GoDaddy review : Advise I purchase GoDaddy?? I just got a C&D from scholastic

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Awhile back I registered thinking of using it as a joke to put up all my papers I have wrote in the last few years for college and share them with others. Today, though, I was very suprised to see a what looks to be legit request from Scholastic Inc., the book company, to relenquish my domain. I was dumb enough to not have my information private on this domain and they have my address. What can I do in this situation?..

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Tell them to piss up a rope. If they're so fucking smart they must know that "scholastic" is a common and generic English language word. If anyone at their attorneys' office knows how to use internets send them this link:.

Inurl - Google Search.

They have a few thousand C&Ds to get out, so they need to quit pestering you and get busy.



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Just an aside: You do probably want to get that domain away from GoDaddy asap if you want to keep it. If Scholastic can't get any co-operation from you they won't think anything about going to GD about it, and then it's out of your hands. Get a decent non-US registrar with privacy protection and you'll be fine..


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I already forwarded the site to because I want them to know just how serious the internets is! Frank, how do I go about the process of transferring domains to another host, and who would you reccomend?..

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I recommend for keeping domains outside the United States. They are based in France and have a pretty good record of protecting the customer instead of folding to the corporation when it comes to cases like this...

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This article (6 pages) is about domain registrars and their policies (CNet did this after the hue and cry about GoDaddy shutting down seclists):.

Speech Friendly Domain Registrars.

Gandi looks alright - the price is a bit on the higher side, but if you have "risky" domains, they seem to be a good choice...

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By the time I was typing up the links - you beat me to it!..

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Get with if you want a rock solid registrar that doesn't cave for domain disputes related C&D legal requests, Godaddy will certainly lock your domain down, etc...

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I have moved most of my domains from everywhere else to Moniker over the past year. They have been good to me so far. They will give you lower prices if you ask. I think I only have 10-15 left to move from GoDaddy...

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Thanks for the advice guys, I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post about it and quoted you frank (hope it's cool). Blog Archive Copyright Infringement: Why I was sued 3 times in 4 days..

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Moving the name to a different registrar and shielding the whois won't make it hard for them to contact you. All they have to do is contact the registrar and they got you. I've received C&D's and lawsuit threats without ever receiving an email. Some companies go straight to the registrar.

I got a C&D from Scholastic last year. Reg'd the name to use for one of those Scholastic book club offers. I got a C&D and a call from their lawyer. Transferred it to them. Can't really fight something that's an obvious TM infringement. scholasticdishonesty,com is not a direct infringment since you're using it in a different way, unlike how I was going to use it to push their book club.

Possibly why they want it from you. Maybe wait til they contact you again, or reply stating that you're not infringing on their mark and what you're using it for. Go from there.

Scholastic has records in WIPO/UDRP so they have proceeded against people before. I'm guessing if you ignore it you'll get another C&D or phone call in a month or two. After they called me the first time I just forwarded the name to scholastic,com. Then about a month or two later they sent me another C&D saying that they wanted the name transferred to them...

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Posted by alexbaldwin07:.

I just keep getting more famous all the time. So much for a low profile ....

(not that this forum doesn't also index.).

GL with Sholastic. Copyright holders and webmasters have got to start thinking these things through. Common English language terms cannot be monopolised, and webmasters are stupid to cave to these asshats when they come calling. If you're messing around with their trademarks and copyrights, then have fun being rolled under the lawyer train. But otherwise, stand your ground and make sure that your registrar is on the same page.


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In the end I moved the domain to moniker (just in case) and the site should still be a 301 to internet is serious business. To date I have not heard anymore on the issue. Thanks everyone for the tips...

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Good on you mate. Many of these cases, the lawyers are just sending out blanket C&Ds to anyone who doesn't seem like they'll fight back.

Hey, how about using as the address for a site seeking out victims of Scholastic Inc.'s domain transfer scam? I smell class action!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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