How to make a DVD slideshow without jaggies?
I am trying to make a DVD slideshow but have run into a problem with the JPG pictures themselves rather than the burning process..

A landscape photo is usually displayed at 33% when first loaded into PS CS2 and has jaggies but zoomed to 100% (actual pixels) the pics look good ..

When I load my pics to the burning software ( Nero and others) and view the project before burning all the images have the jagged lines and I guess they are being loaded at less than 100%..

Why does the software not load the images at 100% so that I get a slideshow without jagged lines?.

How does anyone make a slideshow without these jagged lines?.


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I use "My DVD Studio Deluxe" with no such problems, have you tried burning a disc and viewing it? It may be your software causing the jaggies only when previewing and will burn ok...

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In order not to show any jaggies, you need to use Photoshop to resize your photos down to the native resolution of your TV standard. Since you're using DVD, I'll assume you're using standard definition. Since you're in the USA, your native resolution is 720x480 - for both 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen. For PAL the resolution is 720x576. Using the crop tool, enter 720 px in the width box, and 480px in the height box, and then use crop to frame the portion you'd like to see on screen. Be aware that most CRT TVs overscan a little bit, so choose a slightly larger area that you wish to see on the TV.

Once you've cropped, use a mild unsharp mask to restore detail that might have been lost in the resize, and then you have an image that won't look jaggy when played as part of a DVD slideshow..

There's a discussion of TV resolutions at:.


If you have a widescreen display and don't want your photos stretched, then you have to start messing about with non-square pixels which can get complicated! In other words, I've forgotten how to do it!.


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Yes of course it's all about trial and error. In my case every trial resulted in an error so I reached a point where I had to ask for help..

In answer to another message I did burn the slideshow (using 3 different programs) and that is how I discovered the jaggies on the TV screen. Afterwards I isolated the problem to the images loaded into the burning software..

It seems that the solution is to re-size all my images down to the PAL resolution in which case the size of that task is so great that I give up trying to do it unless PS can do it in batch mode..

What a pity that none of the burning software producers bother to mention this step in their instructions...

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I have batch re-sized all the pics in Picasa and this has made a vast improvement..

Unfortunately it is only possible to speciy the larger dimension and this results in an aspect ratio of 1.333 rather than the 1.25 needed for PAL. Still working on it!..

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I am not an expert on this, by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I will share what I have learned..

Yes, you can batch process files in photoshop, or at least photoshop 6, which is what I have..

I set the actions I want, usually auto level under adjust, resized and then a slight Gaussian blur. I don't have HD tv and I don't know if it makes any difference, but I resize mine to 800 X 600 and the blur keeps the pictures from flickering on my tv..

But I am using "old" technology to view my pictures, so the other suggestions made be more what you're looking for..

The program I have used and enjoy is Memories on TV. I have an older version than what is available now, but I and those I have shared my dvds with have been very pleased with the results..

Good luck.Sharon..

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Thank you for your input..

I have now discovered how to batch re-size to 720x576 in PS CS2..

The only doubt I now have is how to handle photos in landscape and others in portrait modes but I am sure there is an easy way (re-size before rotating?)..


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Having just made only my second DVD slide show (using Nero) I was very interested in all the helpful information here. But I wondered if anyone could answer a different question..

At work I use PowerPoint all the time and there, of course, you have complete manual control over how long each slide is displayed..

When showing holiday photos I find that there s a big difference between the length of time I want each one to be on screen - sometimes just a brief "this is the hotel," sometimes there is a lot to say and people ask questions..

My current work-around is to set the transition time to be brief (about 5 seconds) and press the pause button on the remote when I want a picture to linger - but it's not ideal..

So my query is (and I suspect the answer is no) - is there a program which will enable me to burn a DVD which when I put it into the usual domestic DVD player+TV will allow me to manually step through the pictures one by one, using the remote?.


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