I am so hungry during Medifast program!

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I am on week two, and have some days were I am starving all day! Is it possible to do the program 4 and 2? Having something more to eat at lunch make a difference? I have only lost one pound this week, so that makes it really frustrating. My first week I lost 5 pounds. Don't know how realistic it will be to continue the 5 and 1. Anyone else losing doing 4 and 2?..

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Amy the people who do 4 and 2 appear to be the ones who want to exercise as much as they did before mf. They seem to lose, but slower, I sometimes split my lean and green into two meals. You can still have a Medifast with one of them to make sure you consume 5 and it makes it very satisfying. My new thing is to make an 8X8 inch frittata with 2 cups egg beaters and 2 cups veggies and I cut it into 4 pieces. I have that for 1/4 of my lean and 1/2 cup of my veggies. Then I still have 3/4 of my leanest lean left and can have a big 2 cup salad and a cup of soup. Love it!!..

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I have been afraid to return to exercising because I am already so hungry without it. So maybe I will do the lean and green split on those days. Thanks for the feedback!..

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I do 4 and 2 a lot of days..I worked 12 hour night shifts so sometimes I eat lunch at 1am then when I wake from sleep I eat dinner at 5 or 6pm if it's my day off. I also love to exercise! I usually exercise about 1-2 hours a day. I'm addicted. I say 4 and 2 is probably better than what you were eating try it and see how you feel.. For me, as long as you are losing you r doing great and eventually you will reach your goal. If you r starving than eventually you r going to give in and binge....that's the way I see it...

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Amy, maybe you could share a day or two of your menu and we can help you see if everything looks on plan? Do you log your food? What is your average carbs per day? Maybe you can try splitting the L&G so you can eat more often. Egg beaters are very filling...

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My 5th week was miserable! week six is going well so far......not so hungry!..

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Thanks for the help! I have been OP and have not cheated once. About 70 carbs per day and I am logging my food daily. Some days are just worse than others and since I am only about two weeks in, I hope that I will adjust. I really think that I am going to try splitting my L and G on the days I work out. Didn't think about having a Medifast meal then too if I am hungry. Great advice!..

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Amy: 70 is low in carbs. I shoot for that because it seems to work best to be on the low side, but I wonder if you need a few more. I would pose this question on the medifast nutritionist threads because they seem to give really good advice. I think it would help them if you break down a typical day of food for them...

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I split my L and G every day, I eat the "optional 10 Almond snack" everyday and I eat one maintenance bar for a Medifast meal which we are allowed to do. None of this puts you off of plan, but might make it easier. Just sharing what's worked for me...

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I've noticed that egg beaters (had 2 cup last night, wow too much) and shrimp are VERY filling, splitting them up into 2 meals would probably save you some hunger pains(although I'm not sure if you like egg beaters or shrimp)...

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Yeah, if you want bigger L&G definitely check out the meatless options. You get a ton of food...

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The hunger usually gets better, but the whole time I was on 5&1 I had days I was hungry and other that I was not. You just have to stay strong through your hungry days and use the snack if you need them. I think you are low on carbs and should be getting 80-85 a day that is what I was getting and managed to lose over 3lbs a week. Don't worry to much about not loseing much in week 2 I think for some reason week 2 is a slow loss for many even on TBL show so hang in there it will get better. Try some of the ideas above before you do the 4&2 and see if that helps..

Best of luck to you...

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Thanks for all the great advice! I will be trying some different things this week with splitting some of the L and G meals on the days I exercise. looking for more loss next week!..

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