How to get rid of last 10 lbs with Medifast?

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Enter your email address below and we'll send you the latest coupon codes to save on Medifast every month. We'll even give a lucky person a month supply of free food. I started Medifast July 19th and 4 months later I am down to the last 10lbs. I find myself adding in a few more condiments than the recommended 3. I also find myself having an extra snack or a little bit more protein or an extra serving of veggies. I haven't gain at all but I have noticed that I have a week of 0 weight loss here and there. How long did it take for you to lose the last 10lbs and will I ever be able to control myself to get the last 10 off?????..

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The only way we can control ourselves is to control ourselves It's a matter of doing the things that will take you to the end and not doing the things that won't take you to the end. It is very simple and very hard.

When a person gets close to goal, their resolve can weaken because they feel and look better and the motivators that they started with may have changed. Think of new motivators......why is it important to lose those last 10 pounds? Then figure out if you are going to do it and how you are going to do it. I am not being flippant but really the only way anyone ever succeeds is by doing what it takes to succeed...

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I hear you loud and clear! Part of me is worried about "what to do after goal". I'm quite worried about preparing ALL my meals :O Can I do it? What if I can't ......... all those kinds of feelings. I think getting pep talks from those on T & M might help both of us!!!.


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The last 10 are definitely the hardest to get off. Much of it is a mental game we play with ourselves. The one where we convince ourselves that we are so close to goal, it doesn't matter if we stick to the plan or not. Also is the fact that we are finally within reach of that miraculous goal and we want to get there so badly and start living and eating "normally" again that we over focus on that goal. Trust me. Been there done that! I realized that I was sabotaging myself mentally when I stalled at 1.2 lbs from goal.

It was only when I decided that regardless of what the scale said, I was going to transition the following week and I just stopped obsessing, that my next WI showed me not only at goal, but 3 BELOW goal. It was the largest single drop I had since week 2..

Only you can determine if you have what it takes to refocus and recommit to the program to get to that goal. I think you can, but it's not about what I think. It all comes down to how bad you want it and what you are willing to do to get it...

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This is exactly the problem I've encountered recently. I went from 1.2 to 1 to .6 this week, so slow and steady to the end, but the goal I chose is just a buffer below my old WW goal and I'm beyond that, so do I really need to lose it? No, but I want to lose it. I haven't exercised at all in 9 weeks (the first three I did a little but then stalled, so dropped it). So my question has been do I start it again? I have started a little bit but I'm resolving to lose at least a few more before starting transition so I'm tightening the belt and watching every little thing. I am going to watch all condiments and not add any PB2 to anything for the next week. For the entire 12 weeks I've been on Medifast I have snacked twice with Medifast crackers but I guess the PB2 is considered a snack and that's been the last couple weeks, so bye bye for now.

If I lose just a tad by next Wed. I will start transition and just pick up on the exercise...

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Sadida - My opinion on exercise. First of all, I simply hate it, but do it because it makes my body feel better. As for potential stalls. Yes that may happen. As you get closer to transition though, you have to ask which is more important. What the scale says or what you see when you look in the mirror or what your tape measure says.

I was absolutely SHOCKED when she stood on the scale and weighed in at close to 140! Her comment to me has stayed with me for almost 20 years..

"It's not about WHAT you weigh, but what you LOOK like you weigh.".

So if you are happy with your health, how you feel, how your clothes fit and what you see when you look in the mirror, then you should toss the scale and do what you need to maintain that happy feeling...

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Great advice given here!.

I'm working on the last 10 (okay...9) pounds myself. It took me 12 weeks to get out of the 170s, but I had a few setbacks during that time, one surgery and been doing my own thing for a while since I couldn't afford Medifast any more. But still, those last few pounds are going to be a challenge no matter what program you're on. I know it is all too easy to slip here and there, especially when you have people telling you, "You look fine. You don't even need to lose any more weight." That can play with your mind.

For me it all comes down to staying focused on your goal no matter what. Bring on the're not going to derail me this year, Baby!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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