GoDaddy review : Suggest I pick GoDaddy?? I own WordWord is TM. Got email from them

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I own domain. Both words are pure generic keywords. First word can be considered as adjective. For example BraveMouse or StrongMuscle...

It was parked on Sedo and was for sale..

Now I received email from /img/avatar7.jpg.

Subject : domain name (Cybersquatting).



We are the /img/avatar7.jpg of the following trademarks :.

International Trademark

International Trademark WordWord.


We have also registered the following domain names :.





About 20 domains.

We theref>re hereby 0sk y>u t> c>nfirm in writing th0t y>u wi11 t0ke 011 0ppr>pri0te me0sures t> c0nce1 the registr0ti>n >f the d>m0in n0me wordword.inf>, within 7 d0ys 0s fr>m recepti>n >f this 1etter.

Y>u sh>u1d 01s> pr>vide us with 0 c>py >f n>tice >f c0nce110ti>n 0nd >ther re10ted d>cuments, 0s s>>n 0s 0v0i10b1e.

Sh>u1d y>u f0i1 t> d> this, it is >ur intenti>n t> t0ke 011 necess0ry 0cti>ns in view >f c0nce11ing the registr0ti>n, 0nd questi>ning y>ur 1i0bi1ity bef>re the re1ev0nt c>urts.

What should I do. Domain costed me 2 bucks but I don't want to give up on the "big company" behest.

Is it easy case for me, or is it easy case for the big company?.

I'll be happy even with 500 bucks from the big company. Should I offer this them, or should I give up?..

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I would say "Im happy transfer this domain to yourself or delete the domain would you be willing to cover my costs".

They may offer you a good will gesture?.

But they dont have too!.



Comment #1

Ergo, sticky situation here.. I'm not the most knowledgeable on the legal side of things but for a word+word .info I think you may want to just give this one up. Did you register it or pay alot for it? The reason I would not fight is because of the has proven itself quite worthless to me.. Good luck in whatever you decide...

Comment #2

That looks like a bad attempt at a TM issue fraud email. Why are all the L replaced with "1"s ? If I saw that exact email I would tell them to prove it with a signed document...

Comment #3

Good advice. Only take my advice after they have proven they are tm holders...

Comment #4

Sounds real fishy !.

Registered 20 Versions of WordWord domains and didn't register the .info ? .

Tell them to.

1/ Prove TM.

2/ Confirm that they own the TM.

3/ Prove you are confusing people by using the name...

Comment #5

Nothing is fishy. It looks like they are really from this company. Email headers are correct. This is not about exact domain I meant that domain consist of two words. It's like - domain that consist of 3 letters..

Comment #6

Yes Just noticed that and edited my previous post..

Give me a break 7.20am here in aussie land..

Comment #7

Oh so it's not You should use something like keywordkeyword or to show example. That's cybersquatting by definition. Also what country are you in? USA and you're screwed. They can go after you here. This is your call but if the domain is making you nothing then why keep it? IMHO you're being a prick holding their TM and expecting them to pay you not to mention that ethically it's wrong.

Don't expect a payout. You paid $2 and you're violating their TM. What outcome are you expecting?..

Comment #8

The question was mainly if KeywordKeyword domain can be safe from TM-claim?..

Comment #9

Labrocca... wtf are you smoking?.

There isnt enough information here to say "its cybersquatting by definition".

He said it was two generic keywords... are you suggesting that ALL 2 word generic/descriptive domains, if TM'd somewhere in the world, are the property of just any TM holder?..

Comment #10

That popped right out at me as well - suggests it's automated spam of some sort.

And the mention of .asia in the email further suggests it's a scam.

To the OP ... email headers can be very tricky to read sometimes; many email readers hide them.

Always read email received: headers from top to bottom - the received: header that can be trusted to some extent is the one that shows the connection from the remote MTA (ie. to the receiving MTA (ie.

Many scammers don't try too hard forging received: headers, since most folks don't even know how to view full email headers, let alone even know they exist, since they're often hidden by email clients.

But even if the email sender is totally legit, that doesn't mean an email is legimate in regards to what's being claimed.


Comment #11

What happens if they open UDRP case? Will it harm me? I don't leave in USA and not even in EU...

Comment #12

Have you checked the whois of all the extensions they said they already own, to see if they are indeed owned by the same entity?..

Comment #13

I've checked everything..

Last time when I had TM issue, the company simply opened UDRP case and I decided to give them name. They preferred it instead of even simply buying it for 60$ I think they hired loyers paid them $xxxx, they were ready to pay $1500 for UDRP... But then it was an obvious TM that I regged accidentally... In this case I have 2 keywords generic and I thought TM cybersquatting is not the case I've checked everything..

Last time when I had TM issue, the company simply opened UDRP case and I decided to give them name. They preferred it instead of even simply buying it for 60$ I think they hired loyers paid them $xxxx, they were ready to pay $1500 for UDRP... But then it was an obvious TM that I regged accidentally... In this case I have 2 keywords generic and I thought TM cybersquatting is not the case..

Comment #14

Afair Frank Schiling lost a case recently with his - nothing more generic imho.

Honestly Andrei, I feel the same thing you feel as it's totally unfair to hand/delete a name only because you've received an e-mail, still you've wasted a lot more than your $2 already.

Request a legal document that proofs what they're stating and explain them there are loads of scammers and you're just wanting to be safe. If it's true hand them the name.....

Comment #15

Good advice. though I would say to them.

I will let it expire. Bye and goodluck with your company great TM.

Is this allowed? They can wait till the domain expire and then catch it after it expire using freshdrop or watever..

Comment #16

Seriously, If the company is legit at all which I highly doubt you still have the right to ask for a signed certified letter stating that they are in fact the original TM holders. If they can't provide that or give you the run around then it's nothing more than a bad attempt as I mentioned before. You have been given several options to follow and now is the time to put them to use...

Comment #17

One should never consider your "advice". A UDRP won't hurt. Yeah yeah, "good" excuse. Then you will be like "Oh so it's not" Only two things are infinite: the universe and the human stupidity.

I'd rather do nothing other than waiting for them to burn thousands to file a WIPO complaint for something worth $2. Remember, you are NOT required to answer any of their communications, including C&D letters...

Comment #18

Okay, legal stuff.

US trademarks, are they there? NO.

Australia, NO.. Europe, NO.. Company search... No again.. there more full of "it" than a busted septic system.

They may well own another or a few other of the same domain, it happens. you snooze,, you loose.

If I was you, I would trademark it and take everything they own, just for being d heads about it...

Comment #19

Why the h*ll would they want you to CANCEL the registration rather than transferring the name to them. This smells fishy all the way..

Comment #20

I told this company that I don't need this domain and will drop it when it expire and recommended to use backorder service (Snapnames, Pool). Or as an alternative offered them to buy it for symbolical 60$ via Sedo to cover my time expenses to manage domain transfer.

Even 54$ not bad for me (already on escrow account)..

Comment #21

I would of gotten something official first. Sooo many scams on the net these days...

Comment #22

What's more official? I was corresponding with not with

Anyway I paid 1.5$ for this domain so I have profit..

Comment #23

Ya, your isn't really that big of a deal imho.

I wasn't aware that they were contacting you via the .com .....

Comment #24

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