I just joined Nutrisystem

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I got back from my vacation and was downloading the pictures. Talk about an awakening? I ordered the Men's Silver, as I am 52, and I feel this desperate need to lose weight. I haven't been able to lose even a pound using my old habits..

I know I will be harder on myself than those who know me. The only person I am telling is my wife..

So, I am here. No, I am glad to be here..

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Welcome, there are many of us who just started. I should have my first shipment when I get home. I am 53, but didn't do the silver program, hope this one works fine. We all need each others support. I just know that we are making great decisions just taking the first step. Go US!!!.

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I sure hope so. I have waited too long to take action. Thanks for the kind words..

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You are welcome. Keep searching all the different threads and get in on the chat rooms. You will meet all kinds of people who are here to help you (us). They answer questions, give great advise, and encouragement. These are the people who make all the difference. Really check it all out, you will be glad you did.

It's all good..

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Hello and welcome aboard dwcarc!.

Congratulations on making the commitment towards leading a healthier lifestyle! We have an incredible community here, and many believe that it helps them to stay on track and accountable! In addition to Newbies, you may also find it beneficial to visit the Mens Room, General Support and the Age Groups for extra advice and information! Also, keep in mind that by joining in on a weight loss challenge, under Challenge Central, you can help to add a boost to your routine and results!.

Feel free to contact us via email at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum, if you have any questions or concerns while exploring the site!.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!.

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Welcome! You have begun a journey to better health. Change is not easy at times but you must always remember the goal is worth the effort. By goal, I am referring to total healthy and lifestyle. For example, when walking your knees endure much pressure. For each pound overweight, it is equivalent to four extra pounds of pressure on the knees; 10 pounds overweight would be 40 less pounds of pressure on the knees when even 10 pounds is lost. This is why you celebrate each small goal reached. You are making progress!.

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That's how I was able to tell I had really gotten out of control - when I took ALL the pictures and wasn't in any of them!.

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Welcome dw!.

The program is are going to love it, and will be amazed at how easy it is and how great you feel. The forums are great...don't miss the "Men's Room" where some of the guys on the boards hide..

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Dw-we started a new thread to bring together those of us who are just starting out in Aug/Sept. Come join us there..

Iamboman-you are so right, that is why I am usually behind the camera. I had my husband take my before pict.s. How HORRIBLE !!!!! But truly motivating..

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Hey, come on over to the new thread: .

"Aug/Sept 2010 Starters, here we go".

Join the group of new starters all in one thread to support each other..

See you there....

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I am afraid of not doing this the right way..

Comment #10

Is it only me that is afraid even to start because there is a possibility of failing, again..

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I am sure that everyone is afraid of failure..

There is no failure on this program. You simply can't fail at "life." You might get temporarily derailed or slip up along your path, but it is not like there is a deadline to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Stay focused...acknowledge speed bumps and detours if you run into them, but keep your eyes on the path and always return to the path. There is only success on the path, never failure, and the path never disappears. It is always within sight and within reach..

Plus...we are all here to hold your hand along the way when you need it, lift you up when you slip, and point you back in the right direction whenever you find yourself confused. You are not on this path nor this journey on your own..

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Very common fear. Especially if you have perfectionist tendancies. If we don't even try to lose weight, it can't be said to fail because we didn't try. Perfectly normal, perfectly human. But being overweight is one of deals where the only way out is to just face it head-on and deal with it. It's NOT going to go away if we pretend we don't notice it.

I looked at NutriSystem as "food college", when I started. Keep an open mind, be prepared to give up old habits, and build new ones. Explore this strange new world of fruits and veggies... they're actually pretty good.

You've got to be willing to work the program as written. But I can say for certain this does work, if you follow it. You can do it too..

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You will find a great deal of support, information and advice here in the community! In addition to Newbies, you may also find it beneficial to check out the different forums and features! Keep in mind that through the Age Groups you can meet members your age, in Local Connections you can create systems of support in your area, and by reaching out into the Dietitians Corner you can have your Nutrisystem questions and concerns addressed by our experts! This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared. If you cant seem to find whatever it is that you are looking for, feel free to start a new thread! After all, it is the best way to get your specific interests and concerns addressed!.

To create a thread:.

-Click the Community tab and then Discussion Boards to view descriptions for the different forums.

-Go to the forum you would like to start your thread in..

-Select the orange New Thread button.

-Type your title, your post, and then hit Submit.

If you need any assistance at all while becoming acclimated with the site, we are here to help, and can be contacted in the Ask the Mod forum, or via email at ..

Best wishes for a happy and healthy weight loss journey!.

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