How your body looked after Medifast?

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I haven't lost a significant amount of weight yet, but I am curious to how skin/bodies underneath clothes act for different people at their goal weight.....

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I'm not at goal yet so maybe it doesn't matter much, but there is a whole lotta less jiggling goin' on!..

Comment #1

I've lost 35 of the 75 pounds I need to lose. Everything is feeling better. Less giggles, less binding in the waistband and bra. Less friction between my thighs..

Its all good!..

Comment #2

I have dropped 95 pounds and I am 41. My body now at 183 pounds is nothing like my body 13 years ago at 183 pounds. I have lost something like 14 inches off my hips. That is 14 inches of skin that grew to accomodate my fat, and the skin does not go back to the way it was. It deflates. It IS shrinking some because I do not have skin hanging off me, but it is different....

That's my reality. I am not done yet though so I believe it will improve some more with more fat loss.

Someone told me once, "Don't be afraid of loose skin or sagging! If you get to goal and don't like it, you can always gain the weight back if you prefer!" True... and I am NOT going to gain the weight back..

Comment #3

Hahaha that's true. I figure if when I reach goal, my skin and stretch marks are really that bad, I am not above plastic surgery...

Comment #4

I lost -88 lbs and I'm very happy no sagging or wrinkly skin.

I'm 49 and I still haven't exercised. I also gave birth to 3 very large babies one at a time and no stretch marks..

I have been told that skin can still shrink even after a year. Muscles will help fill it out some too.

But it all depends on you. Everyone's skin is different...

Comment #5

My skin is doing pretty well, I think. I don't have anything flapping in the breeze. My belly doesn't rest on anything anymore. But it does seem kind of loose, and bumpy, and it's all shifting around a lot. I wear control-top hose in skirts and dresses now, because my belly is out of proportion to the rest of my body, and a little loose so it compresses quite a bit just with hose. No Spanx are involved in the making of my profile...

Comment #6

I think taking good care of your skin can do wonders while losing. I am really interested in trying a derma-roller... has anyone tried on yet?..

Comment #7

I can already tell that I am going to have issues with my belly area. I think it's mainly because of all the stretch marks from daughter #1. Oh well that's what plastic surgery is for. I will give it about a year after I get to goal to see what happens but after that all bets are off and to the plastic surgeon I go!..

Comment #8

It all has to do with age, pregnancies, hereditary (good skin elasticity in the family), exercise during weight lost, how quickly you've lost weight and how much weight have you gained/lost over your lifetime.

Me? I'm almost 48, have had 2 kids and have gained and lost big chunks of weight over the last 33 years. My skin is suffering for it with stretch marks and sagging/crepey tummy. I do all that I can to prevent further damage, but only a tummy tuck would bring my tummy back to flat and firm, no matter how much weight I lose or crunches I perform...

Comment #9

I am only 18, so I am hoping that my skin can heal, but I have a feeling that I am going to need to talk to a dermatologist about it. So I can have nice skin again in a timely manor...

Comment #10

18? Oh, I'm pretty sure your skin will be okay. As some added insurance, I'd start an exercise program (preferrably one that will add some muscle) to help keep your skin firm...

Comment #11

Have you looked into dry brushing your skin? I started this approx. 3 months ago and I'm 5 pounds away from goal. I've lost 62 pounds and 'things' are holding together very well. I also think the brushing is great for my skin, in general, and circulation; which may be contributing to the lack of sags. Got a little 'funny' skin around my navel, but that could be from my pregnancies. If it stays with me, oh well, I will forever wear it as a badge of honor...

Comment #12

Hi Nori,.

I've attached a link that describes the what, when, why and how of dry brushing. Hope it helps.


Comment #13

I lost 120 lbs in 11 months...size 24 to size 10/12. I followed some very specific steps for skin-care that I've put together on a pdf. I'll try to attach it here.



Comment #14

No bat wings, everything looks great-even the girls. HOWEVER, my backside is SO FLAT! I just bought padded jeans and underwear in Costa Rica..


Comment #15

I noticed the saggy skin in my breasts first. I started using skin tight lotion, and it's been helping a surprising amount. Also, exercising and strength training. I'll be waiting a year after goal before making any decisions about plastic surgery. I'm already fairly sure that I will get a breast lift, but I'm hoping there is still hope for my stomach/arms...

Comment #16

I am also very concerned about loose skin etc, I don't think I would ever be able to afford surgery, since insurance won't cover it. Does anyone know appx how much a tummy tuck costs?..

Comment #17

Funny thing, about 6 months ago my breasts were looking quite sad, but they've perked up a bit!! Now, I've never had fabulously perky boobs, but they are more similar to how they were at this weight when I was younger...go figure. Now, my thighs, that's another story!.

1-2 years at goal should reveal as much tightening as my body is capable of, and whatever it is will be fine. I'm not planning on any type of surgery, but you can bet that I will use as many lovely lotions and massage methods as I can afford!!.

Endermologie is a specific type of massage for cellulite, and it can also tighten and tone skin a bit for some people. I do it at the salon where I work, and it really does work for 95% of the people I do it for. It's not a quick fix, it's not cheap, but if you are considering surgery it's worth a try first...

Comment #18

I know that when I have hit goal before..I had certain parts that sagged and other parts that didn't. The girls..lost cause. I need a lift & tuck..

My tummy...also a tuck....

BUT the tummy tuck probably won't happen because of the recovery time. I ride horses and may not be able to ride for one year. SO..that isn't going to happen. I will get my girls fixed. Riding horses is hard with larger girls...

Comment #19

I've started dry brushing. I haven't noticed any loose skin yet, other than my breasts, but those were already drooping due to age and weight..

If I can afford it, I have no problem having at least a breast lift and possibly a tummy tuck after I maintain for a year...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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