club as above, they do not have a site or domain name to call their own.

From reading other threads, I have a feeling domain name (2) is going to be a problem.

3 : third domain name) similar to (1) but the company has <company name><country>.com and I bought <company name><country><added letters>.com, where added letters = reviews, does it matter what the added letters are?.

4) I bought domain name of company works that around the world, they have <company name><country>.com and I bought <company name><different country>.com.

I have a feeling it's looking very bad for me,.

I was planning to set up review sites, with forums...

Can somone claryfy which of my domain names cannot be used, and if I can use them what am I allowed to do, and if I cant use them do I just remove the A enteries? and dont let the domain names resolve?.

Thankx in advance..

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Is the name an actual trademark? For example if the name of the company was Namepros. Did you buy

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I cant confirm that the company name is a trade mark, not entirly sure how to, but I think that would describe my first domain.

For the 3rd and fourth domain name.

Its more like the company has and I bought and also bought

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Im not very well versed on TM issues. but for the first one I would think that is a TM issue. I could be wrong, and I am not positive on the others...

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Ok thank you, but what can I do now, do I just unresolve the domain names?.

Any others reading this please help confirm my issue, because I have seen a number of sites on the web that have <name of company> some such sites have terrible reviews of the company, so id assume that the company doesnt own that site. I also know taht just because somone can do it and gets away doesnt mean that I can too, hence I need to know if what is going on is ... and how to fix it..

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Perhaps you would have better luck posting this in the legal section. All the best...

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Well, you can get your money back at some registrars up to four or five days after purchase, often minus a very small fee. If you bought them at Moniker they have a link on the opening page when you log in and it is pretty simple to do. I heard that you can call Godaddy and say "please" and you may be able to get them canceled. I would try that with whoever you bought them with. This is a good example of the value of the 5 day rule, so badly misused by the tasters. (another topic).

I am not a lawyer. As I understand it you are in a grey area of the law, most often represented in the sites. In America it is argued to be free speech -if and only if there is NO profit being made in any way on the site. Other countries see it more as trademark infringment, but rulings have gone either way.

Bottom line is the nightclub could put a lot of pressure on you regardless of if they win or loose...

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Yup some registrars will refund the money or give you credit for it - but you need to cancel within 5 days..

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Wow all four need to be refunded, I'm sure my registrar strtlogic, will put a star next to me.

So let me get this straight, DONT buy any domain names with a established company's name in it..

Thankx for all the help.

I am contacting my registrar presently.

Btw how is it that people can own a country's site? is that legal? ive seen a number of them parked..

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To better help yourself, ask yourself why you egistered the domains. Is it to park them nd collection PPC? is it to sell it back to the TM holder? Is it for a fanstie?.

If it is the first 2, then it will not help you. You started on the right path, read the legal section as a start. Go back a couple yeras worth of threads. The week or 2 you spend reading can help save you $$$$$ and headaches in the long run.... Or as some great guy says "Read my sig"...

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Thankx so much.

I wanted to start a review board for the companies, as I saw many such were done online, and then I was brought to the attention, that in the us it maybe legal, where not elsewhere.

Well..what I decided to do was remove the enteries, although, here in my country, I doubt the night club will have a site for the next decade, but I dont want any troubble.

My domain registrar took too long to reply, so I just decided to call it a loss..

Its not a problem, a couple dollars loss, no big deal compared to if they decide to sue me or somthing.

I am prepared to hand it over...

Its my loss what can I do...

Lesson well learnt.

Thankx guys...

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Glad you decided to go that route px. Lesson well learned..

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Mate I think the sanest option for you will be to contact that company, or nightclub.

Ask them if they're okay with your <name of the nightclub>.com names.

If they are not, then apologize, and give them to the company for your cost..

If they are okay with them, then keep them..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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