Does Medifast make you hungry?

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I hate this diet, I'm tired of being hungry, I miss egg rolls and Taco Bell, I'm out of food for the day (except for pickles and cream cheese) and it's only 7:45, I'm grumpy about still being so damn fat after having been hungry for 4 full months, and I'll be hungry for at least the next 5 months as well if I'm lucky enough to lose 2/week all the way to goal..

Think I'll eat some worms. They're OP, right?.

Anyone else want to have a grump with me? Friends don't let friends whinge alone..

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LMAO!!! Eat your hand I heard that it's only 200 in calories, if you skip the fingers then you only have consumed 100 calories, so that gives you two hands you can eat!!.

Comment #1

My entire hand for only 200 calories? That's awesome. If I eat them both I can't whine online anymore, either. A win for everyone!.

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Wow! Somebody call the WAAAMbulance!.

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That's what I'm saying!.

Now seriously, does no one else want to play this game with me?.

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It's's so darn hard. I keep going over and over - do I want this? Do I really want to do this for the next 'x' weeks? days? minutes?.

People are commenting and it's scary. So being hungry and scared is starting to press on me. But we were talking about you.

It sucks right now but I know, I just KNOW that you can totally do it. In the mean time -.

Want some LC cheese with that whine? .

Hang in there!.


Comment #6

No, no! Let's do talk about you, I want to hear it! Scary is an excellent feeling which I failed to include. And "starting to press on me" is freakin' perfect. Yes, that feeling exactly..

LC isn't going to cut it. We need industrial-strength bacon to fix this problem. Or maybe 2 dill pickle spears since that's what I'm going to get..

Comment #7

Freya, OMGosh......I was so surprised to see your post. Of all people, you are one who has inspired me to stay OP more than once. Just reading your determination has been inspiring..

Wow 48 pounds, more than half way there. That is great! Maybe you are just joking and I am not getting it? Anyway hang in there, as I say you are a model for the rest of us.

Ps pickles and cheese will work eh? Katy.

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Oh believe me, I love this diet too! And I'll get back to being a perky OP cheerleader soon. Maybe tomorrow..

Tonight this is hard, and lonely, and it blows, and it's too gosh darned long of a commitment, and even those knee-high boots from the Rack that fit over my calves can't make it okay. Well, all right, that one's pretty close. CLOSE, but no cigar! Feel my misery!!! TOO LONG A ROAD!.

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Hang in the whinny. You know this plan is wonderful!!! It is scary yes. Exp when people begin to notice, have they started noticing? Why havent you been blogging lately? That may help too. Take care and you know you can do this!!!.

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Oh now don't get all pissy. No one is ever hungry on Medifast. My goodness I just have a few celery sticks and a glass of water and I'm stuffed! What's wrong with you!.

Truthfully, I'd like a basket of warm bread with butter, a Carbones Pizza with Sausage, Pepperoni and Green Peppers and a store-bought cake w/ice cream mmmm..

I hope tomorrow goes better for you :-) I know I've had those hungry days too. Still Medifast is the best thing I've come across and am thankful for it..

Comment #11

LMAO!!! OMG that's so perfect. Thank you. Yes, I don't know what I'm saying. Clearly I have lost my mind, and am utterly mistaken about the hunger. I think in fact I'm feeling fizzy. That's it, fizzy. Not hungry at all..

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FREYA! Of all the people talking like this, it's the girl with the awesome "reality check" signature line! Choose your hard! I read that the first day that I came to these boards last month and thought it was awesome and right to the point!.

This is such a change for me and so far I am really glad that I have found this plan. I don't think it exactly sucks, but it is hard and there are sacrifices but I would rather have a year of sacrifices than live the rest of my life in the dull ache and hopelessness that I feel being obese. At least we're on the fighting side of it now..

I know I'm still new and things seem rosie but there are way worse ways to get there.

Also for me.... it's almost a pleasure to feel a little hungry once in awhile because I have spent the last few decades being overstuffed.

Hang tough and remember.... Choose your hard!.

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I had my pity party this morning. So flippin' hungry for a darn piece of fruit. A perfect peach that's been perfuming my kitchen since Sunday. How is that devilish? So, I peeled the thing, cut it up and froze it for T&M. But not before I thought about eating it. Food porn.

Go do something nice for yourself. Get a pedicure or a massage. You deserve it. You are inspiring to me.

Besides, Mom always said pity parties are parties for one. But she would probably give you a cupcake...LOL..

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Oy - I think there should be a law against counting the minutes we have left on this diet. That scares the poops outta me!.

Comment #15

LOL Amy and Swint!.

Comment #16

Go eat a pickle and get over yourself .

Good to know you might be a bit human like many of us Medifast mortals.

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Freya, I know what you mean. Some days are really hard, especially when you have a sucky L&G; you are left so unsatisfied. I think you will have a better day tomorrow..

And as for counting down the weeks/pounds left while on this diet, I liked the quote my daughter left on her Twitter today: "One day you may realize you lost the moon while counting the stars." In other words, look at how far you've come instead of how far you've got to go.

In the meanwhile, try some chocolate rasberry tea from Target. I found it today and it is delish!.

Comment #18

Don't forget..... it's a FULL MOON TONIGHT!.

Maybe that's what's going on!.

Comment #19

Suck it up!.

Comment #20

Hey Freya - Here's something for you....


<snicker> You should feel really special. I only smack around my Roguies!.

Comment #21

I didn't think I was going to make it to day 4 but I am down 10lbs!!!!Thank God for water weight....but weight is weight..My coach is a dear friend of mine and she looks Fantastic!!!! Keep it up!!! I do P90X which I love....I stopped for the first week of this diet cuz I was advised to so my body would get used to the lower intake of food...

Comment #22

So that scary feeling of people noticing is supposed to scare the poop outta you? Why it would be scary I don't know, but it is. Too used to being wallpaper. Thanks for the whine Freya. I needed that. Some days are more up than others..

Comment #23

HAHAHA Freya! This just CRACKED me UP! Where do you find that???? I really want a gourmet veggie pizza from Round Table. So there. Been thinking about it for two days. And then I had that garlic bread dream. Yum! Ahh, it's almost 9:30 and I need to eat my L&G. So yes, I'm hungry right now but won't be in a while.

Is it pre TOM for you? Is that why you're all whiny?.

Comment #24

Sorry you are always hungry..

It's been just the opposite for me. I haven't been feeling hungry at all for the past many weeks( since in ketosis). I'm extra grateful now after reading your post..

Hope it gets better for you..

Comment #25

Oh, Freya I believe in you..

And so does Richard..

Comment #26

Richard believes in all of us. Every. One. He can give the whole earth one big bear hug he's that powerful. The whites of his sneaks can blind attacking desserts. I have a tattoo of him to ward off the evil eye. My hero 8)))))))).

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I think there may be something to that full moon thing. Had a long day too and unfortunately I was a very bad girl, but tomorrow is another medifast day, we all will survive with the help of Medifast brownies and pancakes. Go Freya. You gave me inspiration tonight after I had to hang my head in shame..

Comment #28

I hear you, I have been OP since December 09 and I am 18lbs to goal and I want to be done. I still feel fat and tired and am ready to quit and just eat clean but I think I really need to make it to the end. I have been playing with this idea for the last month. I just don't know what to do. Stay OP I guess..

Comment #29

I think that the fact that people are noticing me that I'm overwhelmed with the attn. I posted something similar on Kurz's blog that even though I've only lost a lil over 30 lbs that my self confidence is what is blinding them. I carry myself different. I pay more attn to my make-up, my new hair cut...ect. Then I go home and put pj's on and I'm that scared fat girl inside. The confidence fades and I glimpse myself in the mirror and I'm like, 'it's temporary' In a few months it'll all come back.

It's not something temporary. It is truly making me think about every morsal that I put into my mouth. I am an emotional eater and have some medical issues that make it very hard for me to lose weight at all. The secret is that it is not just the pre-packaged food. It's the support, inspiration and motivation of all of the MFer's on the boards!!!!! Freya, you've been such a motivator (eek is that a word?) to me! We have such similar start and goal weights that it is utterly amazing to watch you shrink! But it's still a bit terrifying.

Ask for support. We're all on the same journey.


Gee, I hope that this makes sense it's early and I haven't had my coffee shake yet!.


Comment #30

Amy & Newfangled: LMAO!.

It really IS about all the support. :P.


Comment #31

It must be something in the air, because yesterday was not a day I was in love with MF. On top of a lousy 1 pound loss this week, I come home from my first day back at work yesterday and my girls are BBQing hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Oh sure, I got my super lean meat burger with the iceberg lettuce bun, but what I really wanted was to scarf down three or four hot dogs with onions and sauerkraut. And I hate hot dogs. And I'm not terribly fond of sauerkraut. But it smelled so much like the county fair it was intoxicating.

But I stuck to my guns and my own LG and made it through. Barely..

And today? I'm about to cook my morning oatmeal. Oh joy..

Comment #32

Thats one way to solve the poop problem;>.

Comment #33


Now you know what "MF" in the Medifast diet really means.....................................yikes..

Comment #34

I think there should be diet fairies. They have these big magic wands they lug around. When we whine about our diets, they clunk us on the head and tell us to "suck it up princess"..

Comment #35

Freya - I hope you feel better today. But..

DUDE!! I soooo hear you. I'm bored, bored, bored of this. I am so tired of being dizzy every time I stand up. I'm cranky that I could not eat my own birthday cake, and I'm having a love/hate relationship with the attention. (I normally love attention.... but WOW! I must have been SUPER fat before, for 190lbs to be "skinny") Gah!.

Aaaand, the months ahead are stretching waaaaay out in front of me in an ugly, expensive way. SO THERE!!!.

I think it's GOOD to whine now and then. Hmph..

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming..


Comment #36

Omg Leslie! .

I'm at 214 and being called skinny as well. It sometimes makes you wonder!!! .


Comment #37

Oh, it's simple. Just have ALL your healthy fats and snacks for the next week TODAY. That hunger is no match for a block of cream cheese covered in pickle spears..

(And no wonder you're hungry. Don't you know peanut butter is the same as pickle spears now? Have all your peanut butter for the week, that'll make you feel better!).

Comment #38

I think it has a little to do with body dysmorphia. Instead of being skinny girls in a fat body, we are now fat girls in a skinny (okay not SO skinny) body. I am so with Kim on this, no matter what people see, I know I am the fat girl, and it will all come back on me, always has, so you start playing mind tricks with yourself, that what is the use, I'm bored, it will take FOREVER to get to goal, and I will still be "fat" then (in your mind). No matter how well I do each week, I think about the weeks left! And yesterday, must of been something in the air, my husband was having pizza and I swear I could smell it outside a mile away, I had to get out of the house, or I think I would have strayed! Does anyone know if the "diet demons" had a convention yesterday? Because so many of us had a weird day yesterday!.

Comment #39

Choose your HARD.....Hmmm, where did I hear that before ;-).

Comment #40

Girl!!! Been there! DISTRACT yourself immediately: go shopping, surf the net, call a friend, have sex, read a magazine...SOMETHING! And then go to bed early. Tomorrow is a new day..

Comment #41

Ok I love everything about this discussion.. all of it is powerful and truthful and funny as hell. Freya I totally hear ya on the whine.. Im there, have been. Stay strong chick, we've got this.. These boards keep me from quitting trust me.


Comment #42

I totaly hear ya on this one. I have a love hate relationship with this diet. There is some days that I love this diet and there are some days that I feel so down and out and hate the diet. All I want to do is whine about it. It lasts for a few days and then it will go away. The important thing is to stay OP and it will work it's way through. You are doing great and you will get to goal even if you have to spit and sputter along the way..

Comment #43

I haven't read all of the posts yet, but I WAS THERE YESTERDAY!!! .

So, just so you all know my frame of mind, I am preparing for my lovely monthly visitor. He's been a beyotch since I started Medifast, I never had any problems with him before, but man oh man, since I started losing weight, it's been a nightmare.

Anyway, here's my conversation with myself..

"I'm hungry".

"You just ate your filling filling pretzels, how can you be hungry".

"I just am dam**t, give me food".

"No, don't blow it, be strong. You're just hungry because of PMS".

"I don't care WHY, just feed me, feed me Seymour".

"I will feed you in 2 hours".


Freya, I don't want to presume that it's TOM, because it may just be something else, but every month I have these feelings, and sometimes I eat 2-3 oz more steak, sometimes I just suck it up and be hungry. But it's always HARD. But I love your siggy, and I'm paraphrasing "Being fat is hard, being on a diet is hard, choose your hard"..

Comment #44

My baby is sitting next to me in his exer-saucer pooping his pants and I almost peed mine reading all these posts! I haven't even thought about how long it will take me to goal. I started to calculate and then thought, "Why bother?" Everybody needs to vent about this every once in a while. This is not an easy thing we're doing! Medifast does make it easier because it's so controlled ... but sometimes it's the control that we want to take back! Everytime I say Medifast around my husband he laughs because of the potential alternate meaning.

Yesterday I almost passed out while running errands around town. I know you aren't supposed to exercise for a while, but I never thought running around Target would constitute exercise. Anyhoooooooo ... I love you all and your dedication and your support and your whine and your losses and your jokes and your apologies for being human!.

We live to nibble our way through another day!.

Comment #45

I am with you sister! I miss pizza - and fruit - and bagels - and cereal - and ice cream - and chips - and tacos - and bread - and fruit (oh wait I already said that) - and bread - and pizza, - and sweet potatoes, - and yogurt - and pizza - and bread - and wait I am now chanting! I better stop!.

Comment #46

I miss EVERYTHING! Two days ago I had a peppermint tea with a tsp of agave & lemon to help ease a cold & I thought I would die from the guilt.

So not ONLY am I missing ALL the foods I used to eat....which is literally all of the foods you can imagine , apparently IF I do have a little something not OP I am rattled with guilt!!!!!.

I have no clue how long I will be on this & I am not allowing myself think of it...I am afraid that I will get depressed & discouraged..

BUT having lost 22lbs has been pretty damned despite the whining I will stick it out :-).

Comment #47

I hear you. Yesterday I made spaghetti and Texas cheesy toast for dh and the girls. It smelled great. I wanted it so badly. And the crazy thing is that I don't even really like spaghetti! The moment it was done I told dh that I was going to take a nap and the minute I got up I put on my gym clothes and went to workout to get out of the house. When I got back I just looked at my goal sheet taped to the fridge and realized that spaghetti wasn't worth it. If anyone is interested this little chart taped to the fridge has saved me more than once..

Comment #48

I love you all!!!! What wonderful posts to wake up to. And Jeannette- thank you for Richard!!! It's so great to know he believes in me..

It's such a treasure to know I'm not alone. This is HARD. Hard in it's success, hard sticking to it, hard to be patient, hard when it moves too darn fast with all the changes. I'm nowhere near TOM, so I can't blame that...

But I stayed OP another day, and will do so again today. And I'm here struggling through it with all ya'all..


Comment #49

Okay I haven't posted in awhile, but was shocked to see you write this. So here's my 2 cents worth... go to those Greek boys and sit your boney *** on their laps! They will surely make you feel amazing and give you some extra motivation to keep going and know the program is working. Because you look FABULOUS!!.

Not gonna lie it took me 4 months to stop feeling hungry (thought it would never happen) and is also the same time I got the boredom feeling you are having. Does it pass? I don't know just beware of complacency. You are an inspiration to so many, so no pressure! So keep it up and continue whining... it has less calories than those other items!.

Comment #50

I wish people weren't so shocked to hear me whine on a hard day... Just because I have decided that saying OP all the time is EASIER than the alternative, doesn't mean it isn't freakin' hard and a daily struggle!!! It's pure self-interest that keeps me on the straight and narrow. I can't imagine how hard this would become if I had to consider whether I could have a little of this or a taste of that or a "day off". Too many decisions, and too many clamoring inner brat voices!.

While a visit to the hotties down the street is always delightful, it has it's own problems. They say things like "you're not losing any more, are you?" and pay a lot of attention. And the attention is great and awful all at once. *sigh* Just so much to adjust to..

Music Gal, I am delighted to hear that after 4 months things changed for you. I'm almost 4 months in. I thought that people either had their hunger go away after a couple weeks or were stuck with how things were - so hearing that things can still change after all this time is fantastic..

It's not like I have the same gnawing desperate hunger all the time that I did at the beginning. But I go to bed physically hungry pretty much every night, and some days are worse than others. Much of the time I'm learning to enjoy or at least tolerate the feeling of physical hunger. But not all the time....

Thanks for sharing, darlin'!.

Comment #51

Also, just for the record, everything would probably seem a whole lot better if I could just poop properly. *grin*.

Sorry for the TMI! But the dreaded MFstipation has stuck!.

Comment #52

I feel your pain! Sometimes I just can't imagine HOW I am going to stay on this for so many more months then I get busy doing other things and before I know it I have forgotten my down, negative feelings and feel back in charge. You're a staryou can do this..

Comment #53

Freya, no one's ever heard the complaints from me, but I can't tell you how often I wanted to just pack it in. I mean look at my weekly losses. So d*mn slow. So many times I wanted to just throw the towel in. I didn't and now I'm in my last couple of weeks of transition. So my advice to you is do what you're doing.

Like you 100% was the only way to get 'er done. Can't wait to see you in T&M. That will be even more exciting..

Comment #54

RE the constipation issue, I had bought some tea when I was overseas this summer without reading the label. Turns out I bought senna tea. Also turns out, that senna tea is great for constipation. I had lots of unexplained runs to the toilet before I figured it out.

I know they sell it here in the US, that seems to work like a charm. I actually tried it once in the evening I realized what it was used for and the next morning was very eventful..

Comment #55

Thanks, MT! Yes, T&M will rock! My mind is gently starting to consider how I will handle my food plan and overall eating strategy. I can't wait to see how I end up managing myself long-term..

Big hugs for the slow loser who stuck it out....

Comment #56

Thank you! There are lots of constipation threads here already, full of ideas about senna, Miralax, flax seed, probiotics, fiber, etc etc. I'm heading over to the drug store because I've had it with rabbit pellets. *grin*.

Comment #57

You love this diet Freya! hahahahha I tried all sorts of things, flax, etc. I finally starting using a probiotic and that has helped a LOT!.

Comment #58

I wish I could have rabbit pellets! Thats better than my nothing :/.

Been using probiotic for 3 weeks...still nothing. Have to resort to laxative once a week for relief..

Comment #59

Probiotics and smooth move tea.

Citrucel caplets (recommended by NS) for when you need a stick of dynamite..

Comment #60

Honestly, I love and hate this diet too. Some days I am ecstatic that I am losing weight eating peanut butter bars, pretzels, puffs, ice cream, and iced mochas. Other days I want to stomp and scream and just have a freaking Quizno's sub. When I look at how long I have been doing this (almost 6 MONTHS) and how much longer I may need to stay on 5 & 1 (likely 5-6 MORE months!) I start freaking out a little, but hey, I spent almost two years prior to Medifast counting calories, working out, and fighting the same 10 pounds up and down. So this is far better than THAT..

Comment #61

And for you too. I thought it might help you to hear some of my truth..

Comment #62

What a great thread. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I've felt so whiney this week, and I'm glad I'm not alone!!.

On the constipation front, I've resorted to using a gel laxative stool softner. I'm going to take it daily, until something happens..

I just had to laugh out loud at the "stick of dynamite" post. I'm not sure I want to experience THAT so, I'll keep "citracel caplets" on the back burner. LOLOL.

Too funny..

Comment #63

I should add that I'm a whiner, and there ain't nothing wrong with a little whine! You're just such a strength that I view you as super-human! .

And ughh.. the comments. I've been getting them everywhere... when will my weight (even for the better) not be a topic of conversation? At the wedding that's ALL anyone would talk about... *sigh*. I'm never satisfied - not happy when they don't notice, but unhappy when they comment! LOL can't win! .

Ohh and I swear by my daily probiotic Definitely helps me out... most of the time. I bought the smooth move tea and everytime I go to use it a *miracle* happens. I still worry if I use it in the morning it will, but will happen during my early morning commute. Now THAT would be VERY bad indeed...

And I'm in the slow losers club too! We can commiserate together!.

Comment #64

I already take probiotics and flax seed oil every day. And I take psyllium capsules daily, 3 of them at night. I've been increasing it for maybe 5 days as things have not been doing what they should, and I'm up to 4 twice a day for the last 2 days..

Soooo... Miralax has been added to the mix. Wish me luck. I too fear dynamite..

Comment #65

I'm a little late to the conversation, but I wanna whine, for just a second, and then suck it back up..

I miss my glass of wine with dinner, I really miss it, more than m&ms, bread, pizza or anything else. I had a freak out two nights ago, and I could not say it was hunger, per se, I just wanted to chew on something substantial. I ate some turkey and 2 (yes I am confessing),2 EXTRA bars before I got ahold of myself..

I seem to be pulling out of the wallering and whining, (now just basking in the guilt) but I am glad to see that I am not alone..

Comment #66

Freya ~ I'm glad you posted this! All the "this is so wonderful", "I just love the food", "Oh so yummy food, too die for", yada yada yada (don't anyone get their panties in a twist over thisI'm not pointing fingers). But seriously people, if we had a choice of food it obviously wouldn't be MF, lol. I understand that remaining positive is a great mindset but it is extremely refreshing when I see a honest post that the majority of us are feeling but don't say..

Comment #67

I will whine with you anyday!!!!!! You can snack on my "terrible" two year old, he's actually really sweet inside.

Comment #68


Comment #69


I'm a little late chiming in and interjecting my 2 cents' worth on your blog topic: .

"I hate this diet".

I know this platitude and clich is bantered around on the Medifast boards, but it's soooo true: The Medifast Diet is very simple to follow, but it's not easy..

The reality is that the Medifast Diet/Journey takes a tremendous amount of hard work, energy and positive thinking to keep it in forward momentum, but it's worth it, because you are worth it. It will get better Freya, we promise you this. Hang on for the ride of your life because you will not only lose all your weight and be thin, but you will experience so many other wonderful life changing events in your life that makes this hard work on the Medifast Diet all worth it. That's a promise..

Freya, I know you are right, smack in the middle of the Medifast Diet/Journey (I remember what that was like - it's indelibly etched into my memory!), but if you frame this diet/journey around this thought process: This diet is a gift of freedom that will free you from food issues, will free you from weight issues, and will help you to get control of your life and life plans. That's a gift of freedom that is worth all this hard work you're doing now..

Also, if you would like a list of books that help TREMENDOUSLY with the Medifast Diet/Journey, feel free to email me and I will send that list to you..

Freya, use lots of positive self-talk and positive affirmations as they will help you get thru this. You have done such a fantastic job on the Medifast Diet/Journey so far, and have been an inspiration to so many of us to keep going on this weight journey. Thank you for that..

Better run, hubby's got four days off [again] this weekend and we're getting an early start with our four day weekend in just a few short hours. 'Off the boards till early next week..

Take care all,.

Have a great OP Day/Week,.

Many blessings to all,.

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was.

Comment #70

But look how great you look! Keep up the great work. Hugs!.

Comment #71

Have a sugar free jello and hang in til morning..

Comment #72

Doesn't she just? She's already looking va-va-voom. She'll be a blonde bombshell at goal..

Comment #73

Ok, I'm in my next to last week of transition and I still am missing my wine. It doesn't fit into my plan yet. I have to find spare calories that will allow me to have empty ones. Right now, it's all I can do to eat each day. There's no spare calories for wine. There's no room for it.

I'll save up for the holidays or the special occasions when it actually means something. It's just not worth having to go through 5&1 again to have that glass each week. It's not worth looking like I did before I started Medifast to have that glass. It is worth it waiting for the right time to have it and when I do I will savor it. I will enjoy it and it will be just one.

Comment #74

Love this! I just had this conversation with myself! .

Freya I'm totally with you on the ready to be done, I'm not having an awesome day. I don't feel like I've gotten any "thinner" OK sure the scale says so and the pants want to fall off but when I look in the mirror I still see the same dang fatty! GRR.

Stupid lame crappy dumb annoying good for nothing expensive diet I want a cinnamon roll! a real one! with raisins and nuts and warm gooey frosting ok done now thanks for letting me rant. Tomorrow is a new day!.

Comment #75

I want a giant bowl of fluffy just-steamed white basmati rice with tons of butter, sesame oil, and organic tamari. That's what I want..

*grin* Good think I have a dark chocolate antioxidant shake instead, because that'll really hit the spot!.

Comment #76

Honey, you are such a doll! Thank you.

Thanks to you too, Rezritr!.

Comment #77

I've been known to make mistakes but I don't lie..

Comment #78

That does sound amazing even though I never cared much for them LOL. But, I'd settle for the whip cream can... yup I know all the options and I want to shake that can, turn it upside down, and.... SQUIRT IT IN MY MOUTH. Yes, I said it and you know you do it too! But I'll have my lovely MFin brownie cuz I don't know what a real one tastes like anymore, so it's my version of food porn! But I can eat it!.

Comment #79

Ok girls .

Im gonna try to boost your spirits !!.

I am into 2nd week of transition after 7 months of sometimes agony, sometimes ectasy,sometimes full, sometimes hungry and lemme tell ya.

IT IS SO WORTH IT to finish up and stay op !!.

The feeling of accomplishment, the looks and stares, the attn from men ( even tho I am "old") make me feel like I have whipped the world !!.

Transition is great , but I still have to watch very closely, as I WILL NOT go thru this again.

I hear ya peeps , ignore the hungry days and just stay busy and guzzle water, have sex if you can ( ! ) walk,read...the hunger goes away within a short time ( till the next time ).

Hunger is not gonna kill us.

Being fat will !!!.

Luv and thinking good thots for you !! sue.

Ps feels great to look amazing in a pair of thongs !!! MT, MY BELLY-DANCIN GRANDMA., lets cheer them on !!! yeaaa for the mfers.

Comment #80

I so totally relate to this attention and being called skinny. It's amazing how differently people treat you! I had a moment of complete terror the other day because I was able to buy a size 8 skirt at almost 160 pounds?!?! Where did THAT come from? It's almost like I feel this isn't me, yet I know it is..

Comment #81

What Sue said!.

Comment #82

OMG Sue I'm in love with you!.

And I will try to have more sex. It's been a while. But I'll keep my eyes open. That's some seriously good advice..

Comment #83

I love this thread! yall are awesome. Keep going-even though you hate this diet. I will too..

Comment #84

Yes, get some more sex Freya! It does wonders for your mood and getting your mind off food and it's exercise to boot heheheh!.

Comment #85

Okay, so let me put this out there.

I'm up six pounds because I was having issues with all this and thought for a second that I could handle everything on "my own".

I'm having problems with the attention. Ummm hello, I'm still fat, but I'm getting looked at like I'm a pron star...ummm have I been that invisable all these years?.

Maybe I like invisible better..

Maybe I like fat better.

Maybe I need to stop being defined by being fat or not fat..

Maybe I need therapy .

Thanks for listening to me ramble..

Comment #86

You're not alone in that! I love my psychologist SOOOOOO much. Before I went on Medifast I did some intense work with her on the roots of my emotional eating. It made all the difference..

Comment #87

All I know is that I just went to lane bryant...I am contemplating a dress...I have not worn one in YEARS...the girl showed me an 18 & my daughter & her friend both said NO WAY....that will be huge on you...& you know what????? It was!!!! I am almost into the 14. YAY!.

So I whined a little on this blog before...but trying on clothes that are 2-3 sizes smaller then I wore 9 weeks ago, when a 3x & a 24 were snug, gives me a huge boost!.

So I am choosing my hard....losing weight!.

Thanks for starting this blog :-).


Comment #88

Oh & the extra sex is a definite benefit & beats downing a pint of ice cream in front of the TV.

Comment #89

Thank you Freya! I'm thinking I should talk to someone about it..

All of my friends look at me like I'm crazy when I bring it up, but I'm not used to being evaluated by the girls in the room for competition purposes and the guys in the room for other purposes, yanno?.

I'm used to just being me and usually being ignored..

Comment #90

Can relate! This will be something that I deal with a lot in therapy in the next few months as I continue to loose and become more visible. So far not many have noticed but I assume that will change soon..

Comment #91

It's not just being noticed, it's also realizing you are a thin person. I still read about all the diets in magazines and then realize I don't need to diet I need to maintain. It is a whole new mind set and some days it is a great joy and others it is still a shock. It's all good though! So stick with the program it really works and pays off. T&m is a new journey worth reaching..

Comment #92

I'm late to this game, but I wanted to share that the weeks I was struggling with "MF-stipation" were some of my worst and a huge struggle. I just felt physically terrible. I highly, highly recommend doing whatever you need to to get that straightened out. I had to try a number of things over the course of a few weeks... colace ended up being my answer. I think when some of those side effects we hadn't been having finally catch up to us lucky ones who delayed them, it can be both physically and emotionally/mentally challenging..

Comment #93

Sidenote... just read through the last couple pages and got some good ideas myself. Early to bed! heh. So true though..

Comment #94

Thanks for the tip! I am already feeling at least 40% better on this issue, since taking the Miralax. I'll hit it with another dose in the morning and hopefully get back on track. Sheesh!.

Comment #95

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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