I can't decide what camera is best for me.
I'm trying to pic the right digital camera out. I keep trying to decide between the S410, the A95 and S500. My dad has the A95 and I had the S410 for a bit. Both take really good pictures. I did find myself playing with manual settings on my dads cam a bit and I really like the twisty LCD and Battery life running on 4 2400mah NIMH Cells..I could fill up alot of memory with that! I need a good camera for taking pictures out at the desert, I found the 30 second video t 640x480 to be really clear in comparison the the S410's I used, I got enough small clips to put together and make a little ATV video. There is alot of thing the S410 has over the A95 though, Size, metal case, better Cf card door (IMO) and comes with a rechargable so I don't have to buy my own.

So then I looked into getting the S500, but fromt he review it says the pictures are kinda crappy compaired to the S410, and that the A95 is superior to both. :( I don't know what to get now! I always wanted a msall really clear camera, but the A95's batteries were good for more than all weekend long, I liked the twist LCD (protects the LCD form scratches when I put it in my pocket), the A95 still fits in my pocket but not as nicely, and it's all plasticy compaired to the other 2... Why can't canon just make a good 4mp elph with excelent video like the A95! :( Any suggestions? I can't buy one of each!..

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In my opinion you wont find the perfect camera but I give the advice someone gave me also. He you buy a photo camera then make it best for camera is for photos, video camera is for video, I suggest you get the best camera for photos and then borrow some video camera for the trip in the desert Good luck..

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Yea, actualy I feel the same way, but I take this camera on rides on my atv, so I can't exactly run back to camp to go grab a video camera when the appropriate time for one comes up. I would actualy have to carry 2 cameras with me. so it's nice to have some type of decent video on the still cam when I go on rides. I love the pocketability of the 410/500 for day to day use, but the extended battery life of the A95 owns! + all the other cool things like the twisty LCD etc. If I could get a better understanding of why the S500 did so bad on the Daves Box test as opposed to the 410, I think it would be the camera of my choice. It has the video I want, the larger MP (might come in handy), but if it has worse pictures than the 410 then that kind of ruins it!...

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You have to decide what's most important to you. The S410/S500 are some of the tiniest ultra-compacts on the market, but in making a camera that small you have to sacrifice features. With a flip-out rotating LCD, manual controls, support for conversion lenses and scene modes, the A95 offers more flexibility and control but is larger than the ELPHs. To be honest, the movie mode on Canons aren't as good as those offered by other companies. I've always gone with Canon because I think they have the best photo image quality and I don't record video clips, but you should check out the Sony P100. It has good image quality with better movie mode and LCD than the Canons in an ultra-compact size...

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Thanks, I was already looking into this camera but it seems like I'm sacrificing image quality again for better video. Id say 80% I want good image quality and 20% good video. I have sceen the 30 seconds of 640x480 on the A95 and it looks good enough for what I would use it for (filming quads and dirtbikes jumping etc when I'm off on a ride. I assume the S500 has the same video, but it almsot appears worse than the P100 for image quality? Also I heard the sony's video isnt that good for being 640x480, even those it has 6 more fps per second than the canon. I HATE the buldge in my pocket with the A95, but it appears I might have to suffer Too bad they could not get the S500 to take as good of pics as the 410 or that would be my perfect camera.. Another thing, I only have store credit so the S500 is going to cost me the full $399, however, the S410 is only $50 less so thats not really an issue!..

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If you really require good video with your digicam, Canon is not the best choice available in the market. Consider looking at the Sony DSC-W1. The feature set of the W1 is similar to the A95's but the Sony's video function is IMHO superior. Not only can you shoot video in MPEG format, you can do so up to the capacity of the camera's memory card (in the A95 video length at the highest resolution is limited to 30 seconds). As video function was not an important concern for me I bought the Canon A95 over the Sony W1 because I just believe the Canon camera is superior to the Sony in what it offers...

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Which pics have you been looking at? Personally, I think the S500 has excellent image quality, significantly better than the Sony P100. Comparing pictures taken by friends, I think the S500 is sharper than the S410, although it does have more noise especially at higher ISOs...

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I was reading the review on this site and a few others that clames the 410 is shaper and less noisy and takes better pictures in incandescent light than the S500. You can really see a HUGE difference on the Dave box test with the 500, as well as the incandescent lighting test, it looks really crappy because the colors are bleeding so bad n the dave box. I think I decided video is not that imporant to me although it really is to some extent. S500 would be my second choice, because I don't need 5MP over 4, so the loss of image quality is not worth it to me. I just read that canon will be putting the new Digic II chip into the elph line in the near future so it will be possible to have a 410 quality elph sized camera with full-streaming video at 640x480 30 fps, while taking as good or better pictures than the S410 and having more shooting modes...Unfortunately although I would love to get it I have to get a camera now because I only have store credit for 14 days. another 6 months and it sound like I woud have had my dream camera.

But if they come out with an S400/500 or even an A/series sized camera useing the same technology it is sure to be a winner. Looks like I bought into the ultra compact just a few months too early I know there is always going to be something better, but hey, this would have been a dream camera for me. I guess it's better to expect less from an elph than an A-series though, so this would create reason enough to buy a second camera in the A-line as soon as they make it with the digic II chip. :P..

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Hello, I am a owner of the A95, I looked at the W1 before buying and made my choice for the Canon for the reasons stated above... What you seem to be looking for is an ultra compact camera which has some average movie possibilities and good image quality. Now, just about every Canon camera seem to fall in the average movie for you, since all I know have at least 640x480 movies with sound for 30seconds... IMHO the 30 seconds makes the camera not so amazing for movies, but keep in mind it's a camera, so it is amazing to be able to make small movies with it. Now as others have said, other brands such as Sony will give you better movie quality and longer movies than most Canons. So, the next point is image quality...

The S500, the SD200 and SD300 do not deliver as good image quality ? Well, what I have to say about that is that you should see for yourself. Sure enough the people who reviewed the cameras were precisely looking at every little details and comparing cameras between each other. Why not try the SD200 or SD300 to see if their picture quality pleases you. Don't just base your opinion on what reviewers said, because in the end, you will have to live and to see the pictures with your eyes... and if your eyes can't see the difference, why not go with it ?

Here is a good place to start

Look at the pictures amateurs took with the different cameras... Some pictures will look crappy to you, but keep in mind the emotionnal factor behind pictures and just look at the best ones... If they could do it, then it's because the camera can take pictures that great. The A95 is great for many reasons, but it seems like you want a more compact camera... and while other cameras may not have as great battery life, they should surely be good enough to last you 1 day...

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