How to speed up loss with Medifast?

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OK- I really like this plan and am doing very well sticking to it. The pre-packaged amounts are perfect for my busy life. I have stuck to plan about 90% and have had my oops's but nothing major. I have been doing all of this for about a month and have lost 11-12 lbs. Yes- I am very excited about that and I have lost inches (4 around my waist which is very exciting). The problem is my scale will not cut me any slack! A pound here or there would be really nice to see every once in a while! I just think my body does not want to give up the pounds so easily..

Anyone else with this issue? What have you done to help move it along?..

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Congrats on the weight loss and sticking with the program. Tomorrow is the one month mark for me also and I found that my weight didn't go down consistantly but dropped a few pounds, then stayed the same for what seemed like forever, then dropped another few pounds. Keep persevering and the weight will come off..

Comment #1

Some people are slower to lose for whatever reason there's a person on these boards (I hope she doesn't mind my referring to her) MT_Cup who states that she lost less than 1 lb per week on average over her journey. Have you started incorporating some exercise into your schedule? I think if you do too much - burn too many calories - your body can go into conservation mode. If this might apply to you a question to the exercise or nutrition boards should get you an answer on that one. Ditto to what LindaLouise said about staying on plan - the weight will come off! Good luck this week!..

Comment #2

There are lots of slow losers on these boards. Some (like me) have medical reasons for it. Others it's just the way they are made. I could tell you that if you want to see consistent losses, you would probably see more if you were doing the program more than 90%, but that's just my opinion.

I averaged 0.5 per week, even doing the program 100%, with several weeks throughout with no loss at all. It took me 7 months to lose 50 lbs, but I just decided that a loss is a loss and I would take whatever the scale gave me as long as it was going in the right direction..

Suggestions - Up your water intake and cut back on condiments and see if that helps at all..

Comment #3

Yep, this whole program has been slower for me than most. My body tends to hold onto weight for weeks on end even being 100% OP then boom! it'll drop. Step away (a weigh?) from the scale - that is only one number. Keep up the good work and eventually that number will drop. Focus on things like how much stronger you are, great food choices you are making, how more balanced you feel - these will carry you through ^^..

Comment #4

*Raises hand* Slow loser here! I've decided that the best thing for me right now is to only weigh every other week. Heck, I may even go to monthly. The scale and I have been mortal enemies for a long, long, time and he (the scale) is fighting me tooth and nail over losing pounds, LOL! However, my measuring tape and I have become very, very good buddies! It likes me - it really likes me! If Mr. Scale doesn't straighten his act up soon, I'm going to stuff him into the dark reaches of my attic closet where he can suffer through a Wisconsin winter with no heat..

Hang in there! The weight WILL come off! When I get discouraged, I think of the Tortoise and the Hare story. The tortoise was slow, but he made it to the finish line, and I will too!..

Comment #5

The body can only lose so much fat per week (there are varying amounts claimed, but it's generally listed as 1-2 lbs per week maximum). So hopefully that a comfort to the slower losers (like me) that the small losses are hopefully purely fat loss! Consistently larger losses most likely include some lean tissue loss (which is actually to be expected to some degree with all losses). Although people with a lot of weight to lose can safely post higher numbers each week (again like me :P).

Also it never hurts to reiterate that muscle weighs more than fat. If the inches are dropping off... the body might be smaller at the same weight because of some increased muscle density. And that's awesome!..

Comment #6

Thanks everyone!! It is really nice to know it's not just me and this is normal. Frustrating but normal! I think my fight with the scale makes me more determined to beat it! Although, Tabgar, I never thought of abandoning my scale in the attic! Great idea- maybe he will straighten up!.

I have only exercised a little partially due to lack of time lately but mostly because I know my calorie count is low and I don't want to go into starvation mode so I don't think that is it. Good point about fat loss, Kelly, I did not know that. I have noticed most of my losses according to the measuring tape have been around the middle which absolutely is fat(not much muscle there!).

Thanks again- everyones comments will keep me going! Great job on all of your losses!!.


Comment #7

Wait, let me see if I am hearing this correctly. You've been on the plan for one month. And have lost 11-12 pounds. And 4 inches around your waist ... And you're wondering why the pounds aren't coming off?.

I'm confused! 12 pounds in ONE MONTH is great! It's 3 pounds a week! Most diets proclaim 1-2. I don't understand why you're confused, or frustrated, or whatever you are, hahaa. You're doing extremely well, especially for your size..

I dunno. Maybe that's just me.....

Comment #8

Unfortunately this isn't a plan that works well being done only 90%. Stick to plan 100% and it's highly likely the scale will move quicker. Some people stick to plan 100% and the scale still moves slowly, but you'll only figure that out if you stick to plan completely. Good luck!..

Comment #9

I am just at my 2 weeks and have stayed on the plan 100%. The first week I went from 179 to 173, this week does not seem to want to go below 173. I am feeling so hungry today. The food makes my tummy gurgle alot! I love it though as it is VERY EASY to do..

I measure and weigh everything, I and I drink ALOT of water. This food makes me very thirsty. I hope I do go down a bit more clothes are alot less tight, but it doesn't seem like I am losing inches yet though I should and do need to measure myself. These boards will help me alot and this is my first post...

Comment #10

90% on this plan can either take you out of ketosis or put you in starvation mode, depending on where the sloppy bits are. So while you're currently losing very fast (3 pounds/week is FAST), that could stop if you're not on plan..

Good luck!..

Comment #11

Thanks Sam! I guess I have been looking at the 7 days or so that the scale does not budge and not the whole picture. You are right, 11- 12 pounds and 4 inches is a great accomplishment especially knowing I have not been able to do this before MF. Seeing so many people post large losses every week I wanted to know if others lost slowly like this.

Thanks for the response!.


Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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