How to return Medifast foods?

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with how returning products works? I emailed Medifast about 1 1/2 weeks ago, but I didn't get a response. I have a bunch of products (all either sealed or with only one packet missing) that I just can't get myself to eat. I would be perfectly happy to live on the shakes and peanut butter chocolate bars! Does anyone know what Medifast will take back and how to go about doing that? I don't have an invoice from my order, although they may be able to look that up. Any help would be appreciated!.

~ Liz..

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I just sent some food back to be exchanged. Here is what I did:.

1. Call them at 1-800-209-0878 - I didn't have my invoice either, but they can look up your account..

2. Tell them what food you want to return - you can eat 1 packet from 1 box of each type of food and still return it..

3. If exchanging, you let them know what they want and they said there is a 1 week turnaround from when they receive your order back..

For returns & exchanges, the return package must be post marked within 30 days of your order.

If the food you don't like was part of your bonus order, you can't return it. I have heard some people trade it with other members or sell it on eBay..

Here is the link for the return/exchange policy:.


Just curious, what did you not like? I returned eggs & cinnamon pretzels in exchange for brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, parmesan puffs & nacho cheese puffs. (I haven't gotten it yet)..

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Thanks so much for your help! I want to return the eggs, most of the bars, soup, oatmeal. I like the shakes. I add vanilla to the vanilla one, instant decaf coffee to the chocolate one, can deal with the strawberry one. Unfortunately I find pretty much all of the food horrible. The oatmeal is unbearable! All of my food is from my initial order of the 4-week package. I'd like to trade it all in for just shakes and peanut butter bars, maybe try brownies & some of the new snacks...

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I am part of the take shape for life program but it is still the medifast products just ordered through a different site. I called medifast and told them what I did not like and they let me exchange it. I got a 1 week bonus order and I exchanged a bunch of stuff from that as well, the oatmeal, chili, and pancakes (yuck) I am allergic to eggs so they let me exchange that as well. I mailed my stuff back on Monday 9/27 priority mail and have not seen anything back from them yet. Hopefully my next order will be here soon since they processed it today. I cant wait, I ordered different bars and soft serve and more cinnamon pretzels...

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I was able to exchange some items that were part of my "free" week - so just don't point out that it was part of that and they may just fold it in with the rest. Never hurts to try!.

The important point is needing to postmark within 30 days of the original order, so don't delay on calling! (if you were lost in email-land maybe they'd give you an exception)..

Good luck :-)..

Comment #4

Thank you for your responses. Does anyone know how long it would take to get the replacements? I'll end up running out of what I will have left...

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They don't care if you return the 'free' week. I did just that last week as well. I even called to see if they would exchange my free week before they ever sent it and was told that they couldn't but just return once I receive. What a waste of money for each of us, but those are the rules. When I called and named off everything I wanted to return, the guy on the other end said, 'so everything in your free week' and I said yes. It wasn't a problem. He graciously exchanged everything...

Comment #6

I don't think I got a free week. I paid $300 for 4 weeks. I used a $50 coupon online so I paid $250. Something like $275 after tax/shipping...

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Teach - turn around time on the exchange will depend on how long it takes to go each way. For me it has taken about a week after I mail it out, but I live in Maryland (where the returns go, and where my shipments come from) - I imagine it could take 2 or 3 weeks if you are on the far side of the country..

Sounds like you did not do the VIP deal (which is good - I found it much more cost effective to do the $50 coupons like you did). The free week of food comes with VIP memebership. I turned my VIP off after the first shipment because the second free week of food would have required another round of returns and wasn't going to be worth my time...

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Yikes! I just called in (cannot bring myself to eat the chilli, scrambled eggs and chicken w/wild rice soup!!! bleh!) they gave me a return #, and said it could take up to 2 weeks for me to receive my exchange items!!! I'll be running out of food if it doesn't get here much sooner than that...that stinks!..

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I was going to run out of food due to an exchange so I used Expedited Processing and got my new order much faster. My Expedited Processing order went out on 10/5 and I got it on 10/8. My non-expedited order went out on 9/1 and I got it on 9/7..

But I am still waiting on my exchanged food order..

Also, customer support said they are more flexible with the 30 day rule if you are exchanging rather than returning...

Comment #10

It depends on my stock of meals about returning for me. The exchange/return process is such a hassle that I usually just sell what I don't like on Ebay/Craigslist then just take that money and place a new order...

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