Hungry this week during Medifast

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I just want to whine a little and brag a little and express my complete and utter incredulity a little... I have been STARVING this week, but OMG I figured out why! I dropped 5 whole pounds in 6 days. Who does that after the first week? I'm not sure I even did that the first week!!!.

Still hungry. About to cave and have my soup 22 minutes early, because I don't think I'll make it to 10:30.

Who's having a hungry day with me?..

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Holy cow! That is awesome!.

I think the weather makes me hungrier, oddly enough. That crisp fall air...

Comment #1

Congrats on the loss!.

Today is my first day and I was fine up until now. I had a bar for breakfast and a shake mid-morning. I had a soup for lunch and I am still hungry! It's going to be a long 2 hours until I can have something else. I'm chugging water in hopes that it will fight off this hunger...

Comment #2

Hungry - but oh so worth it girl! Hang in there!..

Comment #3

So far I have been hungry EVERY SINGLE DAY.....I hate to say that and scare away newcomers, but for me it is true. I have just come to accept that it is what it is......

Comment #4

I'm good on the hunger scale but trying to plan ahead for tonightgoing out for a friend's 50th birthday. Going to a restaurant that is known to be food allergy friendly.Good for both my food allergies and MF...

Comment #5

I'm with you on that, Bailey. I too am hungry every single day. But some are worse than others. 2 nights ago I couldn't sleep I was so ravenous, and a sleeping pill still didn't keep me down more than 5 hours..

But I am learning that hunger doesn't kill me, and I can enjoy the feeling most of the time now. Not like it's FUN or anything, but as a not-bad sensation that is a regular companion. I go to bed physically hungry every single night.....

Comment #6

Hi All, I am so thankful for having found Medifast. Actually, my brother and his wife are on it and their results have been amazing! They got me hooked on Medifast. I've been looking for this diet all my life! Even when I'm hungry, it's a good kind of hungry cause I know I'm burning calories and inches. And, my arthritic knees are practically painfree since I've taken off the weight. Can't wait to shop for new wardrobes!.


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Comment #7

Freya! OMG! THat is fantastic! You know alot on the boards say the weeks when you hungry, you lose more..

I am sorry your dealing with hunger. I was lucky and only did when I was stressed. Could law school be causing some "stress hunger"????.

It seems like yesterday you hit Onderland.... and look at you now!!..

Comment #8

Remember, you can have an extra Medifast meal when you're just starting out...

Comment #9

I read somewhere that sipping on hot water with boullion helps a bit. Most of you guys are way more Pro at Medifast than I, however, so I feel silly even giving suggestion. lol..

Instead I offer support....

Hang in there, hungry ladies!! Happy Friday!!..

Comment #10

That's not actually part of the plan, and personally I think it's bad math because it can easily put you over on carbs and take you out of ketosis. Better to have some lean protein if you must cheat. Best to have some chicken broth, pickles, or a diet soda and gut it through the first few days!..

Comment #11

Hi! I have had those moments beleive me!! But keep a 100 cal pack of almonds on hand, sometime even half a pack will keep you off the edge. They've been life saver for me, otherwise I am sure I'd be missing body parts from nawing them off! LOL.

Good Luck and keep up the good work!..

Comment #12

No, you're right - bouillon/broth saved me at first! Also sleeping pills! *laughing*.

But after a little while you really *learn,* in your bones, that hunger isn't an emergency. I resort to chicken broth maybe once or twice a month now? Diet sodas sometimes. And then just suffering patiently...

Comment #13

I don't know why we can't blame law school for ALL my problems. Seems like a good scapegoat to me..

I try to be aware of the sources of my hunger, and I think I'm doing pretty good on identifying when angry/lonely/bored makes me want to eat. But stress - it's kind of like air, so how do I tell?.

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! It's pretty cool, and also great to be in the 160s!!!..

Comment #14

Woohoo Freya! Now I am *praying* for a hungry day. My first goal is taunting me with the slowest 3 lbs to lose in history...

Comment #15

I too am hungry..i hate to sound silly but what is this Onderland you all speak of?..

Comment #16

Interesting. It's not in my materials either, but I've been told it so many times by MFers, that I just assumed I had missed something. Still, it may be a better option than binging on Oreos...

Comment #17

I'm hungry today too! I've checked out my last few days and the water is lacking. Back to it for me. I'll also have celery today to fill that gap.

Yay Freya!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I wish I had those little cheerleader smilies.

Hunger for me almost always equals stress. I'm just wired that way. Water helps so much. Your suggestion of diet pop is a lifesaver for me too. Crush Diet cream soda made with splenda, it is soooo good on it's own or in a vanilla pudding with ice. Yum yum..


Twoterville and Onederland are significant at getting your weight down to.

"299" or "199".

It feels SOOOO good!..

Comment #18

That is WONDERFUL! Congratulations on your hard work, the loss, and sticking out the hunger. Your success gives me hope for the months ahead. I'm only on week three, but I've had very hungry days myself... it reminds me, though, how much I ate when I wasn't hungry before.....

Comment #19

I don't think that I am all that hungry. I want to chew something. Today is my first day also. I had eggs and a shake mid morning. I am not feeling full, may I have to get some gum or something. The drinking of my meals will take some getting use to.


Comment #20

Something I have learned in my mere 3 weeks of Medifast (I have lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks ) there is a difference between an empty stomach and true hunger. Those first few days were tough for me too, but I sort of think I needed to go through that with no extra snacking for extra food (with the exceptions of a pickle spear or cup of broth) to get to the other side. Newbie here too, so take me for what I and happy on MF. I also have grown to appreciate an empty stomach because I somehow feel lighter. Oh the tricks I play on myself......

Comment #21

I started on Tuesday and was really hungry through yesterday. Today is my 4th day and it is alot better. I added a Medifast meal those days but probably would have been better to add some more protein. I still feel like I have lost weight just in 4 days. I am sure it is alot of water. I also split my LG meal yesterday and that seemed to help. My friend who has lost 61 lbs assured me the hunger will get better and I do think on day 4 it is!!!..

Comment #22

"Onederland" is that mystical, magical place when your weight no longer begins with any numeral other than the numeral 1....i.e. 199.9 or less!..

Comment #23

Sarah, I sat at 200 for TEN DAYS. Slowest pound EVER..

If someone didn't answer the Onederland question, it's when you drop below 200 and your number starts with a ONE HOORAY!!!..

Comment #24

I started mid-sept and was pretty hungry too at first. By about week 3 you start to get used to eating to live rather than living to eat. I finally quite craving everything I saw. Getting over carb withdrawal is really hard, but once you do, it's so much better. Thank goodness my family was patient with my crabbiness those first two weeks! Hang in there!!..

Comment #25

I was extra hungry and it was on the days I wasn't drinking all of my water. I've been drinking all of my water again and have not been as hungry. Congrats on the five pounds!!!..

Comment #26

I'm right there with you guys. Even though I'm not doing Medifast anymore and counting calories now, yesterday I wanted to chew off my husband's arm.

Congrats on the 5-pound loss, Freya!..

Comment #27

<waving arm in the air>.

I'm HUNGRY! It's only day 2...I have 1 more hour to go before I can eat. Tick.....tock.....tick.....tock. I've been around the block a lot w/ like someone said, it's actually not that bad a feeling. Thanks for the tips here that I've forgotten about. Gotta get some bullion today!..

Comment #28

Freya that's fantastic! I hope you enjoyed your soup...

Comment #29

Congrats on those 5 lbs! I am only hungry in the late afternoon. Mornings, I usually have no appetite. Evenings can be hard sometimes...

Comment #30

Thanks, everyone!.

Now of course I'm counting the minutes until L&G. Crab salad today!!!..

Comment #31

If you look on page 74 of The Secret Is Out book it says you can have an extra medifast shake in your first few days if you're really struggling with hunger. However, I agree that if you have to have something extra better to have a lean protein and not risk losing ketosis..

I just started day 5 and I am having the opposite problem. I have NO hunger and I am forcing myself to eat. My health coach tells me this can happen and will usually balance out after a week or two and to just make sure I eat all 5 and my L & G. It's funny I never thought I would be "forcing" myself to eat...

Comment #32

Oooh, I've been feeling the same way and hoping it meant an upcoming "whoosh". I'll let ya know!..

Comment #33

Huge PROPS Freya!!!!!!! You've worked hard on this! Bravo...

Comment #34

Wow, thats great! I lost 5 pounds this week!..

Comment #35

My hunger comes in waves, as well. Next time I get it I will embrace it in the hopes that I, too, will lose five pounds in a week. That's AWESOME!..

Comment #36

Freya, a) you rock and b) i'm jealous b/c this week has been the hungriest I have ever been since being on MF. like, way worse than week 1. And yet the weight is not coming off... I even gained last week. grrr...

Comment #37

]OH man, this is the beginning of my third day back and I woke up at 3 am HUNGRY , but here it is at 535 am I got up and had my coffee. I also am trying to make a habit of drinking at least 8 oz of water before I am out of bed.

I am trying to remember that it's ok to be hungry too.... the cold weather is approaching really fast here so I may be drinking some veggie broth or getting back into my flavored teas to help keep hunger pangs away..

Day three is beginning and even with the hunger pangs, it feels great...

Comment #38

LOL, ok, it's early and I am hungry... I guess that is why part of my response went into the quote area of my previous post...LOL wow, gotta finish this coffee !!!.

I will edit it and try and fix it.... hope this isnt a sign of how the day will unfold....

Just kidding, I am in control and in charge of how my day unfolds.

Coffee is delish this morning.... thank God for Keurig!..

Comment #39

Whoa, GREAT job!!!! Eat the soup and chug down a few glasses of water. Course, I'm late to this thread, so you already did what you did. LOL..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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