I haven't slept in days so heres the deal...
Hi all!.

After spending approx. 4 days straight researching, visiting stores and talking to people on how I would spend my hard earned stock market money wisest I finally decided on a Nikon D80, as many who read my previous thread know...but then came the lenses..

Since my budget is a MAXIMUM of 1500 USD if I get the Nikon, at best I could get a Nikon 18-200VR lense, nothing really special, anything that would suite my needs, which is photojournalism (shooting in badly lit streets with crowds of angry masked men running down ally and dark) and travel. I know I should spend more on lens than on a body if I must choose but after going to the store I am pretty sure that I would quickly grow out of anything "under" a Nikon D80....

So heres the dilemma: although I decided on a Nikon D80 with not to bright lens options I can get a Canon 30D with a sweet deal on a 70-200mm 2.8 L lens, 500 bucks from a teacher of mine...tough choice IMHO....

Originally I chose Nikon because of the build and because after going through a few hundred pictures I got the distinct feeling that the images that really took my breath away were made with a Nikon..

Lens are more important than a body and in this case I feel that a Canon 30D is on par with a Nikon D80, although I am not familiar enough with these models to be able to tell please help me make a choice..

The lens my teacher would sell me may not be enough in the long run but it definitely seems like a pro lens that trumps my options with a Nikon and is not something I'd be getting rid of any time soon, whereas a kit lense with a Nikon...well...may not stay around for to long..

Please, I have to get some sleep...Thanks for all the help so far, not much to goRegardsRob..

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You mean the lens and camera for 500$ !? Are you refering to this particular lens!?http://www.slrgea*.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=57-change the * with r.

If yes then I would get it, pronto! And some other lens for the rest of the money. (psssst... don't tell no one but the lens alone is worth more than 500$ ). Keep the lens and after a year get a new body... or not..

Also another option is the D80 with:-few Sigma Primes-few Nikkor PrimesMight not want to waste the money on a 18-200 if you need a fast lens..

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Yes, that is the lens I am referring to but the lens alone would be 500, plus the body which I'd be buying separately. I found that 500 is less then half price so that still a good deal, isn't it?..

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Hello Rob.

I have the D80 and I would recommend it to anyone. However, ultimately, it is the lens that makes a difference and the 30D is also a very good camera. I thnk you have a good deal at the price you are quoting for a 70-200 f/2.8 and a 30D..

However, you will need to buy an additional, wider, lens..

Regards, Mirza.


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The Canon lens does sound like a great deal. It sounds like it would meet your current needs more than the Nikon 18-200. Or, you could buy the Canon lens and resell it for a possible profit or maybe trade it and get more than $500..

Good luck!..

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Well only for the lens... it is still a good deal. But the 30D is inferior to D80. ALTHOUGH, I thought of this as I write, can you look for a 5D second hand and combine it with the lens? Or squeeze a 40D new? I hear people talking about coupons, this and that and getting the 40D for 950-1100$....

If you think it's suitable, a 400D would also do a good job with that lens and some money can be spent on a wide solution? just a thought..

Trading the lens would be super, also. But it's an L lens... Are you sure it is not broken in some way? Still sounds too cheap.What are your experiences?.

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I have been mucking around for years with basic p-s and bridge cameras and now that I am studying journalism and have the money, I have decided to quit postponing my buying into a real camera and getting (a little more) serious..

Is the Nikon really that much better than the 30D? Many have recommended I go lower on the body if I can get better glass to go with it and I am sure that a 30D would be a better choice then a 400D...all reviews compare the 30D with with Nikons 200 series camera which is a category up from the D80, so thats why I thought it would be better to go Canon if I can get a hold of a real pro lens for a great price..

But unfortunately I can't go any higher, even the 30D + lens is pushing the limit...a 40D would be out of the question, especially because I would still lack a wider lens..

You also mention a 400D solution...I should go with the 400D over the 30D? Would that make sense? I had the feeling the 30D gives me more room to grow into over time..

Anyway please, keep the input flowing ..

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Your teacher may be giving you this good deal because he wants you to choose Canon. As I recall, you're in Hungary, right? Is Canon sales and service well represented there? Is it better represented than Nikon? That might be part of your teacher's calculation in preferring Canon..

While the Nikon D80 may be a better camera than the Canon 30D, I doubt it's enough difference to offset this sweet deal from your teacher. Some outstanding photos have been taken with the 30D..

So what you'd need now is a second lens to cover wide (say 16 to 18mm) to 70mm. Confine your search to that second lens, and you'll have a good system...

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No companies sales and service is well represented here  Not even Hungarian companies. My teacher is American, a professional photojournalist and owns an agency here and swears on Canon. Even if service isn't that good, I am fortunate enough to have myself and relatives moving around in Germany and the US, so I could handle service issues if they can't deal with it here...

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I guess the 30D would be the choice then. I really would not miss that lens. Why is your teacher selling it? As I said before, can it be faulty? I am asking this because, no sane person sales a L lens. (Sorry) I have had many cameras and among them the 20D,40D,D40,D200,A100 and from 20D to 40D there is not much difference. I know there are bells and whistles, but basically it is very similar. The 30D would be in the middle...

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- Canon 30D is on par with a Nikon D80.

- How possibly can you say that? Even 400D is better than D200:.


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MICHAEL_61 wrote:.

- Canon 30D is on par with a Nikon D80- How possibly can you say that? Even 400D is better than D200:.

Sure it is! *taps shoulder*You are a funny man. Following a link to an official test.

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Yeah, right: and at what sensitivity were those pictures taken? Look here, for instance:.


And what you see is:.

" Conclusion - Cons.

* High sensitivity (ISO) noise levels higher than Canon EOS 400D".

Which is actually cheaper, right? So why bother looking at D80? Body build quality sounds great, but we should remember that the purpose of the camera is to take photos. And good image quality is most important in that respect. I don't suppose you are going to say you take all your pictures at ISO 100?.


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Being a noob and a brainwashed, die-hard Oly fan I guess I can claim being totaly unbiased here. Well, almost. I think Nikon flashes are great, - but I digress..

What are you thinking about? Buy the Canon with the 2.8 lens!.

And get some sleep!.


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Thanks for the help. I think it will be the Canon. With the left over few hundred dollars I may have, what lens would you recommend to go with the 70-200? I guess it's going to be some kit level lens but if you have any suggestions I can look into, that would be great..

Thanks again, this is all very helpful..

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Take $750 of the $1500 and buy some MAR08 POT 125 calls OOTM for no more than $8.00. Exit at $130 by jan 10th...

Comment #15

And then on Jan 10th I wake up, right?..

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D80. It's faster, has less high ISO noise without the detail smearing noise reduction (or at least not as much) that Nikon has..

Shot in RAW and post processed the detail at ISO1600 on the 30D is amazing..

5fps, magnesium alloy frame, just an all around better build..

If the lens you are buying is in good shape you could always resell it for at least $750, if it's the 2.8 version or the F4IS version..

If you need wider, you can always pick up an 18-55 kit lens for $50 or so off of the "bay" or FM..


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A 2.8 lens isn't fast enough for lots of low light situations. A 50 1.8 or 1.4 is inexpensive and gives you low-light versatility. And I would think a PJ would want a relatively wide angle capability. Indoors you can't back up. You could get a used 20d, a 50 1.8 and a 17-55 2.8. There is no right answer.

I think you should get some Photo journalists to chime in. Maybe go ask in the Pro forum. -Bruce..

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Thank you all for the help, it is highly appreciated. I simply can't get everything I would need in the first round and will be making the compromise on the quality wide angel lens. But with time....

Thanks againRegardsRob..

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What did you decide on to?.

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