GoDaddy testimonials : Good idea to buy GoDaddy?? I Need A VPS. Who To Use?

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I need a VPS. Who should I look into? So far I've looked at Godaddy, 1&1, and VPSLink...

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I've heard good things about Softlayer. I'd avoid Godaddy out of personal preference...

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I have used before I had a dedicated server and they where great, the servers where great had a lot of RSSGM sites and blogfarms on them never had a problem, support is also great and they are not really expensive...

Comment #2

I used for a few months without any problems...

Comment #3

If you're going to be dropping link spam(yay XRumer) out of it, I can get ya a place that doesn't require proxies for it. Drop me a PM with some contact info if you're interested. (Can't say it publicly)..

Comment #4 seems to be pretty good for far... Ask the live sales people for a coupon as they're running a special for 10% discount lifetime membership and extra 128MB ram on any VPS packages...

Comment #5


Their support can lick my left fucking nut..

Very, very, very bad experiences...

Comment #6

I am using It's not 100% exellent, but prices are nice and support is Ok there..

Also they are loyal to BH...

Comment #7


Check out their deals on Web Hosting Talk..

Gotta love the 24/7 1-800 # Tech support....

Comment #8

Here's a list of good value managed vps hosting plans.


Comment #9

Mediatemple kicks butt. I love their interface and it's super-easy to do the stuff that's usually tricky - like reboots...

Comment #10

+1 Rus is great, although he is pretty overloaded right now...

Comment #11

If you forget, you're the one who sent me there!..

Comment #12




And check for deals. Resist Slhost - they get hacked all the time. My server just got hacked - spam and phishing emails were getting sent from my sites. Eventhough Slhost sent out a warning that their servers have been compromised - they still blamed the spamming on me...

Comment #13

+1 for slicehost (not to be confused with slhost)..

Comment #14

I've used PowerVPS and SLHost in the past with no problems...

Comment #15

And they are known to host every possible kind of malware and scam..

Comment #16

For the record, having serious performance issues with HostICan right now and this is with only one super low-traffic WP blog...

Comment #17

Yeah, fuck, hostican was down this weekend for several hours - even thier home page was offline...

Comment #18

To their credit, the support response was very quick and effective after I raised a stink...

Comment #19

Yeah I'm getting off hostican. My VPS isn't performing for shit even after aggressively tuning Apache and MySQL myself (no thanks to Hostican support). 8-12 second page loads for a 10-article wordpress blog with about 50 uniques a day. Total crap..

Anyone ever use ? I'm not so keen on their datacenter being in Dallas, but they offer a great range of packages and very good pricing especially for Unmanaged VPS...

Comment #20

I used to use JaguarPc, they were very solid on their VPS. You pay a little more, but you get something managed.

I use now and I am very happy with their performance. Server has went down twice, once for reboot for a new kernel and another time to add Ram...2 times in 6 months...

Comment #21

Myriad hosting is pretty good, though it's unmanaged and you need your own system admin..

Alternatively, you could scope webhosting talk and see what the top recommends are..


If you dont need a VPS/dedicated, you can look at

They have a managed premium shared hosting account, and for $39.90, it's good bang for your buck. I understand they have about 10% the regular number of customers on it compared to a regular shared hosting account and they have some failover crash recovery built into it...

Comment #22

I have a VPS w/ Liquid Web, never experienced any problems with them...

Comment #23

No problems with ZONE.NET - Enterprise Virtual Hosting ... cheap too...

Comment #24

I Use SLHOST...very cheap and support is extremely quick, even thought it's through a ticket support system. I get answers in less than 15 min after filing the ticket...and this is filing them at 2am PST on saturdays and sundays...

Comment #25

Slicehost - VPS Hosting or - Virtual Server (VPS) Hosting.

Unless you lack the skills/knowledge to setup and run an unmanaged server. But these two are the best VPSs I've found, and I have several with both of them. No complaintsvery fast, sturdy, and reliable...

Comment #26

Their services are unmanaged so they don't do a lot for you, but it's cheap and I haven't had any problems with downtime. If you can handle your own server then go for it, but if you need help setting your server up, then stay away from fdcservers...

Comment #27

Great post!.


You forgot to tell us if they're good/bad...

Comment #28

I've been with Prohosters since April '06 and have been 100 percent satisfied. Very good support and virtually no down time for my sites...

Comment #29

This has nothing to do with my ability to manage servers. This is about them getting angry at a reseller(who I went through) who had one client that messed up big time(out of 100-200 I think?), dropping all of his servers(which he had paid for; no late bills), formatting them all in under 8 hours, and absolutely refusing to allow me to get at my data, saying I had to go through my reseller for that(who they would not listen to/call back/cooperate with).

I was actually doing a data brokering gig at the time, and lost around 20-40k worth of data because their techs were pricks. (it was directly FTPed in earlier that day, so I didn't have a chance to make a backup yet).

I understand their problem with one guy messing up, and would've fully accepted the server termination. But let at people get at their data first. Especially those who were not at fault for the issue..

Screw FDC...

Comment #30 is fucking awesome. Support responds within 30 minutes 24 hours per day, and I've had a lot of experience with their support..

I pay something like $30 for a VPS with 20gb storage, 3 IPs, and 200gb bandwidth... and that's MANAGED hosting. No gripes from them no matter what support question you have, they will even gladly assist you with script specific problems caused by shitty coding...

Comment #31


Had to raise a few support tickets when I first got my server as things weren't supplied such as my IP's (always useful) but support was quick and no problems. Also they're running HyperVM which means if you truly screw up you can just reload your machine without a support ticket..

Comment #32

Is anyone using their VPS specifically as an email server? I'm going to be setting up an email service for testing on my VPS so I need to make sure there aren't any weird email restrictions. I signed up with GoDaddy and tested their VPS but they have a 1000 email a day limit, which would screw me all up...

Comment #33

Sorry for the double post, but I just want to strongly reiterate that everyone should stay FAR, FAR away from HostICant. See the linked thread for more than enough proof that they have no idea what they are doing and make no effort to compensate for their massive shortcomings...

Comment #34

Don't use rackforce. They are TERRIBLE.. when you try to cancel, you have to wait another whole month before it cancels, so they can bill you again. Fuckers...

Comment #35

I am really surprised by the comments Hostican recieved in this forum. I have been using their service since December with no problem. I ran a video site that averages 3,500 unique a day..

Also, my experience with their customer service has been great. Both on the phnoe and email. Now, I am really getting scared of falling into the same problems expressed by WF members...

Comment #36

Per the link above, 60 hrs of downtime (and counting) and no backups should tell you more than enough to run away screaming. Everything is fine until something goes wrong, then you are royally fucked..

I've since migrated to knownhost but I plan to ride Hostican hard until they give me a full refund. Purely a matter of principle at this point...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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