I love my 5D!!
Http://, it's expensive. Yes, you can buy two 20D for that money and still have change for a nice lens, but I think it worths every penny...

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Im very happy with the camera.

First, the lens issue doesnt seem to be as big as I expected. Of course the Sigma 12-24 has noticeable vignetting and it's pretty soft in the corners, but the Tamrons (17-35 and 28-75), the Canon primes (24/2.8, 35/2 and 50/1.8) and even the Tokina 24-200 work fine, with good border to border sharpness and low CA (or at least not worse than in the 20D). Actually I think some lenses actually work better in the 5D than in the 20D. And the focal lenghts covered by the lenses just fit better in a 1x camera than in a 1.6x crop camera. Now I have 3 walkaround lenses (the tokina 24-200, Canon 28-135IS and Tamron 28-75) covering from wideangle to tele. In the 20D I needed to resign wideangle or tele coverage, or just use 2 lenses.

And not to mention the true 12mm coverage of the Sigma!!!.

To be continued.... Guillermo..

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Ok, lenses worked fine, and to have a larger viewfinder is really nice, not to mention some of the improvements over the 20D as the increased depth of the buffer (17 RAW files in a burst instead of just 6), to have the ISO in the viewfinder or the true spot mode, but the real gem of the crown, to me is, simply, image quality, and in a word, SHADOWS!!!.

Yes, the 20D quality is very good, but if you use ISO 400 and up, and open the shadow a lot (even without digital exp.compensation) details start to disapear, and the 20d banding start to show it's ugly head. Ive even had massive banding noise in a ISO 100 shot, very contrasted, in which I opened shadows A LOT, but it was at only one shot at that low ISO.

Well, the 5D is totally in a different league, and that fact alone justify every penny I paid for it. In the 20D (or in the DRebel before it), using shadow&highlight filter in PS to open shadows, the look of the resulting opened shadows was flat and without good tonal gradations or detail. Well, in the 5D I was able to open shadows far beyond I was able in the 20D, and with much better looking results. Also, the banding issues are greatly reduced. Now I can open shadows even at ISO 1250-1600 range without much trouble, some almost impossible to do with the 20D.

So, at the end, the larger photosites of the 5D make the difference big way, at least to me, and Im getting far better looking images I was able to do with any DSLR I owned. Now I just need to print them to see how large I can go!!! Guillermo..

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Those are a couple of examples taken at ISO 1600 with the Sigma 12-24. Noisewise those shots are almost as bad as I could be done to an image. No luma and almost no chroma (4 of a max of 30) noise reduction applied during RAW conversion, as I dont like Capture One noise reduction. As the image was taken with the Sigma, Ive corrected vignetting and CA during postprocessing, so the borders were brightened, and to make things even worse, I opened the shadows (mostly present in the border of the image where vignetting correction was previously applied) by a fairly amount. I ran no additional noise reduction as NeatImage. So, darker areas were brightened pretty heavily, with no extra help in the noise area.

Both pictures taken inside the La Plata Cathedral at 12mm, handheld. First, a pano shot. You can see visible amounts of chroma noise in the right dark area, but hardly any banding, so NeatImage can clean it pretty easily Attachments:.


Comment #3

And now, the "ceiling" shotIsnt 12mm fun? Some of the horizontal lines you can see arent banding, just the ceiling bricks. Attachments:.


Comment #4

And now something more "real world".

A portrait, taken with the Tokina 24-200 at ISO 640 at daylight. Such a high ISO was too much for what I needed even for a 200mm shot at f/7 (shutter speed was 1/2000) but surely I didnt have any camera shake.

Again, as the 5D has no included flash I was unable to use it to open the shadows, so I applied a large amount of highligh/shadows filter to open them. As you can see, no visible noise is present. Attachments:.


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And for the final piece, the worst Ive done noisewise in a real pictureI took this one at ISO 1600 again, but it ended pretty dark because the 2 fluorescent tubes in the background, so I needed to apply a +2.3 exp. compensation during RAW conversion, so the actual ISO of this shot is ISO 8000!!.

This time, as chroma noise levels were pretty high, I ran the image thru NeatImage. This is the result, rescaled to 1500x1000. Sigma at 12mm again, no vignetting correction. Attachments:.


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Wow!! When the 5D came out I thought I would like to "set myself up" to acquire it's successor. Now I may not be able to wait for it's successor. Good stuff Guillermo. I wish I had the post processing skills you have too...

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Would you please let us know if you really like the 5D??? ).

All silly joking aside, glad you like the 5D, hope you have great luck with it! I am biding my time to see what Canon will announce at the upcoming trade show? Happy Shooting and peace.


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Thanks man, and I see no reason to wait for a succesor. If you really need what the 5D is offering, it's a really fine camera. Dave:.

Why great luck? And I doubt the upcoming 35D will even touch the shadow response of the 5D, but of course I can be totally wrong Guillermo..

Comment #9

Ok. Ive finally added a EOS 5D gallery to my site (and the corresponding pictures were added in the thematic galleries as well). Yoc can find the pictures at: Guillermo..

Comment #10

Thanks Roberta!.

Ive stumbled with my first 5D issue. Check this post:.

Guillermo Freige "Canon Digital SLRs Discussion" 2/11/2006 10:53pm Guillermo..

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