Hybrid or NiMH rechargeable batteries
I am getting the Canon A570 IS soon and I need to buy some rechargeables..

I already know the advantages of hybrid batteries, but I realize that the Eneloop, for example, only has a rating of around 2000 mAH, while most NiMH rechargeables can have a rating of 2500 or 2700 mAH..

Since the A570 has slow flash recycle times, which battery will give me better performance, the hybrid or NIMH?.

I would probably be taking lots of pictures during the first few weeks with my camera..

Also, which case should I get, the Canon PSC-60 soft case or a CaseLogic made of Koskin? I want to provide the best protection for my camera without being too bulky..


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I suggest that you only get the hybrid type..

Those of us who used the NiMHs from the start followed them up from 1300 to 1600 to 1800, 2000, 2300, 2500, now 2650 (which I never bought since trying eneloops). But I wish they always were this new "hybrid" type. That is all I use now, and my standard 2500s (and lower) are in the "too good to throw away but I don't use them" box with other camera and electronic stuff..

Just get this new type and follow them up the same way. They're 2000-2100 now. That is good enough..

The 4 brands known to me, at this time, are Sanyo Eneloop, Rayovac Hybrid, Kodak "Pre-Charged" (look carefully at the package), and "Hybrio"...

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NIMH will substantially outperform hybrids, but the convenience of not having to charge them all the time makes hybrids better for casual users...

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Thank you for the replies. I am not too sure how often would I use my camera. But I could easily take up to a hundred shots in one day when I do..

I've seen the poor flash recycle time of my friend's A710 IS, and I would like to minimize this as much as possible. How many seconds, give or take, will the difference be between using 2700 NiMHs with say 2000 Eneloops?.

If the difference is not that significant, I would definitely get the Eneloops. But I'm wondering if, like for a night out, the 2700 NiMH's would last a significant amount of time longer. Especially since I've said I could take as much as a hundred shots in one go...

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I have switched over to Hybrids from 2500MHA standard NimH batteries and will never go back. My energizer batteries seemed to self discharge so quickly it seemed if I charged them at the beginning of the week and did not use them by the end of the week if I tried to use my external flash the recharge times were 2x-3x longer than normal..

With the new Hybrids I can leave them in their unused for weeks on end and when I turn on the flash it powers up very quickly and the recycle time is normal..

If you have a freshly charged set of 2700 NimH vs 2000 or 2100 Hybrid you will not see a recycle difference until the batteries are almost dead. NimH and Hybrid batteries seem to preform well until the very end and then it is a sudden and dramatic decline..

Personally I will never spend my money on standard NimH batteries again it's just not worth it when the Hybrids cost about the same and come charged and hold a charge so much better..

Mr. Fixitx..

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If you're going to put the batteries in and start doing a lot of shooting immediately afterwards high cap NIMHs will be ahead by a lot..

If you are only shooting occasionally and your batteries are floating around in your bag for a month or so before being put in the camera anyway then the hybrids are better..

Really though there's not a huge difference in most cases, and unless you're a regular keen photographer it's probably worth the low self discharge ones simply for convience..

Hight capacity NiMHs have 2700ish mAh but lose 10% odd in the first day and about 30% in the first month.After 1 day : 2300 nimh vs 2000 low self dischargeAfter 1 month they're probably about the same (1800 odd).

The eneloop site itself seems much more generous about NIMH discharge than other things I've read and say that NIMHs hold 75% of their charge for six months.... I suspect they're talking regular low cap NIMHs which lose charge less rapidly and have about the same starting charge as an Eneloop..

RobertFuji S6500fd newbie..

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Thank you for the replies. I think most gave favorable reviews of hybrid batteries, and I think those are what I would be getting...

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