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What do you think about hypened named compared to non hypened domains?.

Eg. vs

I know this topic is one that people disagree a lot on, so I'm curious what people here think...

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I'd always go unhyphenated first, but I dont mind hyphenated domains if i'm plannin to get SE traffic...

Comment #1

Unhyphenated for a white hat site, hyphenated for a spam site...

Comment #2

There is no why that a hyphenated site will ever succeed if you want people to remember it and comeback. If you are only after SE traffic then the hypens don't matter. In the other instance hyphens just kill domain recognition. Imagine if it had been How far do you think that would have taken them?..

Comment #3

Unhyphenated for easier recognition, I'd say, but I wouldn't completely write off the hyphenated domains. Not a same thing, but look at, I know it by name but actually had to google in to see how exactly it is spelled...and it didn't stop them from being popular.. has a hyphen in it and is still a big & easily recognized webmaster forum...

Comment #4

Don't do it, everybody recognizes hypen-infested domains to be spammy...

Comment #5

One day many years ago, some dumbass said that hyphenated domains are great for SEO. This is one of the many idiots who say this as an OPINION where they want to sound like a guru, so they pawn it off as a fact. How is it, that everytime I would do SEO on a non hyphenated site up against all of those annoying hyphenated ones, I would always end up beating them, even if I didn't have the keyword in my domain name. The answer, is because it's all a load of crap. Hyphenated or non, if you are making a website, you want it to be remembered for the most part. People have enough trouble remembering a domain with one hyphen in it, how the hell do you expect them to remember one with 2-5?..

Comment #6

I agree. I've never gotten any benefit from having a hyphenated domain name..

I had 2 domains, each getting linked from the same site. Both in very similar categories, with similar names. One had a hyphen, the other didn't. The hyphen didn't help...

Comment #7

But if you can get a good 1 hypen domain where the hyphenless domain has gone, is that still ok. Or is a not so good non hypen domain still beter..

Comment #8

I have loads of hypen domains - I have no problem with that at all - infact I have choosen hypen domains over a non hyphen domain when I had the choice of both..

No SEO problems at all so far..

Comment #9

I think what we have established is everyone has an opinion. Many of them differ, so we still don't know which opinion is right...

Comment #10


From an seo point I think it makes no difference I just prefer.


Just my preference..

Comment #11

Hyphons are harder to remember. They aren't as intuitive, so you'll have fewer return visitors...

Comment #12

I think that it's best to look for a similarly good, or better, non-hyphenated domain name...

Comment #13

I have a hypened name. it's ranked number 1 in google for it's keywords and number 1 on MSN and yahoo as well..

Having said that I prefer non hypened names myself, way easier to remember..

Comment #14

I'd get the hyphen, it doesn't have the much of an impact imo...

Comment #15

I'm hoping one or two hypened names don't get penalised. There used to be the theory that hypened names were more human friendly for people to read. Of course when you have to spend 20 minutes explaining what a hypen is then it sort of kills it...

Comment #16

Hahaa I know what you mean there - I'm so used to hypens now I just prefer them..

Comment #17

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