GoDaddy testimonials : Recommend I try GoDaddy?? I need an attorney willing to sue RegisterFLY and eNom

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RegisteryFly and Enom are working together to steal domains and I need an attorney that understands domains and commercial law to pursue my case with them.

I have been robbed by these horrible people. I have tons of documented proof that they have stolen domains from my account. They have charged me for services never provided and only issued credits after I confront them with evidence of their wrong doing.

They move my domains in and out of my account at will in order to confuse me and steal my names. They have changed my DNS settings nearly every week and stolen my traffic for at least a year. I have to watch my whois and DNS setting every day or they will swap them and point my domains to their servers. They wrecked years worth of work and marketing of sites by doing this.

They have taken domains from my account and sold them when they still had months left before expiration. There are domains in my account up until the minute of this posting that are listed as mine and unexpired but which have already been sold and transfered to another /img/avatar6.jpg and this was after they charged me to renew the very same domain. When I pointed out the domain was listed as mine as well as someone else they issued a credit and apology. No excuse why I no longer possess a domain I have built for 3 years.

They have lied to me and strung me along for months telling me I can get my names back for a fee. It took them 3 weeks to review my account and determine what I said was even true. Now today after 60 days of trying to buy back my own domains Enom tells me I can never get them back and they are not for sale. Of course this only happens on my more valuable domains with PR and traffic. They blame each other and hope I will now chase it down but I must.

I am not alone. I am willing to pay for this on my own if necessary but more will join us. I would like any and all parties interested to please contact me. If you know of an attorney I should speak with then please PM me.

Alfred Moya.

Alfred.moya at gmaildotcom.


So far the dirty domain thieves have stolen from me these names plus a dozen others. How can I let this happen? After 5 yers of doing business with them I trusted them to provide the services I paid for. Don't make the same mistake and trust these people.

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John Berryhill (jberryhill) comes to mind, though I think he's pretty busy lately.

Good luck proving intent behind the actions...

Comment #1

You might want to search the net, I recall previously hearing of a lawyer that was filing a class action suit against them...

Comment #2

Thanks for the luck and advice. I heard about the class action in California but that may not be the route for me. I'm personally more interested in dealing with these people myself but I'll let the law do it's job for now.

What they are doing is plain wrong and they know they have so much to hide behind...

Comment #3

Did read your story about your domains, Registerfly is having already a bad name, did read more of this stories.

Registerfly is a reseller of enom. Im using enom and never had any problems and I'm having domains which are having alot higher value than yours. I'm staying with enom, I trust them.

Registerfly once this happend to me with 1 domain and I was direct gone...

Comment #4

First.. RegisterFly is alone now.. eNom I have never heard of them "stealing" domains. RegisterFly.. Yes.

- Steve..

Comment #5

Your complaint sounds so far-fetched that I can't swallow it. But I do agree that they are a fishy bunch. Let me add a few things here:.

1.) I learned about RegFly in 2001 from a piece of spam they sent me. Being a total noob to domains, I read the email and signed up.

2.) I had an adult domain there a year or two back. Even though I had it locked, the whois changed almost daily, it seemed, to a person I've never met. Every time I changed the whois, it mysteriously reverted ityself.

3.) They've always refunded me when I've inquired but their services, like their domain snapping tool, doesn't work at all. I've never heard of ANYONE grabbing a domain using it. I've tried to secure maybe 20 domains there with a success rate of 0%.

I don't trust them much but I use them for now, anyway...

Comment #6

I believe your story with RegisterFly. I don't believe Enom is the cause of any problems instead it's RF and their terribly buggy system.

Intent doesn't actually have to be shown if you can show their negligence in fixing problems. I believe a pattern can be established from other domainers on how RF operates. IMHO...A class action will eventually happen and RF will lose massively. It may even bankrupt them. Sometimes I wonder if Enom told them to F-OFF because they are such a bad partner for them. The split has only caused more problems.

The domain has about 30 days but I know that all domain that are over a year old are Enom names and RF will attempt a transfer instead. Well the idiots botched this of course and the transfer was denied. I was refunded but I was forced to make a transfer to another registrar in an attempt to save the domain. I hope to get all my domains out of RF within 6 months. It's a goal.

They are shady. Their $2.99 .NET deals barely was enough for me to use them on a hundred 3 char .net's. Worse that can happen I am out $100 but so far it's been ok. You have to stay on top of your account BIG TIME. Also...don't use their BULK doesn't work. Oh you might think it works...but it doesn't.

I log into my account nearly daily making sure all my domains are there. I have screenshots and printouts just in case as well.

Their customer service was promised to be better on the new setup. It's the same old crap a matter of fact it's even more buggy.

RF is the equivulent of McDonalds in the restaurant world. Yeah it's fast but it will make you sheet within 10 minutes of trying it.

End result...use another registrar...RF is a dud...

Comment #7

I had a similar problem happen with them. They did eventually accept the renewal but it failed at first. I plan to move mine outta RegFly soon maybe GoDaddy isn't as bad...

Comment #8

By intent I refer to this: Or whatever the legalities are. But I'm sure you get what I mean...

Comment #9

My god. RF is scaring the hell out of me right now. I transferred about 100 domains there 6 months ago (mini-nightmare) and now I have some domains up for renewal and have to do this "transfer" from Enom to RF...and it's failing. I even tried to transfer with EPP code to moniker. The domain is now returning a "transfer prohibited" status. I started this process with 30 days to get it done...I still have 16 days but what a nightmare this will be AGAIN.

I think I will begin the work and I mean get all my domain OUT of RF and into Moniker. When I have completely gotten every domain out I will be posting an incredibly long story about them at every domainer forum I visit. They think they look bad now..wait till I get done with my story...

Comment #10

Why do you want to sue them?! those domain names you listed aren't worsing more then 100$ and a USA atorney will cost you 10-30k$ (yes 10.000 to 30.000 USD)..

Comment #11

LMAO, I read this and almost spilt my coffee. You couldn't have got it more accurate..

Comment #12

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