How to be disciplined during Medifast diet?

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I'm stuck. In a very major way ... I'm stuck..

I can't tell you how often I fantasize about being thin and looking amazing. Unfortunately, I also fantasize about food. It's not just that food is part of any social gathering or celebration. I truly enjoy food. I love cooking and eating gives me pleasure.

Yes, in the past I ate when I was bored or depressed or happy or tired or whatever and whenever. That is the worst part of the disease known as obesity. But I also ate because I LOVE FOOD! I don't believe there is some psychological issue with my love of food. It isn't a substitute for anything that's missing in my life like relationships, or affection from others. Ultimately, what I think it comes down to is that I have to decide if I love food or if I love being thin. The problem is, I've had amazing food way more recently than I've been thin so it's hard to love something so intangible..

I'm still very much in love with the idea of MF. I just can't seem to find the committment that is necessary to be successful. I am struggling day after day to make the right decisions and do the right thing. I'm not sure what I'm looking for from my awesome MyMF community, but I need something! A slap in the face, a poke in the eye with a sharp pencil, a kind word, or some other kind of encouragement.


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Emily, I started Medifast the first time in 2006-I felt all of the things you feel, but I could never commit fully to being successful, and usually quit a few weeks in. I have always loved the idea of MF, honestly I think I thought about every day for 4 years, but I just wasn't ready. I can't say what the magic recipe is, but you have to be ready 100% to be successful on this program, and you know-it may not be the right time for you, and that's OK. The program will be here for you now or in the future, but I think you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself, and make that decision..

Good luck, and I hope you find the right answer in yourself, whatever it is.

Comment #1

I love food too. If I could eat full time, didnt have kids, and wouldnt die early or be immobile from it, I'd totally eat day in day out. But we have to find other things we love as much. Maybe a walk in the fall leaves, or working in an animal shelter, or taking a long bubble bath. It isn't food but it can become just as much a source of pleasure..

Comment #2

I have felt the exact same way. I don't need sweets or junk food - I just love food too! I love cooking and entertaining and of course eating. I get solace in being as creative as I can with the L&G meals and still cooking amazing meals for my family. Sometimes it's like a restaurant in my kitchen with my meat and potatoes husband and vegetarian son, but for me it's still creating so I enjoy it. There are no easy answers - it is all about the commitment - but it is still all about taking it one day at a time. You've lost weight! That should feel good.

Now I am ready and I hope that I can continue for the long haul. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself..

Comment #3

I've never thought of it this way, but you're absolutely right..

I've never been thin. I have no idea what it's like to like the way I look. But I do know what it's like to eat amazing and delicious food. It's a difficult battle between sacrificing something I know I love for something I think I'll love..

I guess I don't have any advice for you, but I can let you know that you're not alone..

Comment #4

Oh!! I just had a conversation with myself about this today! I too love food. I keep thinking "i'm not that fat". "why should I stop doing something that brings me enjoyment?". I guess that is why food can be considered an addiction and it certainly is for me. I'm only on day 5 and I feel like caving, but I'm holding strong and know when i'm on maintenance I can then incorporate delicious healthy meals, and cheat once in a while. Good luck to you!!.

Comment #5

I had this exact conversation with my husband today! We look around the same weight and goal weight.. I think we all have days like this.. Just stick through it!!!!!!!!!!.

Comment #6

Emily, I completely understand. I love food too! I love to cook food and I love to eat good food. So much so, that I became a professional chef so that I could work with food all day long and get paid very well for it! I have never been thin my whole life, but I always wished that I were. I see my friends wearing cute dresses, high heels, sleeveless tops, etc...and for years, I wore big ol' men's tee shirts and jeans. I want to look more feminine and wear cute clothes. I want to pass by a mirror and not hate myself. I don't want to dread getting on a scale..

I've never tried to diet before, but when I saw the results my dad had on Medifast it convinced me to give it a try. At first I thought the food sucked. Gradually, I have gotten used to it, and can honestly say I really enjoy some of it. I totally look forward to my L&G every day, and I try to make something really creative and delicious that doesn't make me feel like I'm on a diet.

The one thing that keeps me going is that I know if I can just get through these several months staying OP, eventually this will be over and I can go back to eating the foods I love in moderation. I think that when you want something badly enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it. For me, it means sticking to this diet until I reach my goal. Hope this helps..

Comment #7

I understand your struggles. Maybe it just isn't the right time for you. Or maybe it is. Only you can answer that. I did WW a couple years ago and only stuck with it a month. I lost 10 pounds (as you have) and then just fell off and couldn't get back on.

I guess it was just the right time for me. I wanted it bad and was determined to do it. So you need to find that place for yourself. Maybe a week, month, year. Whatever.

Comment #8


You've gotten some great responses already. I don't have much else to add. You can do this! I remember your zeal for Medifast when you first began a few short weeks ago.

You have multiple reasons, not only for yourself, but for your family to stick with Medifast and continue on with your investment.

Continue pressing through what you've already started. Yes, there are going to be tough days, but you can do this..

Are you writing down any goals? Taking some time to journal privately? I realize your schedule is busy, but these things might help if you aren't already doing so.

Write down some Pros and Cons about MF. After you make that list, see if you have a longer Pro list. For me, one of the top 3 - 5 would be I don't have to kick myself for not getting my excercise in. I would never be this far on something like Weight Watchers. I would have major guilt and condemnation if I was on Higher calories/Carbs and not getting my Excercise in..

Watch your Daily weighing. You can do this! (((((Emily))))).

Comment #9

Hi Emily. I have been sitting here in front of my computer for a long time trying to think of what I could say to you that would offer some encouragement and motivation. I just can't think of anything because nothing that anyone could have said to me would have made the least bit of difference in me making the decision to stop eating most of the foods I love and to try to get healthy. I love food too, all kinds of foods and flavors. I love trying new things and I enjoy cooking a great deal. BUT, I simply got to the point where I was miserable in my own skin.

I was worried about my health and I wanted to be able to enjoy the future and my someday grand kids. I was tired of feeling out of control of my own body (even though I was in control of everything that went into my mouth ). I hated that clothes didn't fit and that I had to sew up the inner thighs of my one pair of fitting pants (which I am keeping as a reminder) repeatedly so I would have something to wear to work. For me, it was like a switch flipped inside me that said "ENOUGH". I grieved for the foods I wasn't going to be able to eat on this program and at times it is still hard.

I have to remind myself to love myself more than I love food. I have to remind myself that habits and thoughts about things are hard to change and it takes time to do so. I have to make a decision each and every hour to stay on program (and it is getting easier to do so). Anyway, I guess what I am trying to convey is that it ALL came and comes from within me. When my reasons for losing weight became more important than the foods I love, it was TIME.

Perhaps your time is not today or tomorrow or perhaps it is. I wish you all the best as you try to figure out what to do and when to do it. It is certainly not an easy journey but it is easier when you are ready and it is worth it.

PS You are smart to come to the boards and to look for support from others who are on this journey. That's why I spend time here and why I go to the TSFL meetings. Journeys are better with company..

Comment #10

The thing is, is that Medifast meals are not for the rest of our lives. They are a tool to help us get to a healthy weight, and then to transition and then to maintenance. I know that I will always love to eat. I also know that when the extra me is gone I will have a new love and appreciation for food. I will finally see the good things that good food and portions can do for me..

So, get unstuck and get going! Pour all the love for food into one fabulous L & G and enjoy it thoroughly! Whip up some new OP meals and pass them on!!.

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You've gotten very good advice. I just want to add a few things As humans, we are hardwired to enjoy food. It's a survival instinct. Eating food makes us feel good so that we want more and will go find more. Thousands of years ago, it was necessary to have that instinctive drive. Today, food is abundant, and that survival instinct helps us become overweight and unhealthy from our eating habits..

I read about that in Dr. A's HOH, and it really helped me put it in perspective. I love to eat too, and that's because that's the way humans are made. What is important is to examine your true motivation to lose the weight. You really, really need to come to grips with the effects of your eating habits on your whole self. I, too, was once 'not so fat'.

You're a smart girl, Emily. Really think it through. I'm not making a judgement on your motivation, but in my experience in dealing with myself, wanting too look good has never been enough motivation to see me through and keep the weight off..

Comment #12

Wish you luck with whatever choice it is that you make!.

Comment #13

Thank you all for your words. I agree with CEllis that you simply have to love yourself more than you love food. It hurts my heart that this apparently is not already the case for me. I have had a 100% OP day and I plan to do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. You are all witnessing my recommitment. I can and will do this! Thanks again for the support!.

Comment #14

I take it hour by hour, not even day by day. I have tried so many diets and lost weight so many times that I get downright embarrassed that I'm on yet another diet, but I'm gonna do this and you can too!!!.

Do you have any pictures of yourself at a weight you looked good at to post on your fridge? I have also tried hanging the pair of jeans I want to fit in on the door of my closet or even my pantry as a constant reminder..

I have also typed out a list of things to do other than eat and taped it to my fridge/pantry..

(go for a walk around the block, call my mom, take a bath, read a book, etc.).

Keep at it, and fake it til you make it!!.

Comment #15

Emily, I have to tell you that every time I see you post I say "She is so beautiful!". Really, not in a creepy way, I just think you are very pretty. I cannot imagine what you would look like at goal since you are a doll now.

That being said, I agree with so many of the comments you have gotten. It sounds like you are not happy as you are, correct? I mean you want to lose weight. You just love food more right now.

It doesn't seem from your ticker that you are terribly overweight, so maybe that adds to your complacency on that. I have been near 300 not so long ago- I am not yet to where you started and it will be the first time I have been under 200 for over a decade, so it looks really good to me. I was really miserable large and still am at this weight, although I feel more "normal". I mean I am not so fat now that I stick out as the largest person in most rooms. I am no longer winded walking across a parking lot or tired at 7 or just too worn out to play with my kids.

Still if you are overweight there are health risks. Everyone has their own reasons for being here. Mine are different from some I am certain. I was worried about health, but largely because I have a severely disabled son and did not want to leave that on my husband to deal with alone. We had him together, I hope for many years we will raise him and care for him together.

For me it is also a faith issue. I believe as a Christian my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be treated as such, not stuffed full of chocolate and sugar. My biggest reason was that I felt it was hurting my testimony. People look at me and see a glutton, someone who has no control instead of the beauty that is Jesus Christ. I am ashamed of that, as I never want to bring harm to His name.

Of course, I would like to look better, especially for my doting husband who is blind to the rolls and loves them. Somehow the man never sees a pound gained. I adore him! He deserves a thin, healthy wife- he has certainly put in his time with the large one. My children also deserve a Mom who is a good example and plays with them and honestly is not embarrassing to them- not that they ever said a word.

What I am saying is you need more motivation and to take a hard look at your life and why your doing this. Mine isn't mostly about me and my benefit. Some people it is and that is OK. I guess it needs to be what motivates you.

Do you have other people around who are supporting you and helping to push you? My DH and oldest daughter have been great for this. Also, success is sweet, isn't it? Getting out pants I could not wear for months and having so many things too big is awesome.

I hope you decide to stay around. Of course, if you feel this isn't the time- wait until it is. Sometime it will be. Wouldn't it be better though if this was it- the last time you need to do this. I am LIVING for that. I NEVER want to go through this again! Who else is SICK of dieting.

I wish you all the best. Sorry so long!.

Comment #16

Good for you! That determination to do it a step at a time makes all the difference! Go to bed tonight proud of yourself and wake up in the morning with your positive attitude. At the beginning, I just got from meal to meal...recommitting after each meal to get through the next 2-3 hours OP. And low and behold ..... baby steps = giant steps.

PS I can tell you care about yourself, Emily. Otherwise, you wouldn't have asked for support. For me, I just have to remember that eating the whole bag of M&Ms or the 2000 calorie gourmet meal wasn't manifesting the love I feel for myself (even though it sometimes felt like it while I was eating but not after )..

Comment #17

Freedom99. why does your blog not mention medifast? you have a blurb about how you are losing weight with counting calories and exercise. technically true, but why not let them in on the secret?.

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Comment #19

I think you have room in your heart to love both yourself and food. I think you just need to realize that you are the first priority. I would also suggest that you turn your love for food into a sort of passion. Try turning it into a love for healthy natural foods. Make it a game to find a new veggie once a week or a new kind of lean. Once you get into T&M you can all other foods.

I would also suggest getting some new cook books that give you ways to prepare healthy foods for you and your family that will still give you the pleasures of cooking. There is some amazing things that you can make out of all fresh healthy products. Just turn your passion around a little. I think it will be easier than going cold turkey. It will also benefit your entire family.

Just remember you have to think of yourself first. I know as a mother that is hard but trust me things get so much better for everyone when you do..

Comment #20

My advice is to focus on your health first, and creatively visualize Medifast food as something nutritious/delicious for your body. After you reach your goal weight you can enjoy foodie experiences (which I agree, are very rewarding!). You might also want to try and imagine your life 20 years from now, and think about how you want to feel and look then (like at your child's high school graduation for instance), and what health risks may be prevalent in your biological family you want to avoid. Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!!.

Comment #21

Good Morning, Emily. I'll be thinking of you today and sending good, strong, "well-power" thoughts your way!!!!.

Comment #22

Emily you have to want to do this for sure it's not easy. I keep telling myself that NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS and I just keep reading the posts all these wonderful success stories and inspirations. I am like you I love food and I am a gourmet cook everyone loves my cooking including me. Now that I am day 13 I have been looking back at my diet in general and realize all my cooking centered around CARBS and I know after years of dieting that is what has done this to me it's the carbs nothing else ! I am addicted to them can't do a meal without a carb so this is the best way to go for me. Yes it's very hard and I am very jealous of those who just eat and don't worry about what they are eating. I had to grow up and realize I was being a spoiled brat I want the easy way out I want a magic pill.....I need to just learn to take control and take responsibility for being fat ! I make the choices that cause it and it really is as simple as stop eating that which makes you fat !! You can do this we all can do this but you have to want it more than the food ! Hang in there !!.

Comment #23

Insert LOUD Applause! Way to go!.

Comment #24

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